Angel Guidance in the Holy Spirit with Yvette

Your Very Own Angel Guidance in the Holy Spirit with Yvette !

Angel Guidance  from the angels and archangels of the Lord in the Holy Spirit is 

It’s is an honor to serve in this way, as a person who loves to offer Angel Guidance in the Holy Spirit, I do witness that “Jesus is Lord!” and every name in Heaven praises the Lord! Every name! You are very loved by God in the Highest!

angel holding light center

How To Uplift Your Surroundings, Clear your Home, Your Own Light Body or Physical Body or any Person, Place or Group of People-with Jesus, guided by the Angels and Archangels of the Lord 

****If you would prefer to ask the angels to “clear your surroundings” or “cleanse your energy body” or that of any person, place or family member now on your own. You can easily do this. If you would like my assistance, I am always available. 
Simply ask for Jesus (this is important- per the angels!). This is because Jesus is always with you already. Even those that do not follow him- He Loves. Jesus loves everyone and He is welcoming you to Him in every moment!  
Begin by simply asking for Jesus. Who always understands why you are asking Him to be with you. Ask for the Holy Spirit of God. Now invite St. Michael and the Peaceful Protection Angels, the Archangels of the Lord,  and the Heavenly Host who will be assisting you- including your guardian angels and those that love (if needed!) to easily remove or bind anything unholy or lift any  (human!) spirit to Heaven, that you feel may be bothering you, making you feel scared, lonely,  if you feel as if your head has a hard time making decisions, cloudiness etc – (you are BLESSED not ‘oppressed’!)  ask for the Lord! If you feel something maybe inside your home or any building, ask for the Holy Intercession of the Holy Family, the Saints, and ask for the Lord first! St. Michael knows why you are asking and is with you as you ask for the Lord! The Lord doesn’t mind that you ask for any reason!  Invite the Archangels of the Lord in the Highest to remove everything that is bothering you now! They don’t mind! Ask for each of these that you have invited to please clear you now and your surroundings of any “unholy entities” or any energy that you may have absorbed unknowingly; any human spirits will be escorted to Heaven by St. Michael the Archangel as he always does! Do this for you and all family members, for yourself or for you family member or all of the above- or anything unholy.
“Dear Holy Hosanna! Blessed be Your Name!
My Lord, as I ask for You, Cast out all darkness in Your Presence from me or any person in the world! Cast out everything unholy that is not of Your Peace of Lord! Grant us Your Peace! I ask this on behalf of myself, and all in the world , my family and all You Love, in my household and in my family’s household and in every direction of time and space -Dear Jesus- from me, my home as well as my family; Cast the enemy to hell! May the Sword of St. Michael encapsulate, bind, silence, hold steadfast, and immediately remove every area of anything unholy from me now, by the Blood of Your Covenant, and in Your Holy Name! Pour forth your Holy Spirit oh Lord in the Highest! Holy Hosanna! Blessed be the Name of the Lord! St. Michael the Archangel,  remove anything that is not of the Peace of Christ Himself from me or my family and may the Good Lord enkindle the flame of the Holy Spirit within me now. Heavenly Father, Holy Is Your Name! Lift me and my family into Your Holy Embrace, Grant me the strength to do Your Will! May Your Peace be with me Lord, Grant me and my family Your Rest! May the Eternal Love of God lift me now! Pour forth, oh Lord, Your Love through me and fill me with Your Living Water that Wells to Eternal Life! Renew my mind and thoughts and life in You! May I be completely in Your Holy Embrace Lord, and shower me in Your Love that is Everlasting and will never end for all you have Created!
As I place myself, and my family into Your Sacred Heart, dear Jesus, and all You Love,  never let us be separated from you!
Strengthen my family in You oh Lord, and enkindle our souls  in Your Holy Embrace!
I ask this in Your Name, Jesus Christ!
St. Michael the Archangel, pray over me and my family always in Holy Intercession and I thank you and the Holy family and the Saints for your Holy Intercession before the Lord’s Throne on our behalf!
Please extract everything St. Michael from me and my family that is heavy, cloudy, or unholy, or making me nervous, scared, alone or afraid, anxious etc and as you do, may the Perfect Love of God be poured in its place! Continue to work on me and send everything to the foot of Jesus Christ that is bothering me to do as Jesus sees fit!
Jesus, I trust in You!
Continue St. Michael to remove anything from me or my energy body and may the Holy Spirit of God that is with me, the Spirit of Adoption, in whom we say “Abba! Heavenly Father, lift me in my mind and heart in Your Presence and never let me go astray!
Cast from me Spiritual attack of the enemy as I do Your Works in the world, cast from me oh Lord, all darkness! It has no power over You and never will! May the Holy Risen Lord , who is with me and all I love, lift us all oh Lord in Your Holy Body and Blood, until I can receive you Sacramentally! Sanctify me in Your Presence oh Lord, Grant us the Grace of Your Holy Spirit! May Your Peace be with me and all I love, in our homes, in our minds, and in our hearts; wash us all clean! Heal all areas of my body and mind in You!
I thank you for hearing me oh Lord! Sanctify my flesh, my works, and all I do! Sanctify my family and all in the world! Flow in us oh Lord, Your Blood and Water! Cover us now and we praise You! Cover us always! Forgive my past and help me walk in Your Holy and Perfect Presence oh Lord! I thank you always dearest Lord of in the world, in the Universe, and in Heaven- and all ages!  For I adore thee and I always will! Bless us oh Lord always! May Your angels and archangels surround me in this place now and always! I thank you oh Lord, in Your Holy Name! Amen! ” 

