A Loving Message From Archangel St. Michael on Valentines Week

Received on the week of Valentines Day from Archangel St. Michael

“Greetings ! On this Valentines, as it was said, message we are here and we love you and this Valentines Day and beyond- we are here to celebrate your willingness to lift your heart to God and ask for God’s Peace to overflow in every area of your life”

“Peace be with you ! I am St Michael the Archangel and I am here and I love you!  Blessings are upon you today and always. Trust in God in the HIghest and shift your focus upon the Love of God which is here now and always! God Himself who sees your focus will help you in His Holy and Perfect and Most High, Divine,  Heavenly Way and will always reward those who seek Him every time you do this. Peace is yours always when you Trust In God in His Divine Way. God is Loving you beloved, for He so Loves all whom He has created. I am here to assist you in every intention you ask of me now. For I am willing and happy that you are  asking me to assist. Peace be with you now and always. I am here and I love you and so it is. Amen , Amen, Amen” 

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