“Blessed Is He Who Come In The Name Of The Lord…”

Awhile back, the angels asked me to dedicate Sundays to the Gospels. With love and gratitude, here is the Gospel of Luke 19:28-40 LK 19:28-40

Jesus proceeded on his journey up to Jerusalem.
As he drew near to Bethphage and Bethany 
at the place called the Mount of Olives, 
he sent two of his disciples.
He said, “Go into the village opposite you, 
and as you enter it you will find a colt tethered 
on which no one has ever sat.
Untie it and bring it here.
And if anyone should ask you,
‘Why are you untying it?’ 
you will answer,
‘The Master has need of it.'”
So those who had been sent went off 
and found everything just as he had told them.
And as they were untying the colt, its owners said to them, 
“Why are you untying this colt?”
They answered,
“The Master has need of it.”
So they brought it to Jesus,
threw their cloaks over the colt, 
and helped Jesus to mount.
As he rode along,
the people were spreading their cloaks on the road; 
and now as he was approaching the slope of the Mount of Olives, 
the whole multitude of his disciples
began to praise God aloud with joy
for all the mighty deeds they had seen.
They proclaimed:
“Blessed is the king who comes
in the name of the Lord.
Peace in heaven
and glory in the highest.”
Some of the Pharisees in the crowd said to him,
“Teacher, rebuke your disciples.”
He said in reply,
“I tell you, if they keep silent,
the stones will cry out!”

We celebrate Palm Sunday in recognition of the when Jesus rode into Jerusalem for the Passover Feast (for His Passion beginning with the Last Supper), and is really the beginning of Holy Week; preceding the Paschal Holy Triduum (the Lord’s Passion) of the eve of Holy Thursday (Last Supper with the Disciples) – leading into the Good Friday (The Lord’s Bitter Passion), Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday (the Ascension of our Lord).
Jesus knew the disciples would run into questions, while untying the colt, and gave the disciples specific guidance; which the disciples followed to the letter. This is something we are all called to do- which is to “do as Jesus tells us.”
When Jesus rode into Jerusalem the people threw leafy branches (which is how the name of Palm Sunday came about and is why we celebrate today with leaves from palm branches, rejoicing with all of Heaven on His Holy Name) and cloaks on the ground as he passed by, recognizing Jesus as our Lord, and all rejoiced in His Good name, glorifying God who sent Him. On Palm Sunday, and every day, we rejoice with all of Heaven In His Holy Name. Which still glorifies God who sent Him. And this gets God’s attention when we do!
In Jesus’ Name

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