Angel Prayer (to God)

St. Gabriel 2God our Father, in Your Loving Providence you send your holy angels to watch over us. Hear our prayers, defend us always by their protection and let us share Your Life with them forever, through your Son , Jesus Christ.

Gospel Reflection for Sunday March 20,2022 The Parable of the Barren Fig Tree

Some people told Jesus about the Galileans
whose blood Pilate had mingled with the blood of their sacrifices.
Jesus said to them in reply,
“Do you think that because these Galileans suffered in this way
they were greater sinners than all other Galileans?
By no means!
But I tell you, if you do not repent,
you will all perish as they did!
Or those eighteen people who were killed
when the tower at Siloam fell on them—
do you think they were more guilty
than everyone else who lived in Jerusalem?
By no means!
But I tell you, if you do not repent,
you will all perish as they did!”

And he told them this parable:
“There once was a person who had a fig tree planted in his orchard,
and when he came in search of fruit on it but found none,
he said to the gardener,
‘For three years now I have come in search of fruit on this fig tree
but have found none.
So cut it down.
Why should it exhaust the soil?’
He said to him in reply,
‘Sir, leave it for this year also,
and I shall cultivate the ground around it and fertilize it;
it may bear fruit in the future.
If not you can cut it down.’”

Jesus came For Us All!
In today’s Gospel, Jesus asks all to repent. The Divine Mercy of the Lord is for all in the world. Nothing is beyond the Lord’s Divine Mercy! The Gospel is the Lord’s call to repentance, which is a change of heart. A turn toward the Lord. The Mercy of our Lord is never ending. It is the Lord who calls us all to Him. The Parable of the fig tree is about Israel, and yet is also a message for every generation. The tree who represents Israel, and the person who had a fig tree represents God. The Gardner is our Lord. It is through the Lord’s Graces and Mercy, the Good News (which is the Gospels!), and the Compassion and Love of our Lord that cultivates our hearts. Nourishes and strengthens our hearts as we act on the Living Word of our Lord. Jesus tells the Heavenly Father, that in His appointed time, as He is with us, the Holy Spirit will help to speak to the fig tree, (which is Israel but also, all of us!) As Jesus’ ministry on Earth was three years, Jesus longs for those who may not receive His Living Word to act upon HIs Living Word. Jesus sends us to share His Gospels and to act on His Living Word today. It is through HIs Mercy that we answered the Call of the Lord to share His Living Word with others and with all that we meet. As we act on the Living Word, this is what shapes us, strengthens us and always welcomes us to a closer and holy walk with our Lord.
Jesus is welcoming all to receive Him in the Eucharist, to Baptize all nations (and ourselves, our families!), to come to Him in Reconciliation-where all receive the Divine Mercy of our Lord, and to receive an installment of His Holy Spirit in both Baptism(the sanctifying Grace and first installment of the Holy Spirit) and Confirmation- the Anointing and Seal of the Holy Spirit, and yet a further installment of the Holy Spirit.
Let’s all make haste to register for the Sacraments that are available in every Catholic Parish. Call your local Catholic Parish, and inquire of the sacramental Prep Classes (RCIA if you are an adult and Sacramental Prep Classes -Religious Formation Classes for children), and make haste to register yourself or your family for the Graces of our Lord; to walk even more closely with Him, now and always. In Jesus’ Name amen. For Jesus is with us! He loves us and this I have received in the Holy Spirit!

Pray the Rosary with your family and use the Rosary for Penance (per the angels and Mother Mary!)which is an “Act of Love” and a Spiritual Work of Mercy for Russia and Ukraine. Mother Mary, pray for us!

