Prayer For Uvalde and Ukraine- and For All Families

Merciful and Sacred Heart our Lord, we pray for all families and especially those directly affected in Uvalde and Ukraine. We lift all families and these holy families into Your Sacred Heart Lord! We thank you for Your Healing Comfort and Merciful Gaze, as we ask for Conversion of heart for Putin and Your Divine Mercy, for every area of the world who may not love, may not praise, and may not adore You, oh Lord! Please heal these families and all injured, and Lord please bring every area of the world into Your Wounds. Plunge us into You and Your Holy Wounds which you suffered for us all at so dear a price! Have Mercy on the shooter, and we ask for healing for these unholy and evil actions that can only be healed by You oh Lord! Fill us all in Your Holy Peace dear Savior, and Mighty Holy Spirit of the Lord, help all hearts hear Your Glorious Call to repentance, and to receive Your Body and Blood, to consume Your Body and Blood in the Eucharistic Celebration that is transubstantiated in every Catholic Mass! For all are Called to receive You! As all can Glorify Your Mercy, lift every heart oh Mighty Presence to repentance and shower us in Your Mercy wherever needed- even in the most hardened of hearts, oh Lord! Grant this we ask in Your Perfect and Holy Name! We are wounded oh Lord, grant us healing and strengthen all in the world to say, “YES!” To acting on Your Living Word. For this is what Mother Mary prays for the most, for all to say “YES!” to You! Mother Mary, pray for us! St.Joseph pray for us! All Saints, Holy men and women pray for us! All angels and archangels, pray for us! St.Michael protector of God’s people pray for us! Lead all hands to the Lord St.Michael the Archangel- especially those that are most hardened, lost and may not Love and Adore the Lord! For Jesus’ name is PRAISED by all of Heaven- and always will be! May God Protect our babies, and May all in the world say “YES!” to Your Living Word! Just like Mother Mary, St.Joseph, and every name in Heaven! Jesus- we trust in You! [All are Called by the Lord to Receive the Body and Blood of our Lord! Register for the RCIA Sacramental Prep classes at your local Catholic Parish and invite ALL to do so!]

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