(read this every night or as needed) 
St. Michael we ask to shield all whom I have asked on behalf of- with the Light from your Sword- and I thank you and the angels stationed around me now!

St. Michael is always willing to assist anyone in this way.
God the Father, Jesus His Son, one in the Holy Spirit, Love you and so it is !
May God Bless every area of my home and all who enter , and all who sleep within my home, now and always! You can also ask God the Heavenly Father, His Son, who are One in the Holy Spirit, to lease send the angels to lift the surrounding of any office, school, or place, of any kind for yourself or co-workers or friends, or that of your loved ones. St. Michael and the angels are not limited in this way, and can be everywhere with everyone simultaneously. Ask St. Michael to “lift the space or address or simply imagine the area you are asking for St. Michael to lift, for all who enter, reside, sleep and visit or frequent within the space you were referring to – this can include anywhere you may be staying (if away from home – such as a hotel room)”
You can ask for that on behalf of any family member, an office setting, where you work, a new hotel stay, or anywhere your family or you may be including hospitals a college dorm, or even a new city, state, or country- even a nation and St. Michael knows how to do this!  St. Michael says there is nothing “off limits” to him (including asking on behalf of the world- so ask away! He doesn’t mind and all who enter the space you are asking about (good for businesses and future clients!) will “feel” the Heavenly Peace which is always uplifting and healing to all. 

Healing Exercise with the Healing Angels, St. Raphael,
and Jesus Christ Who Is With You
If you have a loved one in a hospital or hospice care, you can ask for the angels to surround your loved one (they are already there! Including everyone in the hospital) AND ask for God to send the healing angels with St. Raphael -to not only surround and heal your loved one (with Jesus who is with you now!) but you can also ask the Healing Angels with St. Raphael to fill their home, hospital room or wherever they may be healing, (even good for surgery rooms – per the angels!)  with healing soothing light from heaven for your loved one – wherever they may be.
“Your loved ones are with Jesus and Mother Mary – and Jesus, who is the Most High, is also with you now. Spend time with Jesus as often as you are able. You are a healer for asking. As you ask Jesus Christ for His Healing, this is Divine Healing! God will always be with you, and Jesus who is One in the Heavenly Father, and in the Holy Spirit will always be with you, and they love you! You are very loved to all who read this! Jesus LOVES as you come to Him beloved, and we are always here. We are the Healing angels with St. Raphael the Archangel and we love you. We are always willing to assist all who ask in healing or for any matter you wish! We  love you and so it is! Amen, amen, amen.” 

To schedule an appointment for any personal question or spiritual counsel with the angels and archangels of the Lord in the Holy Spirit, or if you have questions about any situation or loved ones , or for your very own loving personal Angel Guidance from the Angels and Archangels of the Lord in the Holy Spirit, with Yvette Celes, please email at

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Thank you with love and gratitude. It’s an honor to work with you!

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