40 Day Rosary Novena For Respect Life Month

This month is Respect Life Month. All babies all of God’s Holy people, including the unborn, who belong to the Lord, belong to the Heavenly Mother; for all are her babies!  She asks for all in the world to pray for the holy babies that are in  the wombs of every mother, especially those who may be considering abortion. This month, is also Mother Mary’s Rosary Month!
“Pray the Heavenly Mother’s Rosary! For all belong to her Son who is LORD of all in the world! Pray for 40 days, anytime you read this, throughout this month and October and November. Pray for those who are coming into the world, those babies that are so very loved by the Holy Lord! Pray her Rosary always as a Spiritual Sword before the Lord, and her prayers that are so very Loved by the Holy Lord are are our highest Holy Intercession before The Lord’s Throne will always The Holy Spirit will always be a “cloak of her Holy Intercession” over all who pray her Rosary,  every family member, every intention, the unborn, their mommies, and the Holy Mother, who prays for all of each of our intentions before the Lord so very Holy and reverently and lovingly before the  lord, will always pray for all who do pray her Rosary and cast out the enemy every time her Rosary is prayed! Choose any day to begin praying daily as a 40 day Novena of her Holy Rosary, anytime, but especially now and throughout October and November for 40 days. This is so very heard, loved and will always gain the Holy Favor of Her Son, our Lord, who is Lord of all in the world, Jesus Christ the Lord of all, Lord of the Universe, the Universal Church, the world, and is Lord and Savior!”
This I have been given to print here in the Holy Spirit. If you like, you can copy and paste this on your own social media with love, or on your own Blog or website, to pray the Holy Rosary, to  pray for Life of the unborn, which are her babies, and even their mothers who are also the Lord’s, whom she so very loves! As it is written, as Jesus spent His Last moments on the Cross in His Bitter Passion for us all, he told  His beloved Disciple:

When Jesus saw his mother and the disciple there whom he loved, he said to his mother, “Woman, behold, your son.” Then he said to the disciple, “Behold, your mother.” And from that hour the disciple took her into his home.

“During the 40 day Rosary, all prayers will be heard, and it is better to pray soberly always  before the Lord, especially during Her Rosary Novena. Yet, should any person feel as if this is a weakness, to pray soberly for 40 days, ask the Holy Lord for His Strength to overcome drinking if it is a habit or an addiction. Pray anyway, and ask the Lord to help you in strengthening any spiritual weakness, for the Lord is always willing to assist any person in this way, and welcomes all to Him for this and all matters! Pray Her Rosary regardless always! Pray for Conversion, for life of the unborn, and all  countries in the world.”
~ Received in the Holy Spirit from the Angels of the Lord, who will also pray over each person as we pray before the Lord, in Holy Intercession and for all in the world! In Jesus’ Holy and Wonderful and perfect Name! Amen!

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