For Where Two or Three Are Gathered Together In My Name, There Am I In the Midst of Them

Awhile back, the angels had asked me to dedicate Sundays to the Gospels. With love and gratitude, here is the Gospel of Matthew 18:15-20

Jesus said to his disciples:
“If your brother sins against you,
go and tell him his fault between you and him alone. 
If he listens to you, you have won over your brother.
If he does not listen,
take one or two others along with you,
so that ‘every fact may be established
on the testimony of two or three witnesses.’
If he refuses to listen to them, tell the church. 
If he refuses to listen even to the church,
then treat him as you would a Gentile or a tax collector.
Amen, I say to you,
whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven,
and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.
Again, amen, I say to you,
if two of you agree on earth
about anything for which they are to pray,
it shall be granted to them by my heavenly Father. 
For where two or three are gathered together in my name,
there am I in the midst of them.”

Channeled Message from St. Gabriel the Archangel in the Holy Spirit, to assist in understanding of the Gospel of Matthew 18:15-20:
“Greetings, this is St. Gabriel. I am here beloved to lift your heart and mind as you are reading this Gospel. The Word of God will always lift your heart beloved as you read the Gospels. Lift all matters into God’s Hands first and trust in God the Most High! As you trust in God, ask God to lift your heart in the Holy Spirit. As you are asking God, God handles all of the areas of your heart and mind in Him. Jesus is asking all to speak and communicate with love to one another, and allow Jesus to assist in healing all relationships. For as you are together, Jesus is with you! Jesus is asking for you to lift all matters to Him, for He is with you. As you approach someone in your life whom you love, ask the Lord to be with you. Jesus understands why you are asking and knows how to heal every tear, or heart, or emotion- even human reason. As you approach your beloved family member, friend, remind them first that Jesus is with them, and He is with you. Ask your friend or beloved to lift their heart to Jesus more, and they too , if they are erring in any way, can come to Jesus. In Truth, Jesus is saying, I am here and with you as you approach a friend or family member. Let the family member know how you feel without blame, and lift all matters into Jesus’ Hands. As you speak to one another, love them and know that Jesus loves you both. Love is what heals a relationship. Love is how Jesus asks all to understand as He is with you. He Loves you and in One in the Father who sent Him and in the Holy Spirit. Give all matters to Jesus for healing and lift your own heart to Him for healing as well. For Jesus loves as you come to Him for all reconciliation , for all matters, and in all ways. He is with you and this is to assist in understanding for this Gospel for all who read. I am St. Gabriel the Archangel. ‘I am with you,’ says the Lord ! And so it is, amen, amen , amen.”

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