There is No Judgement 


A Channeled Message of Love with St. Michael and the Angel Realm 

Peaceful greetings beloved, I am with you as many times as you ask. Simply think of me, St. Michael and ask for me often. I am happy you did and I am always willing to be with you. I can hear you in your thoughts and intentions. We can always hear you and we are right beside you beloved. Shift your awareness beloved to the Angel Realm. Think to yourself,” Please be with me St. Michael, I am experiencing [and here name the situation].” You can call me for anything you wish. There is no judgement for why you call, in fact beloved, I would prefer you did call. Think of me when you are scared, feel anxiety, would like clarity, are making life choices, need guidance- I can remove anything fear based you may be feeling, even sadness, for there is nothing Heaven cannot remove and lift for you, when you ask us for assistance. You are always with us in Truth, there is nothing separating the angels from you beloved. We are here with you day and night, while you are sleeping and when you wake. Simply ask for the angels anytime you wish. Think of something now beloved that you would like for us to help with.

Ask for me beloved if you like specifically, as this is St. Michael – ask for any angel. We are helping you lift now beloved, as you read this you are being lifted by the angels who love you and the Archangels too! You will notice a gentle clearing if you will, as we gently remove anything heavy,  or emotion that has overcome your heart, and we are helping you heal your emotions as you read this also. You should feel the vibration of peace and love. Know that this feeling of peace can be felt anytime you ask St. Michael or any angel or Archangel- for we are all willing to help you. We lift you now beloved, with tender love and peace, we lift you into greater harmony and peace beloved. We are removing worry, guilt, sadness, even anger, for this can build up within your auric field and this does not help you or serve you. Yes, you are here with human emotions and we applaud you for signing up, for saying, “yes, I will come to Earth.” to God. However, these human emotions can be heavy upon carrying them beloved. We ask you this, why not experience joy while you are here beloved? All you need to do is ask us to help you in your endeavors, in your life choices. Ask us to help you find peace if you are not experiencing peace. Ask us to help you love again if this is needed. Ask us to help you heal, forgive, pray, beloved we will always help you pray. Ask us anything beloved. We are always here and there is no judgment when you ask us to help you. God so loves you and He wants you to know that He is helping you now. Spend time thanking God for all He has done for you and your family. Thank Him in silence if you wish or out loud. God can always see those who seek Him beloved. Enjoy your peaceful days and know that there are many more to come. God loves you beloved and so does The Holy Son, Jesus Christ, who is always here for you as well. We lift you beloved and we bless you and so it is, amen, amen, amen.

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