Encouraging the Word of God at Home With An Invitation To Pray the Rosary

Encouragement to Sow God’s Word for Middle School Students and Their Families
Middle School Students and all ages are so very special to the Lord! All families are very loved by God in the Highest! Lift your heart therefore to the Lord, asking the Lord to guide your heart and mind in His Spirit! As you open the Gospels together as family, ask each family member to read out loud a Verse, one family member at a time. This can be from the same Gospel or you can invite your family members to bring A Verse to read for the family. Ask the Holy Spirit to lift your heart in knowing which Bible Verse to bring! Read to your family from each chapter; beginning with one Gospel, and continuing to the next and so forth! The Holy Spirit loves as you do! For the Word of God is with you, goes before you, and will always do the work of God in the Highest as it is written! God will always know in His Divine Wisdom, when you are reading from His Gospel, speaking His Word and sharing His Word with others! He is with you and your family and loves you  very much! Parents and older children can encourage the Rosary! Mother Mary prays with you and will pray over every intention! Jesus loves when we use His Mother’s Rosary, or we spend time in His Presence as we meditate on His Gospels. Jesus loves His Mother, and Her Rosary is a Spiritual Sword over all families! Lit every intention before the Lord always! For the Holy Father in Heaven is always listening! Jesus, who is One in the Heavenly Father, and inn the Holy Spirit is always with you! Use the Rosary for protection, for strength, for increased Graces for all families! The Heavenly Mother will always hear as you pray Her Rosary. May God bless all who read and act on the Word of the Lord!

How to Lift Your Heart to the Lord for Elementary Aged Students and Guidance For Their Families
Lifting your heart to the Lord is easy! Just envision, or picture your own heart inside the Lord’s Heart! Have you every seen the Lord’s Sacred Heart? The Lord’s Heart is the Source of Eternal Peace. This is called “His Rest.” As you picture your own heart, imagine your own heart inside the Lord’s Heart! Now picture your whole family inside the Lord’s Sacred Heart. You and your family are very loved by the Lord Himself! You are always in the Lord’s Heart! As you ask your parents to read the Word of the Lord to you, ask your mom or dad or even your Catechist Teacher to help you with understanding a Verse or meaning you can easily speak out loud from the Bible. This can be easy! A suggestion can be, “Jesus loves us very much!” Great job! As you speak this out loud to your mom, dad and family members, you are speaking God’s Powerful Word! God LOVES this! God is with you and is with your family, and Jesus will always be with you! For He is One in the Heavenly Father and in His Spirit, and you are very loved by God in the Highest! Jesus said, “I am with you always,” in His Gospel and this was said for us all! Share this Word with your mom or dad or Catechist Teacher, for He loves as you do-and He is with you always! Share the Love of Jesus and Mother Mary by using The Rosary to pray with daily! For Mother Mary loves as you pray, and prays with you before the Throne of Her Son, Jesus! Mother Mary will always pray with you and loves you and your family very much! Mother Mary will always hear when you ask for Her Holy Prayers by using Her Rosary. For when you do pray Her Rosary, She prays with you, right beside you and before the Throne of Her Son, our Lord Jesus! Lift every family member before the Throne of Her Son in prayer and parents can help you pray too! Using the Rosary is a family affair! Use The Rosary, for The Heavenly Mother will always pray for you and loves you as if you are Her child! She loves when all pray and turn toward Her Son! This is what Mother Mary prays for the Most! For all in the world would receive Grace beyond Measure if all used Her Rosary daily! She is praying for you now as you read this and all family members of your own family! Mother Mary is with you now and will always pray for you! She loves you and so does Her Son, Jesus! She will always love you! God the Heavenly Father chose Her especially to be the Mother of the Lord, for She is the one who is known as the Blessed Mother Mary, the Immaculate Conception, and Our Lady; for she has appeared many times and loves when we act on the Word of Her Son, Jesus! Jesus loves you! He welcomes you and your family to Him now and always! Ask your parents to pray the Rosary with you! Jesus will always hear your prayers, and loves as children come to Him! Join the Rosary Prayer with Mother Mary and your family!

