Love is the Highest Consciousness- Channeled with the Archangels 


The IAM Consciousness

Greetings beloved children of the Most High! We are here in great number with Yvette and yourselves, surrounding you and filling your home with Light. We are protecting you always and we are here to help you shift. Shift away old and bring in the new! We are the Archangels of the Most High and we love you. We are always here for you beloved. The IAM Consciousness who resides in you is one with you. Feel His presence beloved. The Holy Spirit who loves you and can never leave you is always with you. This Loving Presence is very strong and will help you always. God sends His Holy Spirit beloved to be with you at birth. God has never left you and never will. His Spirit is the IAM Presence, which is Love. Love is the Highest form of consciousness. Humility is a strength and so is gentleness. These are all gifts from God and they are with you at all times as you. You are the instrument for His Healing His Strength, His Love, His Guidance, and all that comes from God Himself. You are the instrument of His Love and Peace. You are His child and you are loved and you are not without His Help and Guidance. You are a loving child of the Most High. Peace be with you for we love you and we are always with you. You are loved dear beloved one and so it is. Lift up your thoughts and heart daily to God, spend time with God and ask Him for what you need or desire to achieve. Ask for blessings for your family- they are indeed blessed! Ask for blessings for everyone. Lift up your heart now and ask for the IAM Consciousness, the Divine consciousness of God, to guide your heart and your mind- to guide your thoughts and your feelings. To guide you beloved in your everyday activities. Peace be with you and we love you and so it is. Amen, amen, amen.

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