Life Purpose – a Channeling with St. Michael and the Angels


Greetings beloved all! This is St. Michael the Archangel. I am here for a special message and am here to help you shift your awareness to your life purpose.  Your life purpose is a loving purpose beloved. Dear friend, your life purpose is why you came . It is God’s plan for you. At this time, there are many who are shifting into living this purpose. You are one of them beloved. You are on the right path. Ask yourself beloved this: Why do you question this life purpose? Is it because you are not aware that your life purpose is with you now even as you read this? Beloved, ask for me anytime in truth, but do ask for me if you are unsure of your purpose. I can guide you now if you like or when you are ready to the path of your holy purpose. Would you like to infuse your path with your love? Would you like to express yourself beloved through spiritual gifts? Through Love? Through Peace? Would you like to bless each other now? With your holy spiritual gifts and abilities that are God-given? Would your career benefit from this life purpose? Yes indeed! For this career as you have chosen may not be your life purpose if you are feeling like you do not belong where you are. And this is ok if this is what you are experiencing. You have a heart worth lifting and if you do not feel happy when you are at work, ask God for assistance in knowing what your life purpose is. Ask through the Holy Spirit to show you the way. This is a question worth asking! For when you decide to shift your career beloved, to serving your clients, co-workers and loved ones through your spiritual gifts and also through your love, there is always peace. These gifts are God-given ,  they are holy gifts you were given to love one another, to serve, to use as a vocation, for healing- to use beloved to help others and to encourage others to do the same for each other. A career firmly rooted in your life purpose , can be easy with God’s help, even if this requires schooling, a certificate, obtaining a license or certification- all can be easily obtained. You have a heart that is loving and it is through your heart that your life purpose comes to be. It is your heart in which God places His Spirit, your spiritual gifts, and your life purpose. A purpose is a plan – in this case beloved, we ask you to lift your heart to God, asking Him to guide your heart in knowing your life purpose, and what you came here to do. You are worth every moment of learning , of being yourself, of loving , of helping, of living through purpose. And so it is , amen amen, amen. 


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