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Angel University

Angel Love Blessings
Angel University 

An Angel University which assists students in Learning High Vibrational Healing, Channeling Archangels’ and Angels’ Messages to Bring Heavenly Peace to Any Situation, in an Easy Learning Style Channeled with the Angels and Archangels, to assist all who are willing and have an interest in their heart to learn how to:
How to Channel Messages from the Angels and Archangels; Esoteric Knowledge; High Vibrational Healing with the Angels and Archangels;
and Advanced Learning with the Angels and Archangels in every class!

The below Angel Intuitive and Angel Channel Classes are all “angel referred!” You will simply LOVE the high vibration and the love of the Angels and Archangels, who assist all who take these classes! These classes are all angel-guided and offer hands-on exercises with the angels and Archangels who love you and are happy to help you in meeting your own personal and professional career goals as an Angel Intuitive and Angel Channel! For questions and more information,  you can email Yvette at

Gift Certificates Always Available!
Please email Yvette at
angels in Heaven
INTRO Angel Channel Class
LIVE Tele-class with Yvette
Sat. April 10th 2021 12:30pm MST USA
Register Here

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Meet the St. Gabriel the Archangel, St. Michael the Archangels, and the Guardian Angels!
St. Gabriel, St. Michael and the Guardian Angels

will assist you in recognizing how you can simply and easily learn on your own while using practice and using your own natural Spiritual Gifts and Abilities naturally to assist in recognizing Angel Messages to channel for others.
This is a one hour and 30 min tele-class, to assist your own natural ability to channel to angels and Archangels.
You will meet your Guardian Angel Team, lift to a higher state of listening, meet the Angel Team Yvette speaks of in her Podcasts ; as well as the angels and Archangels who will work with you, while serving as a natural Angel Channel.
This class is the only class muted to all participants, whereas the Beginning Level Angel Channel Class, The Advanced Angel Channel Class and the Professional Angel Channel Class will all offer hands-on instruction in channeling the angels and archangels.

If you would like to listen to your own Guardian Angel Team, and would like to meet the Archangels St. Gabriel, St. Michael and One million Peaceful Protection Angels, while gaining understanding on how to easily recognize how you can easily recognize the difference between St. Michael and the Guardian Angels, St. Gabriel from a Peaceful Protection Angel, and learn on your own how to recognize their messages, while listening to a high vibrational, Angel Guided instruction tele-class, this class is for you! This angel tele-class is also a wonderful tool for any Angel Channels or channels who wish to meet their Angel Team specifically, and the Angel Team Yvette speaks of in her Podcasts, then join in this Angel Tele-class!
A one hour and 30 min class! Recording will be available and handbook also included as an Angel Handbook PDF that will be emailed to you before class begins.
Bring your heart!
That is all that is needed to hear the angels’ messages!

***As an introduction to Angel Channel-Level 1, this one and a half hour class will offer a “listening only” LIVE Tele-conference call. For a more “hands-on” class, please see the “Beginning Angel Channel Class-Level 1” below. This class is filled with Heavenly Peace, lots of Angels and Archangels, and channeled in the Holy Spirit! Once payment is received, you will receive a confirmation email stating payment is received, and an upcoming date of class confirmation (listed above). You will receive a detailed Angel Handbook PDF you can use as a helpful tool for meeting the angels and archangels as well as learning to channel the angels as an introduction to the Beginning Angel Channel Class.
In this class, we will also ask for the Holy Spirit, Jesus, the Intercession of Mother Mary, and a will also enjoy a brief visit from Orion, who is willing to assist any Angel Channel as a “helpmate” and lift into higher listening for the purpose of channeling the Angels and Archangels!
In this tele-class, you will:
*Receive angel guidance from the Angels and Archangels, while using your own natural intuitive spiritual gifts and abilities to recognize your angels and their guidance.
*meet your guardian angels
*meet St. Gabriel and St. Michael
*learn how you can easily receive, with practice, your very own angel guidance for yourself and others
You will receive a channeled Angel PDF handbook and a high vibrational recorded copy of your class once completed for later playback- as a learning tool – and to listen to the playback again and again as needed!

Register above to save your “earth angel seat” in this wonderful LIVE class with Yvette and email with any questions at


Healing with the Angels and Archangels in the Holy Spirit Class!

