Loving Angel Guidance-For Every Area of Your Life Decisions

cropped-cropped-angel-holding-light-center.jpgChanneled Angel Message From the Angels and Archangels  -for Guidance In Every Area of Your Life.

“As you remain focused on God for answers in any issue or decision regarding you and your family, work, income, moving, schooling, and so forth, God understands why you are asking and how to help. Listen to your heart in making decisions for you or on behalf of your family. The Holy Spirit is within all hearts who read this and even those who do not. Asking God to lift your heart and mind, asking for His Will in all matters will always ensue peace for all involved. Your family is in God’s Heart and as you ask God for His Will for your decision, your heart will know His Eternal Peace that is with you as you make decisions. God is with you! Lift your decision into God’s Hands. If more than one, lift all decisions into God’s Hands. God understands why you are asking and understands how to help! As you ask for His Will, the Peace that surpasses all human understanding will guard and guide your heart and mind in His Holy Spirit. And beloved, there is nothing Higher than God Himself. We are the angels and Archangels who are with you and as you lift your heart to God and Jesus His Son, in the Holy Spirit as One, you are blessed and welcomed as God is asking you to Trust Him. We love you and are with you as you are asking God for His Will in your life and in choosing decisions for you, your family or that you are responsible for. We love you and are with you in every decision you make. We love you and so it is ! We are the angels and Archangels of God who sends us and we love you! Amen, amen, amen.” received for all in every decision for you and your family from God’s angels and Archangels with love

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