How to Pray the Rosary
Here is a link to Pray the Rosary with Yvette and Hailey as family called the “Holy Family Rosary Podcast”

You can also search for “praying the Rosary with small children” (for younger children) or for older children, (elementary, middle school, high school and all ages) you can opt to use this link provided, which contains the Scriptures for the Scriptural Rosary and is a wonderful resource for ‘How to Pray the Rosary’ :

“Your Faith Has Saved You”

As Jesus was leaving Jericho with his disciples and a sizable crowd,
Bartimaeus, a blind man, the son of Timaeus,
sat by the roadside begging.
On hearing that it was Jesus of Nazareth,
he began to cry out and say,
“Jesus, son of David, have pity on me.”
And many rebuked him, telling him to be silent. 
But he kept calling out all the more,
“Son of David, have pity on me.”
Jesus stopped and said, “Call him.”
So they called the blind man, saying to him, “Take courage; get up, Jesus is calling you.” He threw aside his cloak, sprang up, and came to Jesus.  Jesus said to him in reply, “What do you want me to do for you?”  The blind man replied to him, “Master, I want to see.” Jesus told him, “Go your way; your faith has saved you.”  Immediately he received his sight and followed him on the way.” Mark 10: 46-52

“Jesus is with all! Lift every detail into His Sacred Heart, and make haste, just as Bartimaeus did, to spring up, and come before His Holy Throne!” In today’s Gospel, Jesus is passing a “seeming” blind man that was physically blind perhaps, but certainly this did not deter His Faith in the Lord! As Jesus walks by, this blind beggar shouted a revelation, that Jesus was the fulfillment of the Promise of God to His father David. The Promise of the Coming Messiah was given to David by the Lord. As Jesus passes by, Bartimaeus , Bartimaeus shouts, “Jesus, Son of David, have pity on me!”
Jesus sees that His Faith is unwavering as He calls to Him a second time, and sends His messengers to call Bartimaeus. His Disciples are calling Bartimaeus, informing Bartimaeus that the Lord is calling. Just as every disciple shares the Good News, these holy chosen disciples are sharing their faith in the Lord, as the Lord beckons for Bartimaeus. Bartimaeus, makes haste to come before the Lord, he springs up, throws his cloak, and makes haste to come before the Lord! Beautiful!
Bartimaeus further reveals the true identity of the Lord, by using the greeting of “Master” and says, “Master I want to see.”  [Do not be called ‘Master’; you have but one master, the Messiah.” MT 23:10]
Jesus restores the physical sight of Bartimaeus, and says, Go on your way, your faith has saved you.”
Bartimaeus, however, follows “the way“; the Way of the Lord, and as the Lord entered into Jerusalem, into the final days of His ministry, and into His Bitter Passion, into the Eternal Kingdom, The Way of the Lord that,  as followed, is given to all, and is for all to follow. Jesus said, ““I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” in John 14:6. The Way of the Lord, gives us the Sacraments in the Gospels, the way to worship Him as the Lord has asked all to do, and is given to all to partake in. We receive the Graces necessary to make us a holy people for the Heavenly Father, in the Sacraments of the Catholic Church. In Baptism, in Eucharistic Celebration, in Confirmation, and in placing the Lord first, acting on His Word, and loving one another. Jesus , who  suffered, and gave His own life so we could have life more abundantly, is with us and has given us the Promise of God the Father -The Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is given to us all in the Sacraments of the Catholic Church. In every Sacrament, we receive an installment of the Holy Spirit, a precursor to the Eternal Walk, the Holiest of all Matrimonies, in Christ Jesus as His Bride. You and all in the world are invited by the lord Himself to lift all hearts to the Lord, make haste to come before Him, share His Gospels with all you meet, attend Mass regularly as this was also given in the Gospels for all and is the first and Holy Way to worship the Lord. For it was the Lord who gave us how to worship in the Gospels. Receiving the Lord in Eucharist is a precursor, to the Eternal Salvation of the Lord, just as the Gospels are the fulfillment of the Old Testament prophecies, and fulfillment of the Law of Moses, we all can partake in the Eternal and everlasting Joy even now, as all are called to receive the Lord intimately in Eucharist the Heavenly Banquet that is given for us all to partake in. This I have received in the Holy Spirit for all who read with the assistance of the angels and archangels in the Holy Spirit! Praise the Lord!
“Glory to God in the Highest! is the resounding Praise and Eternally will always be, in Heaven as one person turns fully, makes haste to come before the Lord and receives the Lord, invites the Lord in very morning and in every evening giving thanks, for Jesus is with us all! Come to Mass! Bring the family! Bring one or two friends! Invite all to receive the Lord, for the Lord is present in the Holy Eucharist, the transubstantiated Body and Blood of the Lord, a miracle that occurs every Sunday and in every full Mass, every day.  Make haste as did Bartimaeus, in the Holiest walk, the Way of the Lord!

