This Christmas Season -A Channeled Message with St. Michael and the Angel Team


 Greetings beloved friends and spiritual family. I am with you even when you are not aware. I am always available for you to call upon me, anytime you wish. Beloved, why would you not? I am always willing and will be with you instantly. You need not worry about troubling me with concerns. I am happy to help in any circumstance and you are never burdening me. Heaven is always available for your beloved to call upon , and to ask for Heavenly assistance. Peace be with you beloved, for God is with you and He is always here to help you. From Him you are never separate. Nor would God wish this. For God’s Goodness is with you, His Holy Spirit is with you and Beloved, so is His Son. We are here too beloved, to be with you as soon as you ask. We cherish every moment we have with you, for you are God’s people and we love you. Peace is with you and may you but only focus on this throughout every day of your life. Peace is what you were created with and in God’s Hands you were created. God’s hands are of Peace. His Holy Peace and you beloved, are not separate from Him. This Holiday Season, we encourage you to focus on HIs Peace. The Peace of the Savior. The Peace of the Spirit. The Trinity.

Lift up your concerns to God, if any beloved. Ask for what you need if there is something. This is a question worth asking! God is the provider of all things physical and spiritual. Ask God for peace if needed, for Love, for Joy. Ask God for His Love now beloved. God is always willing to share His Love and Peace with His people. This IS a question worth asking. Peace is with you and shift your awareness to the Peace of God every day, we suggest. For God knows all and can see why you are coming. May Peace be your focus now and always and so it is, we bless you  and we uplift you now. Keep your focus on Peace beloved. Keep your focus on God throughout your day and know that He is with you now and awwals. We are here and we love you. And so it is, amen, amen, amen. 

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