Schedule An Appointment For Channeled Angel Guidance In the Holy Spirit For Any Situation or Question You May Have For the Angels and Archangels

ArchangelsSchedule a personal meeting with Yvette Celes and the Angels And Archangels in the Holy Spirit. St. Michael is one Archangel, as well as
St. Gabriel and Archangel Chamuel who are the three main Archangels Yvette Channels in the Holy Spirit . Sometimes, the Guardian Angels (who are always with you!) will accompany St. Michael, or the Healing angels will accompany St. Raphael, and St. Gabriel works with all angels, as does  St. Michael and Archangel Chamuel, but is always seen with the Heavenly Host, known as the “Heavenly Host” in the Gospel of Luke who were rejoicing in the Lord over the manger.  The angels can also offer a loving message filled in Heavenly Peace for all Channeled Angel Guidance, as well as their Guidance for any person or situation. The angels and archangels do the Will of God and serve the Most High, Father, Son and Holy Spirit (which is why I love working with them and asking them for their guidance!) And it is God who send them. Scheduling by phone or email is easy! For more info, please visit:
 For more information, please click here and thank you! Angel Blessings ! 

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