Ask The Angels To Assist You With Your Dreams 


A Channeled Message with St. Michael with the Guardian Angels and the Angel Team:

Greetings beloved all, this is St. Michael the Archangel. Beloved, you are with your guardian angels who love you. and we are here beloved to help you this day with your concerns. Lifting you now, beloved , we will ask your permission to do so, and we will lift you every time you ask. As you lift, beloved we will help you in any area you ask. Please allow me to assist beloved in lifting away fear, or anything that you feel is holding you from your moving forward. In Truth, there is nothing holding you from anything dear one, but a belief. See yourself moving forward in the direction of your dreams. What steps would you take today if you could? What steps would you make happen, however small? We are here beloved, to help you. You are supported beloved and we are here to help you with your moving forward, with your life purpose, your career- even your house cleaning! Your new book beloved. Your creativity flow, whatever it is you are asking, beloved, we the angels can hear you, and we are here to help you accomplish your dreams, your Heaven-sent dreams, the ones in your heart. If you have been receiving message beloved to take classes, to get a website for your new business, to make business cards, to find a professional, whatever it is beloved, ask us now, and we will help you. Lifting you now beloved, we lift away any part of you that was holding you from experiencing love, from seeing yourself accomplish your dreams, from believing. Beloved trust in God first, pray about whatever is in your heart. God has a plan for you this day and always. Ask the angels to help you by now by lifting away doubt, fear or anything from the ego that believes you can’t. You can achieve your life purpose, in fact , you are using many gifts and abilities already beloved. You only need to ask for assistance. The angels are unlimited in time and space and can help you in many ways. Heavenly ways. You are learning manifesting abilities, you are learning beloved and we applaud you. Trust in God with everything. Pray about steps to take, follow the peaceful feelings with your heart beloved. They are unmistakable when they are from God. Trust and follow your guidance, this is inner knowing beloved. Pray for guidance, and follow the peaceful feeling in your heart without hesitation. Any action step you make is a leap forward, monumentally toward your goal. Ask us to help you beloved, and know that God is with you . and so it  is amen, amen amen.  

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