Almsgiving – A Channeled Message from the Angel Realm on Charitable Works 

Holy Spirit

Greetings beloved all- Almsgiving is with God’s favor. This is an act of charity, from you for another person. Charitable works are holy and favored with God and Jesus both. These works are acts of love for another, usually those in need. All are in  service to God and can involve charitable gifts of love or money, such as time spent with the elderly if their family is deceased. Loneliness can be helped by loving others around you.  Charitable donations of money to those that are asking for assistance for them or their families, whether food donation or money, can increase their peace for feeding their families. Loving each other increases peace for everyone. We the angels who love you are happy to help you in any act of service to God for one another- helping is what you came here to do. To help shift, to love one another , to increase peace on Earth. Heaven is here to help many who are asking for assistance in all ways. Allow us to guide your charitable contributions loved ones. Allow us to help you if you are the one asking for assistance.  We lift you beloved for asking, we lift you in love and cherish your willingness to ask for help from the angels. We the angels, who are with you always are always happy to help you whenever you ask us. We will help you shift your awareness to the Love of God, and know that all works of charitable acts of love are favored with the Lord. We will also help you shift your situation, beloved, to that of peace of needed. For those that are giving, we will guide you if you wish, for many are asking, and all will be helped by God Himself. Knowing that  God loves charity, be willing to help those around you this day. For if you feel guided in your heart to help someone, be willing to ask God to help you understand how you can be of service to this person or family. Charitable acts do include giving of your service, donations, love, time, peace, counsel, and acts of goodwill. We shift your awareness to the Love of God, the love that is healing, the Holy Love of the Most High. Ask God to please guide you beloved, ask for God’s help in all matters, even in almsgiving. Ask for God’s help and with all things. Ask for His Love to pour through you at this time, asking God for HIs love always. Lift up any concern if you are asking for help, for your family and loved ones too. Ask for the Peace of God to bless you and your family. We cherish your almsgiving beloved, you are blessed. And so it is, amen, amen, amen. 

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