Greater Peace with the Archangels and Archangel Chamuel

Greater Peace with the Archangels and Archangel Chamuel

A Channeled Message from Archangel Chamuel 

Greetings beloved ! I am Archangel Chamuel and I am here with many angels and Archangel surrounding you now. As you have asked for a peaceful, uplifting message, I am here to be with you to guide you, if needed, to greener pastures or to assist with peace in your life. Even if there is already peace in your life, please know that peace is always available to you in every moment beloved. I am here to sit with you every time you ask of me, to assist you and your loved ones if needed to lift to the level of peace and harmony and love. Love is always with you as is the Father In Heaven is always with you. Simply ask God to help you and when you feel guided within your heart, or by God’s voice or by a vision from God Himself, or within your dreams if you are aware that God is guiding you within your dreams, then take the step to trust and act. The Spirit of God, who is with you and is always within your heart as well as with God simultaneously loves to guide you to do God’s Will for you. This is the Spirit from God, it is God’s Spirit who loves you more than you understand. I am here beloved in every moment if you ask me to be. I am here to assist you in recognizing the messages you are already receiving to bring greater peace and love into your life. I am here to assist you into greater love and peace and this will be always. Anytime you wish for greater peace and greater love and greater harmony- simply ask for me. Your intention will always be recognized by us. Your willingness will always be seen. In every moment, just ask. We are happy to always assist you. Simply think to me – “Archangel Chamuel , please be with me now, and assist me in {name the situation}.” – and I will always hear you. I am peaceful, and love to bring greater peace to those who ask of me. Peace be with you beloved. And so it is, Amen , Amen , Amen. 

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