Guardian Angels In Honor of The Feast of the Guardian Angels

Guardian angel 3

Greetings – Beloved. Listen to your heart more often. We the angels of love and of peace are with you. We are the Guardian angels and we are here with St. Michael St. Raphael and St. Gabriel – the Archangels in great number would like to let you know they are always here to help you. Listening to the heart will help you by holding your focus on your own spirit, The Holy Spirit, and to God and Jesus, who are in your heart beloved. The Christ Light is within you. God has placed the Light of His Son and His Holy Spirit within you. God does listen to you beloved. It is the ego mind that will try to convince you that you are not heard. God loves you and wants you to be cared for. You are a blessing, you are God’s child and we the Guardian Angels will help you remember that God does hear you beloved. Pray with faith to God and give thanks beloved always. Ask God for His Peace, ask God for His help and do not delay. Do not delay the prayer to God that is on your heart. Not for one second! We are with you, when you sleep, go to work, in your car, in your home- we celebrate you this day and every day.

Allow yourselves beloved to sit in a comfortable and relaxed position. And just close your eyes, and take a nice deep relaxing breath. Ask the Guardian angels, the Archangels and as many angels as you wish to surround you daily. Ask for us beloved – we are always here. Feel the peaceful shift as we approach, feel the love of the guardian angels and ask for the Archangels and Angels who surround you, to help bring your awareness to your heart. Here, you can ask anything at all. Allow your heart to relax and ask for God’s love now to be poured into your own heart. His Love, His Peace. Ask God for help with any situation. When you are finished, ask God for His Goodness in your life and in those around you. This is a question worth asking! Love will be poured every time you ask. Peace will ensue. God’s peace and the Peace of Christ who loves you. Ask for us daily beloved and repeat this as often as you wish. We are here and we love you. And so it is, amen, amen, amen. 

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