A Channeled Message by St. Michael, leading the Peaceful Protection Angels


Channeled by St. Michael, leading the Peaceful Protection Angels

Greetings, I am here, I am St. Michael to lead this angel guidance with you. You are in our embrace in every moment. You are under constant protection. Should you feel at any moment uncertain , or could use a lift; ask for me. I am here and I love you. Take notice how you feel beloved at any moment. Are you happy? Joy-filled? At Peace? If not, ask for me (and even if so I will lift you higher still). We will lift each person asking; and assist each and every person who asks for me, St. Michael and the Angel Team in this exercise of love. We are doing so now. Ask on behalf of others, and they will be asked in spirit if they will be willing, by myself. We are always here and we love you ! And so it is ! Amen, Amen, Amen.