A Loving Message from the Healing Angels Who Love you

A Loving Message from the Healing Angels who Love you

“Greetings to all! Beloved earth angels all! Peace is with you now and always.  I am here and I love you. This is a representative from the Healing Angels. We love you all who are now reading this message. We are here to deliver a message of peace and love for you. St. Michael is also here and is clearing you now of anything that is no longer needed  beloved. Be willing now to lift any emotion, any past experience that was unpleasant in nature and St. Michael is willing to lift this now and he is doing so as you read this. You are a child of the Most High, and God loves you very much! God is also willing and is here now to lift any concern you may have. God doesn’t want to see your heart troubled- for He is with you! If you are willing, lift now to St. Michael a situation or feeling that you no longer wish to carry. This can also be on behalf of another who has confided in you that they were upset with you, or someone else. Lift all concern to God also in prayer, if you are experiencing concern. We the healing angels will be working with your heart beloved and those around you  as well. Healing is easier when there is willingness of course. You only need to be willing if unforgiveness is what your heart is holding onto.  Know that we are with you and we are helping you to release anything within your heart beloved that is not helping you to move forward. Lift any worry, concern, or any feeling to God and in prayer, ask God for His Peace now to fill you, to overflow in every area of your life. We the healing angels love you now and always and are with you as you do this exercise with us. Peace Is yours beloved now and always. We love you , we are the healing angels, and so it is, amen,  amen , amen. “

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