Today’s Devotion and Acton: Take a moment to spend time in the Lord, and repeat this in every morning. Making time for the Lord in our every day lives is how the Lord can increase and we decrease. Making time to come to Mass is how we pace the Lord first and say “I want to place you first!”  Make time to call and inquire of the Sacraments of the Lord if all have not been received. Or if none have ever been received, now is the time to make haste! To spring up! To say “YES !” to the Lord!
“Jesus, we praise your holy Name, and in Your Holy Graces, Your Holy Spirit, and in  Your Holy Presence, we ask for healing, spiritually, and in our hearts and minds. In every area of our daily lives in Your Presence Lord, we humbly ask for you to lift us all, and that of our families and friends and all in the world, in Your undivided Love and Holy Love and Joy that only is given by You. One in the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit, we say, we thanks you, we praise you and we adore you! In Jesus , Name, Amen!” 

Respect For Life Mass to Pray in Solidarity for the End of Abortion

(Select September 26th Mass)

September 26, 2021 – 26th Sunday in Ordinary Time from the Cathedral Basilica in Philadelphia from Kearns Media Consulting LLC on Vimeo.

Watch the Respect for Life Mass! Pray In solidarity with the brother and sisters who pray endlessly for the families of pregnant mommies, and the mommies themselves who are afraid, scared, or feel as if their only option is abortion. Jesus is with all babies! All in the womb, every mommy and every dad and family member. The Holy Spirit filled the womb of St.Elizabeth, as St. Gabriel announced to Zechariah that his son, St.John the Baptist would be filled with the Holy Spirit in Luke 1:15:
“He will be filled with the holy Spirit even from his mother’s womb,”
and as St.John the Baptist leaped for joy at the sound of the voice of the “Mother of the Lord” for as it written;
“And how does this happen to me, that the mother of my Lord should come to me? For at the moment the sound of your greeting reached my ears, the infant in my womb leaped for joy. “
Also in Luke 1: 43-44. St.John the Baptist leaped in the womb of St.Elizabeth and REJOICED in the Holy Spirit, in the Presence of the Lord!
Therefore, pray with all in the world, who pray for the unborn. For it is the Heavenly Father’s Holy and Perfect Will that every child live! Every person, every person in every age!
The Heavenly Father and the Son have BREATHED the Holy Spirit over all flesh, as was the Promise of the Heavenly Father. Breathed!
The Holiest and Mightiest Holy Spirit of God is with all in the world!
Bring all babies to the Lord in prayer, in Mass, in Baptism, in even Bible Study, as all mommies and daddies can read The Gospels to the womb of every mommy, every child no matter the age, and all family members that visit, no matter the age of the child!
Jesus loves as we bring our babies to the Lord! It is truly the Lord’s HOLY WILL for all life to be lived, loved and that we place Him first!
For as it is written “Thou Shall Not Kill” in the 10 Commandments, Jesus fulfills the law as He spoke in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke
regarding the Greatest Commandments “You shall love the Lord, your God, with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.
This is the greatest and the first commandment. The second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself. The whole law and the prophets depend on these two commandments.”
Doing what God Loves gains Eternal Life!
If you know someone who has committed abortion, supported abortion, or even performed an abortion or assisted- pray for Divine Mercy for that person, or if this is you, pray before the Lord’s Throne right away for His Divine Mercy, asking the Lord to pardon and forgive each person involved, and pray for others who may not understand that this is truly not the Lord’s Holy Will!
“His Mercy Endures Forever!” (Psalm 118!) (Cover us and all in the world in Your Holy, Divine Precious Blood and Water that poured forth for all to receive Your Holy And Perfect Divine Mercy Lord!)
The Lord is welcoming ALL to Him, all families belong to Him!
All babies belong to the Lord, and an Angel of the Lord who was sent to me to ask me to pray the Holy Rosary for the unborn, said to me that “all babies are hers” [the Heavenly Mother]” in a Vision when I was asked to pray Her Rosary daily for the unborn.
As Jesus spoke this during His last moments on the cross:
When Jesus saw his mother and the disciple there whom he loved, he said to his mother, “Woman, behold, your son.” Then he said to the disciple, “Behold, your mother.” And from that hour the disciple took her into his home.” In the Gospel of John 19: 26-27,
Mother Mary became and is truly the Queen of all in Heaven, the Holy Immaculate Conception, for she received IMMACULATE Grace to be the Mother of Jesus, is the Heavenly Mother of every son of Abraham, every son of God, every Saint , every Apostle, every Rabbi, every Muslim, every Buddhist, every Martyr, every Democrat and Republican, every child and every baby, every Holy man and woman- even those who do not believe there is a Heavenly Father who loves them SO MUCH that “He gave His Son so that whoever believes in Him might not perish but have Eternal Life,” (John 3:16)
The Queen of the Angels of God, our Holy and Highest Intercessor before the Lord’s Throne over all in the world also praises the Lord, for as it is wrtten in her Canticle:
“My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord! My spirit rejoices in God my Savior” in Luke 1:46-47!
