Trust In The Lord 


A Channeled Message with St. Michael and the Angel Team 

Peaceful greetings beloved! Lift your attention to God, beloved. Especially when you feel as if you are having a hard time: emotionally, physically or mentally. Trust in the Lord we say! Lift up ALL concerns to God who loves you. Knowing that God, is with you! Please understand that we are here for you always and know that God so loves His people, and everything He has created. God is with you dear one- we say it again! Beloved, you are blessed, your home is blessed, and you are one with God’s Goodness always. You are a holy child of God beloved. You are a holy child of the Lord. You have a heart worth lifting, and we love you. God is listening and is with you. Pour your heart to Him, ask Him for His help, know that God loves you beloved. Trust in the Lord with all of your heart, knowing that the Most High, God Almighty, and Jesus, who is with Him as One, are there for you with unlimited resources.  Ask God for His help now- this is a question worth asking! You are never alone, you are loved entirely and we bless you. And so it is, amen, amen, amen. 

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