A Channeled Message of Love from the Archangels


A Channeled Message of Love from the Archangels : 

Greetings blessed children of the Most High God Almighty You are a brilliant light in this world. Through you, is the blessed Holy Spirit of God Himself that God sends, expressing love bountifully. Smile often beloved. Love one another abundantly. Express the love that is placed within you daily. Every minute if needed, ask for our assistance when you express your peace, when you love one another. Ask for us to help you in love and peace. Expressions of love are needed. We will lift you now beloved as you read this. Many of you are loving indeed, and we are here to help beloved. There are many of us and we love you dearly. Ask for us when you feel you can use a helping hand, or when you feel anything other than God’s Peace. We will help you now as you read this by lifting you in spirit, by removing any debris from emotional fatigue, or mental fog. You will notice a peaceful feeling and we are here, in great number and we are happy to help. If you are willing, simply think ,”Yes, Archangels , please help me feel the peace you speak of.” This will be done as many times as you ask. We are the Archangels, we love you and so it is. We will be with you always and we are happy to help anyone who asks. You are a child of God and we are here to assist you in all circumstances. We are always available to help you beloved. Always. We wish for you to understand that there is no limit to our assistance, no limit to healing, no limit to love. There is no limit to God’s Goodness and if there is something that is troubling your heart, lift this now without hesitation and know that God, who loves you and is listening always, is always with you. God loves to hear His people come to Him with anything. You are His beloved and His loves you dearly. Open your heart to Him beloved, and know you are His brilliant light He placed here on Earth. You are love incarnate. You are loved and you are blessed and so it is. We lift you now and always. Call on us often and we will help. We are the Archangels and we love you. Amen, amen, amen. 

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