Saturday, May 22nd , 2021 11AM MST USA (MOUNTAIN TIME)
5 HOUR CLASS – $199.00

In this special class, we will study and learn with the Healing Angels , St. Raphael and St. Michael, with the Heavenly Host who love all! Learn High Vibrational Healing, Divine Healing Exercises, Angel Love Exercises (which are Angel Healing Exercises!), and how to assist anyone in a High Vibrational Healing Exercise with the Angels and Archangels. High Vibrational Healing with the Angels and Archangel can be added to any healing practice, or if you are just beginning your very own healing practice- all are welcome! Young healers, veteran healers, mystics, visionaries, or for any person who would LOVE to work hands-on with the angels and archangel in their everyday healing! Massage therapists, and any that feel guided in their hearts to with the Healing Angels, St.Raphael, St. Michael, and this class includes Divine Healing exercises with Jesus Himself !

Healing With the Angels and Archangels in the Holy Spirit




St. Gabriel 2
How To Hear and Recognize Messages From the Angels and Archangels in the Holy Spirit

LIVE Hands-on Teleclass with Yvette
Sat., June 12th, 2021 at 11am MST USA

Register Here
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In this Angel Class, you will be meeting St. Gabriel, the Guardian Angels and St. Michael and even more angels as you learn how to hear the messages of the angels and archangels while offering their Heavenly messages for others, to uplift and bring Heavenly Peace in your blogs, in books, uplifting song lyrics, podcasts and even for an uplifting message on social media! YOU can hear the angels’ and archangels’ messages easily as the angels use your inherent Spiritual Gifts and Abilities to assist you in your recognizing their messages- which are always filled with Heavenly Peace! Channeled curriculum, an Angel Handbook for instruction, as well as a very high vibrational class is what is in store for you as you register for this special class!
Led by St. Michael, St. Gabriel, the Archangels, St. Raphael, the Healing angels and more!
– and even your guardian angels!
Who are all here to assist you in receiving messages as you learn to easily recognize their messages with practice, for yourself your loved ones and even your own clientele!
Guided with your Angel Team, this high vibrational and loving Angel Guided and Angel Hearing Class, will use your own Spiritual Gifts and Spiritual Abilities, in the Holy Spirit, as we learn to easily recognize the difference between St. Michael, the Peaceful Protection Angels, St. Gabriel, the Guardian Angels, and even the group of Archangels for all students! This Angel Guided Class will be LIVE over the phone, and will offer many hands-on Angel Guided Exercises for you to hear your angels and Archangels! By using your own Spiritual Gifts and Abilities in the Holy Spirit , we will lift in a high vibrational state of awareness, and learn how to to easily recognize the angels and Archangels!
An Angel PDF Class Handbook is included; as well as a recording of your class- both to use as loving and high vibrational learning tools just for you!

Thank you for choosing this class! This class is a one day, 6-hour class with the Guardian Angels, St. Michael, the Peaceful Protection Angels, St. Gabriel and the Archangels!
What fun will we have together as we learn how to easily recognize the messages from the Holy Spirit and the angels and Archangels!
And you need only be willing to work with the angels and Archangels!
This class is hands-on with the Archangels and Angels who love you- and they are working with you now!

This Class will increase your knowing how to easily recognize the angels’ messages, as well as provide lots of guidance from the Angels and Archangels. Register above and optionally email Yvette with any questions concerning this class at;

Beginner Level -Angel Channel Class
Learn to Channel The Angels and Archangels while in the Holy Spirit
Channel Class – Level 1

LIVE Tele-class with Yvette
Sat., May 8th, 2021 11am MST

To Register – click “Buy Now

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Angel Channel Level 1- LIVE Teleclass with Yvette
This class is designed to help you to channel the angels’ and Archangels’ messages . All you have to be is willing.  You will be working directly with your Angel Team: the Archangels and angels,  St. Michael, St. Gabriel, and Orion, who will be working with you in your own Angel Channel Intuitive Practice. The Healing Art Form of Channeling is described by the angels and Archangels as being lifted to a light trance state to be able to meet your angels and ask the angels to channel their direct messages while using your voice to accurately deliver your angel’s messages to serve. The angels, Archangels and you work as a “team” to be able to channel their messages accurately and easily for your loved ones, and even yourself or clients, with the assistance of Orion, who works in tandem with you and your angels. 

In this class you will:
*Learn to channel the angels’ and Archangels’ messages for yourself and for others
*Gain self confidence and learn how you can easily channel the angels
*Work with the angels in using your your inherent spiritual gifts and  abilities while using your gifts and abilities to serve 
*Enhance  your Angel Intuitive Practice
*Assist others in their spiritual and healing paths and careers
*Work directly with the angels and Archangels who will be assisting you in your very own Angel Channel Practice

This class has lots of fun and exciting Angel Love Exercises, and is packed with Angel Guidance for you! Channeled curriculum and hands-on experience with the Angels and Archangels will help you gain experience and self confidence with your Channeling Angel Team.
This is a two-day class, each class will be 4 hours learning plus q&a for 1 hour, and we will schedule the 2nd class during our first day of class. 