As the Angel of the Lord, sent by God the Father, asked me to offer Her Rosary daily for the unborn “for all be babies are hers” We can all offer The Rosary for the unborn, in solidarity with the prayer warriors who pray non-stop and pray outside of every abortion clinic, praying unceasingly for the end to ALL abortion, let’s pray that the mothers of the babies who may be considering abortion hear the Holy Spirit and shout before the Lord’s Throne “NO! I WANT TO KEEP MY BABY” even if being escorted into an abortion clinic. Pray unceasingly for it is through the prayer of the faithful and all prayer warriors that the enemy has no power over any area of the world, including young, scared, yet holy in every way, pregnant mommy who may not think she has support, or has been incorrectly advised to lay down a precious baby, to abort a life, to end life that was given as a gift from the Heavenly Father, that was ordained to be a priest, prophet and king, a sister of religious orders, to receive the Seal of the Holy Spirit, to receive the Lord’s Body and Blood in Holy Communion, to rejoice in the Lord at Mass, to be held, strengthened in God’s Holy Word, and to be cherished by each family member in moments SPECIALLY ordained by God in Adoption as an alternative to abortion, or in Graduation, in Holy Matrimony, in every moment given by God, BLESSED by God, for each day spent with each baby through the Holy Will of God the Father who may not understand that “The Lord will help them every step of the way!”
Many women have felt shame, intense regret, and have cried endlessly for their child after receiving an abortion, not realizing that there was “another way” or that “the Lord will help them” (a message given to me from God through His Holy Angel’s in a previous vision regarding praying against abortion!) in spite of any circumstance! ALL BABIES belong to God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.
Let’s pray for our youth! Our mommies, our family members, spiritual families members, and all involved in support of the act of unholy evil Abortion (for this is NOT an act of the Heavenly Father, but the enemy!), that ALL understand to place God first in EVERY age, in Obedience to His Holy And Perfect Will! “Pro-choice” is
“Pro -Against the Will of the Heavenly Father,” so let’s ALL pray together as one family, under God , indivisible, to strengthen ALL involved for the END
of Abortion! This I have received in the Holy Spirit of the Lord with the assistance of His Holy Angels, in Holy Intercession of St.Joseph of the Holy Family, Mother Mary, St.Gabriel The Archangel, St.Michael the Archangel, The Holy Archangels, The Holy Guardian Angels of all who read, the Saints, the Holy Men and Women, the Martyrs who so love the Lord that they were willing to face public death for the Lord, and risk their lives in excruciating circumstances so that their faith in Him, their Love in Him, their complete dependence in the Lord would not be taken away, and have received a reward greater than any found in any age or any to come, given to them by the Holy Father, His Holy Son Jesus Christ, in the Holy Spirit-who are One AND are with all who read, all who pray, all who ask for Divine Mercy, all who turn to the Lord and pray unceasingly, all who receive Him fully in Holy Communion, all prayer warriors, all who receive The Holy Spirit in every Sacrament, all who attend Mass, and all babies, all couples, every family, for the Lord has Created all in the world, regardless of belief! The Lord who Created all in the world is welcoming ALL to receive Him more fully in the Sacraments of the Holy Apostolic Catholic Church, to attend Mass faithfully every Sunday, to walk in Holy Communion, to open and share His Gospels, His Bible, His Holy and Everlasting Word, that goes before us, will never leave us, strengthens us in every way, to act on His Living Word and to share His Word with all we meet! For it is through Obedience to His Holy Word that we are called “His Holy Children,” created in His Image, created for His Glory, created for Loving each other and placing The Lord first in every area of our lives. THAT is how we shape the future of each generation! Teaching others to act on the Word of the Lord, let’s all praise the Lord together, and Glorify His Holy and PERFECT Name! And let’s pray the Rosary for all in the world to do the same! This I have received in the Holy Spirit of the Holy and Risen Lord Jesus Christ for all who read! In Jesus Name ! Amen! Praise be to God in the Highest!
Let’s pray together as one family before His Holy Throne for all life on earth be lived, loved, and giving thanks to the Lord in His Hearing, for the End of Abortion in every land! In Jesus’ Holy Name, in the intercession of the Immaculate Conception, the Heavenly Mother and in His Holy Presence, May the Lord Bless us and strengthen ALL to walk in Holy Communion with our Lord Jesus Christ who loves all who are reading this! Welcome one, welcome all! Let’s bring our babies to the Lord in Baptism, prayer, Mass, reading His Word to them to strengthen all who are weary!
“Come to me, all you who labor and are burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am meek and humble of heart; and you will find rest for yourselves. For my yoke is easy, and my burden light.” In Matthew 11: 29-20 – sayeth the Lord!
Prayer of Pardon:
My God, I believe, I adore, I hope and I love Thee! I beg pardon for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not hope and do not love Thee. Amen.
{Delivered by the Angel of Peace during the First Apparition of the Angel to the three shepherd children of Fatima in spring of 1916.}

