Seek God with All of Your Heart

St. Gabriel 2

Greetings beloved all, this is St. Gabriel, and I am here with Archangel Chamuel, as well as St. Michael and a team of angels and Archangels. Blessed are they who seek the Lord God! For He is with you always. Those who seek God at all times , for everything are surely radiant in His Love. For God, who loves you and can see you coming, is happy you are seeking Him beloved. This is through the Holy Spirit, and His Son Jesus, in which when you seek God you are being guided by the Most High Spirit within you to seek Him. God’s Goodness beloved is what created you, and His Goodness should be praised. Listen to your heart beloved when you pray. Ask for God daily to help you. Know that God rewards those who seek Him.God understand those who seek Him. God can see your intentions and asks for you to seek Him always beloved. God can see those who are seeking Him and the reasons why you are seeking Him.God loves to help His people now and always.This has never changed. For God was always willing to help those who ask in faith, and it never will change. God enjoys sharing His Love with His people and wants His people to understand how much He loves all he has created. Ask God to help you beloved now and always. Ask for God to help you now in whatever concern or blessing you have. This is a question worth asking , for the Most High uses depths of Wisdom and unlimited resources to answer every prayer, every wish, every dream, every concern. Your Beloved Heavenly Father knows why you are asking and wants for you to come to Him with all matters and wants you to seek Him with your heart now and always. Peace be with all who seek the Lord- and so it is beloved, pray with all of your heart, in faith to God. We will be with you when you do and I will intercede as will a multitude of angels who love you. And you will see your situation shift. God is Loving you as we speak and knows you are coming. Seek God now beloved, and seek Him always. and so it is, amen, amen , amen.

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