This class is led by the Archangels, the Guardian Angels and the Angels/Archangels who will be guiding you in your Angel Channel  Practice; assisted with Orion!
You will receive an Angel PDF and a very loving and high vibrational recorded mp.3 of your class when complete! 


Advanced Angel Channel Intensive Class
Advanced Learning to Channel God’s Angels and Archangels in the Holy Spirit

This is a 3-hour advanced Angel Learning to Channel Intensive

Saturday, June 26th, 2021 at 11am MST

Advance your channeling skills with the Angels, Archangels and a guest appearance from Orion!
The angels and Archangels and your Heavenly Family work as a “Heavenly Family Team” to strengthen your knowing in using your inherent spiritual Gifts and Spiritual Abilities , while easily learning to channel the angels and Archangels messages!

The angels and Archangels will work simultaneously in tandem, in the Holy Spirit, to strengthen your inherent knowing of how you can easily use your spiritual gifts and abilities while using your gifts of channeling for healing for others, as well as assisting others in angel channeled guidance. This class is intended for anyone who has previous channeling experience, or has taken the Beginning Level Angel Channel Class, who wishes to deepen their ability to learn to channel the angels and archangels! YOU can easily learn to channel more fluently while learning to channel for yourself and others.
In this class, you will work hands-on with the Archangels and Angels and in the Holy Spirit- and you can even ask for Orion who uses his gift of frequency as a “helpmate” for others in learning to easily channel the angels and archangels! This class will effortlessly enhance your own higher state of listening within a higher state of awareness – with the assistance of St. Michael, St. Raphael and St. Gabriel!
You only need to be “willing” to easily channel the angels and archangels for yourself and others- and you can do so with the angels’ assistance every time you do channel their messages in a loving Heavenly Embrace with St. Michael and one million Peaceful Protection Angels!
This is a very loving class and high vibrational class with the angels and Archangels, is very uplifting, filled with Heavenly Peace, and lots of angels and archangels !
To Register , please email Yvette Celes for Registration at this time:

Advanced Angel Channel Intensive Class

Advanced your learning to channel the angels and archangels in the Holy Spirit! As you learn to channel more fluently and easily in the Holy Spirit, the angels and archangels hold each student in a loving angel embrace as you learn!



Professional Level 3- Angel Channel Class
This is a two-day 4 hour learning + 1 hour Q &A (5 hours each class!) LIVE Video class on Zoom

Saturday, July 10yth, 2021 11am MST
Join the professionals!
Lift your heart to God in this class, as we ask for the Holy Spirit to guide our hearts, as we offer our heart to serve as an Angel Channel! We do this in every class, but as we learn to work with God’s people, we are asking God to lift our hearts in our service in this way! Use this professional level skill level in every profession! Including spiritual writing in blogs, in spiritual books with the angels and Archangels, and even as God’s messenger with St. Gabriel the Archangel! St. Michael leads this class, and as we learn how to easily shift healing into God’s Hands, clear with St. Michael, heal with Jesus, and lift hearts while bringing Heavenly Peace, this is all for YOU and all you serve as an Angel Channel! Musician, Song Writing, Podcast Hosting, Poet for the angels and archangels, and even a Professional Angel Channel for Angel Channeled Reading for others for Angel Guidance, and lots of love, Heavenly Peace, and even one million Peaceful Protection Angels! Join the angels and Archangel in this two -day class on Zoom, audio and video, Angel Channel Class.
We will learn :
*How we can easily channel for others, as we allow the angels to answer each question from others
*Lift in Heavenly Peace with the Angels Assistance
*Guide with the Holy Spirit
*Divine Healing with Jesus
*and as we continue in learning, how you can easily lift others into a higher state of listening while using your own God-given spiritual Gifts and Spiritual Abilities within every channeled message form the angels and Archangels !
If you have never channeled the angels before, the Beginner level class is recommended to begin to learn to channel, while the Advanced Level class is also recommended before taking the Professional Level Class as the Advanced Level Class will also teach valuable angel guided curriculum for you as you practice for your self and for others in learning to easily hear, understand and speak out loud, the angel’s messages now and always! The angels and Archangel do all of the work, and what a blessing it is to offer Angel Messages for others-and even your own angel guidance, for groups of people, or a one-on -one, this class is hands-on with lots of love, lots of angels and Archangels, and in the Holy Spirit, and in the Love of God the Heavenly Father, we channel easily and with God’s Blessings over us all!
Each class is 4 hours in length, with one hour for Q &A for all students as we learn how to easily channel rot he angels and Archangels to bring Heavenly Peace for all!
Angel Handbook PDF will be emailed to you a well as a class Zoom recording, of each class for you to use as a learning tool for your own angel channeling skills as a Professional Angel Channel!

