Channeled with the Angels…

Compassion of Jesus


Channeled with the angels:

The Love of the Lord is with us (all) always. The Light of Christ is in everyone. Love each other and know that you are never alone, and God loves you very much. This Easter, rejoice with us and celebrate the Lord. If you have been thinking of going back to church, attending mass, the Lord will guide you to the right one! All are welcome says He! Celebrate this Easter with Love, which glorifies the Heavenly Father and honors the Son, who came to deliver God’s Message of Love for all to hear and share. Jesus is the Most High and reigns with God the Father endlessly. Peace be with all this Easter and the love is what is most important. Know you are loved very much by Jesus Christ and God the Father. We are with you always and so is the Lord. We love you and so it is….
(The Angel Realm)

About Yvette Celes

I am a Professional Angel Intuitive , a spiritual writer, and I assist the angels in spiritual healing. I love to share insight from the angels for higher understanding , share spiritual Truth, and to help people recognize their own Heavenly guidance. I am guided to write, share and teach Angel Intuitive classes for others. It is an honor to do so and I feel grateful and blessed to not only do this work, but for all that God has graced me with. For the Glory of God.
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