40 Day Rosary Novena For Respect Life Month

This month is Respect Life Month. All babies all of God’s Holy people, including the unborn, who belong to the Lord, belong to the Heavenly Mother; for all are her babies!  She asks for all in the world to pray for the holy babies that are in  the wombs of every mother, especially those who may be considering abortion. This month, is also Mother Mary’s Rosary Month!
“Pray the Heavenly Mother’s Rosary! For all belong to her Son who is LORD of all in the world! Pray for 40 days, anytime you read this, throughout this month and October and November. Pray for those who are coming into the world, those babies that are so very loved by the Holy Lord! Pray her Rosary always as a Spiritual Sword before the Lord, and her prayers that are so very Loved by the Holy Lord are are our highest Holy Intercession before The Lord’s Throne will always The Holy Spirit will always be a “cloak of her Holy Intercession” over all who pray her Rosary,  every family member, every intention, the unborn, their mommies, and the Holy Mother, who prays for all of each of our intentions before the Lord so very Holy and reverently and lovingly before the  lord, will always pray for all who do pray her Rosary and cast out the enemy every time her Rosary is prayed! Choose any day to begin praying daily as a 40 day Novena of her Holy Rosary, anytime, but especially now and throughout October and November for 40 days. This is so very heard, loved and will always gain the Holy Favor of Her Son, our Lord, who is Lord of all in the world, Jesus Christ the Lord of all, Lord of the Universe, the Universal Church, the world, and is Lord and Savior!”
This I have been given to print here in the Holy Spirit. If you like, you can copy and paste this on your own social media with love, or on your own Blog or website, to pray the Holy Rosary, to  pray for Life of the unborn, which are her babies, and even their mothers who are also the Lord’s, whom she so very loves! As it is written, as Jesus spent His Last moments on the Cross in His Bitter Passion for us all, he told  His beloved Disciple:

When Jesus saw his mother and the disciple there whom he loved, he said to his mother, “Woman, behold, your son.” Then he said to the disciple, “Behold, your mother.” And from that hour the disciple took her into his home.

“During the 40 day Rosary, all prayers will be heard, and it is better to pray soberly always  before the Lord, especially during Her Rosary Novena. Yet, should any person feel as if this is a weakness, to pray soberly for 40 days, ask the Holy Lord for His Strength to overcome drinking if it is a habit or an addiction. Pray anyway, and ask the Lord to help you in strengthening any spiritual weakness, for the Lord is always willing to assist any person in this way, and welcomes all to Him for this and all matters! Pray Her Rosary regardless always! Pray for Conversion, for life of the unborn, and all  countries in the world.”
~ Received in the Holy Spirit from the Angels of the Lord, who will also pray over each person as we pray before the Lord, in Holy Intercession and for all in the world! In Jesus’ Holy and Wonderful and perfect Name! Amen!

“Take Courage To Do What God Loves” – Received in the Holy Spirit from an Angel of the Lord

“Take courage to do what God loves” – from an Angel of the Lord concerning the desire to come to the Sacrament of Reconciliation, which is one of the Sacraments all can receive as all inquire of the Catholic Church. Inquiring in your local Catholic Church of the Sacraments, attending Sacramental Prep classes is something God Loves and welcomes all in every nation, every age, and all in the world to do! As the Lord welcomes all to Him, come to Mass, lift your heart to the Lord, as all are welcome to receive His Graces He gives in His Sacraments! This I received in the Holy Spirit of the Lord for all.

May God bless our country, every nation and every family in His Holy Presence. As we remember those whose lives have been lifted into Heaven, we all share the heartache of loss. As we place these soldiers, their friends and families and each other into the Sacred Heart of our Lord Jesus Christ, May the Lord lift us in His Healing Love and in His Holy, Holy, Holy Spirit, who will never leave us, through the Grace of our Heavenly Father, His Son and our Lord Jesus Christ. May the Glorious Call of the Lord be heard in every country, that welcomes all to Him, in every age, to His Mercy, and to His Healing Presence. For God alone is Good who makes even the most hardened Reconcile their hearts to Him, and makes even sins as red as scarlet, to be white as snow in His Holy and Perfect, Infathomable and Endless Mercy. His Mercy is for all! It takes spiritual strength to pray for enemies, to say “No” to violence, “No” to war, and to pray for those who persecute you. May we all pray for those who do not love, do not adore, and do not praise our Glorious Lord and His Love for all!
Prayer of Pardon and Reparation- given to us by the Angel of Peace (Angel of Portugal) who appeared to the 3 children of Fatima preceding the Apparition of Mother Mary:
Prayer of Pardon:
My God, I believe, I adore, I hope and I love Thee! I beg pardon for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not hope and do not love Thee. Amen.
*Delivered by the Angel of Peace during the First Apparition of the Angel to the three shepherd children of Fatima in spring of 1916.
ANGEL’S PRAYER-Act of Reparation
O Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, I adore Thee profoundly. I offer Thee the most precious Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ, present in all the tabernacles of the world, in reparation for the outrages, sacrileges and indifference by which He is offended. By the infinite merits of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I beg the conversion of poor sinners.

*Delivered by the Angel of Peace during the Third Apparition of the Angel in October 1916. The Angel appeared to the three shepherd children holding a chalice in his hands, with a Host above it from which drops of Blood were falling into the chalice.

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