To Register for this upcoming class in November, please email Yvette at:


Professional Level Angel Channel Class in the Holy Spirit

Professionals all! This Professional Level Angel Channel Class is designed to lift you as you begin taking clients, answering questions in the Holy Spirit, all while channeling the angels’ and archangels’ guidance for you and for all you channel for! Welcome to the Professional Level Angel Channel Class! This class is for those who have experience channeling the angels and archangels, or have taken the Beginning or Advanced Level Angel Channel Classes in the Holy Spirit with Yvette . Super loving and very high vibrational class in Heavenly Peace as you learn to continue channeling the angels and archangels.




Angel Class Bundles!

Interested in taking more than one class ?
Save when you purchase multiple classes in a bundle!
Angel Class Bundle packages are now being offered at a special price when you bundle more than one class at a time.  Once a bundle is purchased, we can schedule with the next available scheduled class.  All classes are over the phone, in an Angel Tele-Class LIVE with Yvette ! All classes are recorded over the phone and you will receive the recording for you to use as a learning tool until you need it no longer!
Happy Learning !

Angel Bundle #1
How to Recognize The Angels’ and Archangels’ Messages in the Holy Spirit Class

and Intro to Angel Channel  – Angel Bundle –
Only $325- when taken together 

Email Yvette for bundle registration at

St. Gabriel 2
Angel Bundle #2
How to Recognize The Angels’ and Archangels’ Messages Class- Beginning Angel Channel Level 1 –
Learn to recognize the messages from your angels for
yourself and others and learn to channel the Angels’ messages simultaneously
for only $550
 – when bundled together

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Angel Bundle #3
Angel Channel Bundle – $675

3 Angel Channel Class Bundle!
Beginning Level Angel Channel
Advanced Level Angel Channel
Professional Level Angel Channel
Bundle all three for $675- when taken together!
Email Yvette for bundle registration at


Angel Bundle #4
Four Angel Class Bundle!
How to Recognize the Angels and Archangels Messages Angel Class; Beginning Level Angel Channel; Advanced Level Angel Channel and Professional Level Angel Channel Class – for only  $850  – when bundled together

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Email Yvette if you have questions regarding these classes  at

If you are interested in a class, want to schedule a class ,or ask a few questions – contact Yvette by email at– You can also reserve your spot in any class by using the Pay Pal Links above or by clicking the “Book Appointment” link, then click “Book Class”,  then choose the class you are most interested in and the date and time.  This will reserve your spot early, once payment is received, you will receive the number to call for each class- with instructions. 

Book an appointment with Angel Love Blessings using SetMore

More classes in the works ! Be on the lookout for Online Angel Intuitive classes to be announced here soon! If you feel guided to work with the angels in your own healing practice (they are already helping you in many ways~ you just simply need to ask) and would like to  learn how to use your abilities and gifts,  then more classes are on the way! 

For Angel Class Testimonials, Click HERE :

4 Replies to “Angel University- Angel Classes”

  1. Hello Beautiful Soul’s
    I took my first Angel Intuitive class today and had to share with you . It was amazing I received very loving messages. Here is what I felt, saw and heard though a very short profound 2 hours. Yvette started off with the most beautiful prayer which I Instantly felt the love surrounding me a calmness I’ve never experienced before I was at peace . I Heard in the most gentle way my name. At the beginning Yvette asked me to write down a question I needed guidance with which I did. I saw colors that brought me back to my childhood of drawings I used to draw birds flying in sky a beautiful purple which now I come to realize the message behind it Was in reality Angel Wings I Saw a beautiful Green. I felt tingling sanitation on my forehead. I am still Processing everything I experienced . I felt like I was floating so light it was an awe moment. It was Angelic. And I did receive guidance on my question I wrote before we started the class. I Am very Thankful and full of Gratitude . This are things that I wanted to share with all of your. I am so Thankful for this beautiful experience. Sending you Blessings May God continue to guide you in your spiritual growth.

    Thank you Yvette much Love and Gratitude

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