Encouraging the Word of God at Home With An Invitation To Pray the Rosary

Encouragement to Sow God’s Word for Middle School Students and Their Families
Middle School Students and all ages are so very special to the Lord! All families are very loved by God in the Highest! Lift your heart therefore to the Lord, asking the Lord to guide your heart and mind in His Spirit! As you open the Gospels together as family, ask each family member to read out loud a Verse, one family member at a time. This can be from the same Gospel or you can invite your family members to bring A Verse to read for the family. Ask the Holy Spirit to lift your heart in knowing which Bible Verse to bring! Read to your family from each chapter; beginning with one Gospel, and continuing to the next and so forth! The Holy Spirit loves as you do! For the Word of God is with you, goes before you, and will always do the work of God in the Highest as it is written! God will always know in His Divine Wisdom, when you are reading from His Gospel, speaking His Word and sharing His Word with others! He is with you and your family and loves you  very much! Parents and older children can encourage the Rosary! Mother Mary prays with you and will pray over every intention! Jesus loves when we use His Mother’s Rosary, or we spend time in His Presence as we meditate on His Gospels. Jesus loves His Mother, and Her Rosary is a Spiritual Sword over all families! Lit every intention before the Lord always! For the Holy Father in Heaven is always listening! Jesus, who is One in the Heavenly Father, and inn the Holy Spirit is always with you! Use the Rosary for protection, for strength, for increased Graces for all families! The Heavenly Mother will always hear as you pray Her Rosary. May God bless all who read and act on the Word of the Lord!

How to Lift Your Heart to the Lord for Elementary Aged Students and Guidance For Their Families
Lifting your heart to the Lord is easy! Just envision, or picture your own heart inside the Lord’s Heart! Have you every seen the Lord’s Sacred Heart? The Lord’s Heart is the Source of Eternal Peace. This is called “His Rest.” As you picture your own heart, imagine your own heart inside the Lord’s Heart! Now picture your whole family inside the Lord’s Sacred Heart. You and your family are very loved by the Lord Himself! You are always in the Lord’s Heart! As you ask your parents to read the Word of the Lord to you, ask your mom or dad or even your Catechist Teacher to help you with understanding a Verse or meaning you can easily speak out loud from the Bible. This can be easy! A suggestion can be, “Jesus loves us very much!” Great job! As you speak this out loud to your mom, dad and family members, you are speaking God’s Powerful Word! God LOVES this! God is with you and is with your family, and Jesus will always be with you! For He is One in the Heavenly Father and in His Spirit, and you are very loved by God in the Highest! Jesus said, “I am with you always,” in His Gospel and this was said for us all! Share this Word with your mom or dad or Catechist Teacher, for He loves as you do-and He is with you always! Share the Love of Jesus and Mother Mary by using The Rosary to pray with daily! For Mother Mary loves as you pray, and prays with you before the Throne of Her Son, Jesus! Mother Mary will always pray with you and loves you and your family very much! Mother Mary will always hear when you ask for Her Holy Prayers by using Her Rosary. For when you do pray Her Rosary, She prays with you, right beside you and before the Throne of Her Son, our Lord Jesus! Lift every family member before the Throne of Her Son in prayer and parents can help you pray too! Using the Rosary is a family affair! Use The Rosary, for The Heavenly Mother will always pray for you and loves you as if you are Her child! She loves when all pray and turn toward Her Son! This is what Mother Mary prays for the Most! For all in the world would receive Grace beyond Measure if all used Her Rosary daily! She is praying for you now as you read this and all family members of your own family! Mother Mary is with you now and will always pray for you! She loves you and so does Her Son, Jesus! She will always love you! God the Heavenly Father chose Her especially to be the Mother of the Lord, for She is the one who is known as the Blessed Mother Mary, the Immaculate Conception, and Our Lady; for she has appeared many times and loves when we act on the Word of Her Son, Jesus! Jesus loves you! He welcomes you and your family to Him now and always! Ask your parents to pray the Rosary with you! Jesus will always hear your prayers, and loves as children come to Him! Join the Rosary Prayer with Mother Mary and your family!

How to Pray the Rosary
Here is a link to Pray the Rosary with Yvette and Hailey as family called the “Holy Family Rosary Podcast”

You can also search for “praying the Rosary with small children” (for younger children) or for older children, (elementary, middle school, high school and all ages) you can opt to use this link provided, which contains the Scriptures for the Scriptural Rosary and is a wonderful resource for ‘How to Pray the Rosary’ :

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