A Channeled Message to Help You Uplift with St. Michael and the Angel Team 


Greetings Beloved all! Peaceful protection beloved is here for you and your family. God does not want you to worry about anything but instead lift everything up in prayer to God, asking Him for His help, and thanking Him for His continued and eternal goodness. 

Lifting your prayer to God is important. God loves you very much and wants for you to be happy beloved. This is important to repeat for this is God’s Will- that you know how much He loves you. You are blessed beloved child of God and God wants to help you now and always. Shift your focus to the Love of God- ask for God’s Love and imagine your heart opening to the Love that is God. This is important and is being repeated for some. It is worth repeating. The Love of God is everything beloved, it is how you were created, this universe and this Earth. It is how the Heavens formed, and God is not withholding His Love from anyone. He invites you now to lift up your prayers and concerns if any to Him, and know that He is with you beloved. Now and always. Shift your awareness to the Love of God within your heart. Ask for God to send His Love here, and ask for God , who loves you, to be with you. Here, ask God anything, confide in God and know that God answers all prayers when prayed with faith and with a sincere heart. God loves humility and faith both. Love is what gets God’s attention.  Being loving is easy beloved and if you need help with this, this is a question worth asking. The help of Heaven is always available to you and everyone who asks. We the angels and Archangels who love you wish for you to be happy and know that we are always here to help. We lift you now beloved and ask that you be willing. Lifting you in joy, lifting you in peace, lifting you in love, we lift away anything that was heavy, or any emotion you may have noticed that is not of love, we lift this away now, blessing you dear one and we cleanse you of this feeling or emotion or thought that was in err, now and always. We are lifting you now and cleansing you off beloved- and we thank you for asking. We are gently rinsing you clean with golden light and angel light. Infusing your light body with this golden light and angel light. We are happy to help you beloved and we bless you. Everyone has angels and we are here for you always. And so it is, amen, amen, amen. 

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