Ask In The Guardian Angels 


Greetings , this is the Guardian angels of God, we are here in great number. We are blessed to have been asked for this honor of love that we share with you today. We the guardian angel realm , assist ye in blessings daily. We are happy you are asking for a message of love and peace. We are happy to extend this to you. Our message to you is to lift up your heart to us now. Ask us in daily. Ask us in with the Archangels and know that we will all come every time you ask us. We are happy to bless you in this way. We are always with you dear beloved children of God and we are here to help you in all ways . Lift up your intentions to us also. We are happy to help you in every way we can, increasing your joy for we know that all would like to see you happiest. We can help with the Archangels and angels who are willing to assist you with your intentions. Every angel is willing to help, but some have unique and special gifts , that we use for this purpose: to serve you and to serve the kingdom of God, to increase peace and to help you in all ways. For instance, St. Raphael is a healing Archangel, while St. Michael is a protector Archangel. Your intentions will invoke the correct angels as we will see your intentions easily. You need only think your intentions to us and we will help accordingly in Heavenly ways. Lift up now, anything you would like to see us help with. You need only ask and we are happy to assist. Your own guardian angels are with you always and we are happy to help them and you in every way we can. For when the angels help, there is joy increased and we are happy to help you in this area of joy and love.

Angel Exercise of Light with St. Michael the Archangel and the Guardian Angels 

Allow your heart to open now to the Realm of the Angels and ask us to assist you in [you can name a specific intention here]. Breathe deeply and ask for St. Michael to be with you, as well as the angels who love you. Notice the feeling of peace that accompanies this action. Ask us to assist you in any instance, you can call on us anytime you feel you would like to ask for our help; feel the presence of Heaven, feel the presence of love, increase peace around you and your loved ones. The angels are unlimited and we are happy to assist. for you are blessed. And so it is beloved, we will spend time with you in your heart. Ask for guidance, ask for love, ask for anything you wish. Love is an important part of being human. Love is what you were created with and love  is what is eternal. Love is from the Heavenly Father and we will lift your heart. Lifting each cell around your heart., until your love overflows. allow us to shift your awareness to us, to the Realm of the Angels and you will notice the changes of peace this will bring daily. St. Michael will assist us now in opening your heart, and removing anything that feels heavy, negative or if you would simply like to feel the peace of the Angel Realm, then this is what will happen. State your intention and ask us in. We lift you and we bless you. We love you..and so  it is amen, amen, amen. 

St. Michael with the Guardian Angel Realm and the Angel Team

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