4/9/15 Angel Message

To feel the presence of God’s Love simply ask  “Dear Heavenly Father I give thanks for everything. Please send your love into my heart and may it overflow into every cell , into every system, through my chakras and overflow with compassion to everyone I greet.”

You can envision your heart opening and His Love filling your heart and overflowing into every cell of your body (and out past your body).  In Truth, we are never separate from His Love.

Angel Blessings ~ Yvette

God Is Love

God IS Love and we are always present in His Holy Presence and Love . Always. His Everlasting Love is available to all of us 24/7. It is this very steadfast love we were created with and we are never separate from Him. With that I take this thought:

“I am fully present in the Greatness of God’s Love. I am nourished, cherished, strengthened, uplifted, held, supported and centered in His Love now and always. I simply breathe in His Love and open my heart and allow His Love to overflow into every cell of my being. And I am grateful and give thanks for His Love.” (Thank you God)