A Loving Channeled Message from the Angel Team


Greetings beloved family! We the Archangels and Angels of God are here with you today as Yvette has asked, and we welcome you to the Love that is always present. Be ye willing beloved to open your heart to Wisdom, be willing beloved for Love- the Love that is always with you and never separate. Be willing to open your heart now beloved to the Truth of God’s Goodness, to the wholeness of God’s Peace and the fullness of HIs eternal Love He has for you. ORION is a star guide, who is here believed with the angels and wants you to know how much your heart is loved, how much you are treasured, how much God loves you. Some of you are witnessing change beloved and this is natural. Some of you are feeling as if this is a trial and we are here to say that change is natural. If you are experiencing a trial, be willing to ask God for His Help . God is always willing to help you and the trial will dissolve with the help of God. Prayer for others will also help when there are trials within the life of another. Prayer is powerful – prayer will help another. Prayer can help the world beloved.  Shift your awareness now to your heart. Here, invite in your angels that love you. We the angels are protecting you, we are here with you while you sleep beloved. We are here for you when you call. Inviting us in your heart, allow you heart to open to the Love of God. We the angels will help you lift your awareness now to the Love of God who loves you, is never separate and is always with you. Lift up your heart to God, asking God to help you with HIs understanding. Explain to God all that you wish, lifting up any concern , any unforgiveness, and pray for the one you feel unforgiveness towards. Feel the Love of God within your heart, God is happy to send His Love to you. God is happy to help you beloved and wants to help you. Prayer to God can only help. In fact , will bring the highest blessing, the highest possible outcome, the most peaceful and God loves to help those who believe, those who have faith in Him, who lift up prayers in sincerity and truth. Lift this day beloved, anything to God who loves you. God who cares, God who is with you beloved, and sees why you are coming. Shift your awareness to God and ask for His Love now and always. and so it is beloved, amen, amen, amen. 

The Angel Team 

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