About Working with the Angels

Angels help in many ways! Their presence is very loving and feels “heavenly”. Everyone has guardian angels and some have an entire angel team who are happy to assist in one’s life purpose or vocation. We, like angels have unique purposes and gifts to serve.  You can ask the angels to assist you anytime,  you need only be willing and they are happy to intercede and assist on your behalf. Angels always intend peace for us and are unlimited in nature. The Angels are happy to lift any seeming fears, guilt, (or any other lower vibration emotion) you may have in exchange for love and peace so we can focus on our life plan and purpose. (And sometimes, with guidance for action steps for a more peaceful outcome!)

The angels are unlimited; meaning we need not be concerned over the size of the question, nothing is too seemingly little or too big! In addition, the angels are also not limited by time and space, they can be with anyone simultaneously (or with many at the same time). The angels always say that all Glory goes to God , for they always follow the Will of God. They do not want to be prayed to because all prayer should be for The Most High Heavenly Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit. However, the angels are messengers of God and deliver God’ s messages to us and are our “Heavenly family”. If you feel guided to ask God first, then do so because God does come first (and should be the only one we pray to ~ and pray with faith because “faith moves mountains” )…. BUT consider that the angels and God are not separate, they are His Holy messengers,  and are happy to help if we ask them, (the same way as if I asked you  for assistance as a spiritual friend and family member- I am sure you would be willing to help someone you loved). In fact , the angels encourage asking for Heavenly Guidance and Assistance help when needed. You need only be willing. You are probably being guided by an entire angel team already and the angels are surrounding you now with their love.

“Call on us dear ones anytime , for we not only help with lifting any seeming fears or uncertainty, but are happy to connect with you now and help you uplift to ensure love , joy and peace.”  Ask the angels and Archangels to surround you now with their love.  “For you are a Holy Child of God, each child unique,  and are sent here by God as a ‘Godsend’. “

You can feel their embrace when the energy around you and within your heart feels very uplifting. The angels not only carry a very high vibration of love , but are always serving in God’s Holy presence, which is unconditionally loving.

“For many have asked and received Heavenly assistance and when followed, the angels will certainly guide you to where you would be your happiest, including following your calling.” 

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