How to Increase Peace Throughout Your Day – Channeled with Archangel Chamuel and the Angels of Peaceful Protection 

Archangel Chamuel

Greetings beloved all ! This is being channeled this day for you to increase peace throughout your day and welcome even more peace if you are already at peace. Every day is a blessing beloved. Every moment is a spiritual blessing from God Himself. Every day, lift up all concerns to God and ask for His assistance. Every day, and in every moment ask for the highest blessing possible for you and your family. Every blessing is the highest from God. Lift up your heart to God- ask God to open your heart to His Love and Peace and breathe beloved. Here focus on your heart and ask for God to “overflow Wisdom, Love, Peace and Joy. I rejoice in you Dear Lord, and I rejoice in this day.” I assure you, you will see peace increase in this way. Throughout your day, focus on peace. God’s Peace. Increase your thoughts of World Peace and what that would look like. Shift your awareness to Love when you are thinking of world events. Have compassion for others who are in need. Blessed are they who turn to the Lord – for the Lord rewards those who seek Him. Blessed are they who restore peace to someone else, in any way. Blessed are they who understand peace is only a thought away. Open your heart daily to God and Jesus. Ask for the Most High to be with you. I assure you , they are already, but this invitation helps you to open your heart to God’s Love and focus on God. Spend time here with God and Jesus, and when you are ready, thank God for all He does for you. Thank God for healing your heart, or your loved ones. Thank God for increasing His Peace and His Love and Your Faith. Thank God for restoring your peace if peace was needed. Inner Peace is God given. Inner Love is from His Spirit, and resides in you already. Peaceful Love is restoring to your body, your mind and emotions. Love is what you were created with beloved, and Peace resides within you beloved. and always will. Choose from peace more often. Try to focus on peace at night before you go to sleep. Try to listen or read peaceful music throughout your day or at night before you rest for sleep. End each night with prayer, thanking God for His Love and Peace throughout your day and know that we the angels love you dearly and will surround you day and night and as you are reading this now.  Peaceful outcomes are available to you and your family beloved. Peace is all there is in Truth. We say this with love beloved. Loving others is easy when you are at peace first. Begin every morning at peace, increase peaceful activities and activities of gentleness throughout your day. Include prayer to God if you do not or are not accustomed to this practice. Repeat step 1. Ask for your guardian angels to help you increase peaceful outcomes. We the angels are always here and we love you. And so it is, amen amen, amen. 

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