This Christmas Season- A Channeled Message of Love with the Angels and Archangels


Greetings beloved all. We are here to help you beloved in every way you ask of us all. Angels and Archangels and Cherubim and Choirs beloved. All here to help you this Season of Love with forgiveness, healing, love, peace, joy. Do not let your heart be troubled about anything. This season, ask the angels to lift you to joy if needed, to peace, to love. Ask for the loving angels who love you to surround you and your family. We are here we say, and in great number to help you and your loved ones feel joy, feel peace and to help you with your current situation if any. Peace is the Season, Christ is the Peace of God incarnate into Being. This Holiday and beyond, ask Christ to help you . Ask Christ Jesus to be with you in your heart. This IS a question worth asking, for beloved all, we all love you and are here for you this Season and always. We welcome you and want to help you. beloved, we want to help you and your loved ones and are happy you asked. Peace is what we will help you obtain if needed. Peace is what you will be gifted this Season and this is our gift beloved: to help you now.  

First, relax in a calm relaxing position. Ask your angels to please surround you and your loved ones. Ask for St. Michael, St. Raphael if one needs healing, St. Gabriel, the Archangels all, the Cherubim, the Peaceful Protection Angels-to surround your home and your loved ones also, your guardian angels, and all the angels who love you. The healing angels will work with St. Raphael and St. Gabriel will help all who ask every time you ask for any reason too! St. Michael will help you in all ways, with protection, with lifting to joy and love, and peace an the Peaceful Protection angels, who will work in tandem with St. Michael will assist you at any level, surrounding your car, vehicle, home, loved ones, office, family, etc. They will help you lift the vibration to love , joy and peace. Love is always available to you beloved child. Peace is inevitable and is strong within you dear beloved child of God, for it is what the Heavenly Father wishes for you: is to feel Peace-Divine Peace and we , the angels and Archangels are happy to help in this area of your life and in the lives of everyone you know and love. We the angels will always welcome you. We are with you now and we always will be. We will help your loved ones now, and increase the love, increase the peace within you beloved, just by lifting you in harmony and in love and in joy- which is your natural state of being. Loving each other is easy, caring for one another is easy and beloved, care for everyone this Holiday Season- with compassion and beloved, we are with you. To help you where needed. We bless you and we love you and so  it is…amen, amen, amen. 

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