Prayer of Love For The Peace of Our Lord

Prayer of Love to the Father Son and Holy Spirit
Glory to God in the Highest! For You love those who come before You in faith!
Heavenly Father, through the Holy Intercession of the Holy Family, The Saints and all Nine Choirs of Angels led by St.Michael the Archangel, and all Archangels of the Lord in the Holy Spirit, we praise you with all of Heaven!
Heavenly Father, Holy Son Jesus Christ in the Holy Spirit, lift our hearts and renew our minds in Your Holy Peace!
Please lift all who are healing, all who are in the world, and all you love, in Your Holy Name.
Heal every mind, all hearts, and call us to You in every area of the world;
For you are Lord!
Grant us we pray, Your Peace, Your Holy Rest and in the Name of Your Holy Son, lift every eye, every heart and mind, and cell in Your Presence!
May the Grace of our Lord, wash all minds, all hearts and sanctify us all in You!
In Your Holy Name- we place every intention in our hearts into the Holy Sacred Heart of Your Son Jesus Christ, and in His Name we ask this through Christ our Lord Amen!
Lord, Heal us, Strengthen us, Lift us all in Your Holy Mighty Spirit and in our own hearts, we praise You in Your Holy And Mighty Son’s Name.
Thank you in Your Hearing!
Lord of all in the world, grant us Your Living Water, Your Holy Presence, and Your Holy and Mighty Favor over every family member, and all You Love in the world.
We praise You and glorify Your Holy and Mighty Name and give You thanks! Amen!-

-received in the Holy Spirit in the Peace of our Lord from the Angel’s and archangels of the Lord and in Holy Intercession of the Holy Family, Saints and all Nine Choirs of Angels led by St.Michael and Archangels

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