It’s About the Love ! – Channeled with the Love of the Angels and Archangels


It’s About the Love ! – Channeled with the Love of the Angels and Archangels

Greetings Beloved children of the Most High God ! You are such a blessing, do you not see that ? You are a brilliant love and light and God Himself has sent you here for a holy purpose: to serve in love, and to love, and in His Love! In His Holy and Perfect Love! We the angels and Archangels are with you beloved children of God. We are here and we love you. We are with you daily and now as you read this message. And we love you. We are here beloved to assist you at your highest level , at the highest imaginable level, and then some ! Ask us for anything beloved, ask God Himself who loves you and is with you! Ask Jesus, Ask God ask the Holy Spirit! For in doing so, you will have asked the Highest, the Most High For His Love in Faith, which God sees, you will lift up any situation and by asking God for His Help and Divine Assistance, you will of course, ask God for His Expertise, His Divine Expertise, for His Assistance- and God knows the outcome of every situation already! But by coming to Him with any situation, you will help yourself and all others involved for all time and will lift this situation to a higher outcome, a loving outcome, a healed outcome, a joyful experience, a joy filled outcome. You will, beloved, lift by asking God for His help to do so. And God, who see all , who know sall, who loves you for asking, will help you every time you ask, And so it is beloved ! And so it definitely is ! Amen Amen Amen ! 




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