Guardian Angels Channeled Message of Peace and Love

Guardian angel 3

Greetings beloved angels of the earth. You are our spiritual family, family in spiritual nature. God’s creation of Love and Light and this is a reason to give thanksgiving and praise to God Almighty, for His Love is with you. His Love , who created you, is helping you every day. And let this be a sign to you, that God’s Holy and Perfect Love is helping you with all that you have asked of Him.  We the guardian angels who love you and are always here for you are wanting you to know that we are helping also. And this is a sign for many. There are many going through transitions. This will turn out for the better as you have intended. God of Love who loves you has not forgotten you, and never will! It is written that he would never forget about His children, and this message is God-given, as He has a tender heart for all He has created and loves all that you are and all He has made you to be.  We are with you beloved in your home and when you drive or walk. We will never forget you either , and are with you constantly. Even as you read this we are with you. and we love you. St. Michael the Archangel is also here with many angels and Archangels. Hundreds surround you now  and we will assure you in your dreams, if intended, that we are with you at all times. Hundreds beloved, there is no reason to fear and there is no reason to worry about your future. God hears you call. God sees when you come to Him and why, and God knows what to do. In fact, has already orchestrated a plan on your behalf , that will Glorify Him in the end. So you need not be concerned any longer or dismay , but know in your heart that God is Loving and has heard your prayer. We are here beloved and we love you. And so it is beloved – you are loved and we are here. Amen, amen, amen

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