Angel Testimonials

Yvette is humble, graceful, and full of God’s Love and Generosity. She gives to her clients in so many ways, but certainly brings with her the Authority of Christ and she also walks especially close with Angels and beings of light and love that work to assist and empower us! Yvette, I love you, and thank u for sharing your gift with us, and for refining this gift daily so that your clients are even more blessed. You are the Best ❤ A.B.- CA.

Many heartfelt thanks to Yvette and the Holy Angels for their love and healing…on so many levels…Yvette is blessed with a rare gift of compassion and insight, and is so wonderful to work with. I always receive so many blessings when I am in contact with her! ❤ – T.C.= AR.

You’ve been such a rock for me and have helped me through some tough times as well as emotional things.  I remember the first time I heard your voice, like it was yesterday. Although it’s been quite a few years now you’re voice is quite honestly very comforting I was on a mission to learn Reiki and I Googled Reiki and needless to say there was not many but enough to start. I picked 3 names from Arizona, Abq, and California and called but I made my decision on Yvette because of she sounded so sincere and even over the phone there was something about Yvette that later I would know. We made arrangements to meet and she blew me away. She made the time to travel to Las Cruces to start my Reiki training I thought wow how awesome that was for the very first time I saw Yvette in person I saw an EARTH ANGEL so beautiful and kind I felt very comfortable with Yvette. While doing my training I talked to Yvette about my grandson, which at the time had a speech problem she told me that his speech would clear up by the age of 6 and possibly 7 years old my grandson is now going to be 12 and his speech did get 100% better by the age of 7 that is only one of the things out of so many things. Yvette is the first person I think of calling when I’m going though emotional or health issues. Her communication with the Angels is amazing always spot on the Angels send me messages though Yvette I’ve always have believed in Angels and with Yvette I’ve learned so much. I am a Mother of 5 girls and a grandmother of 17, so I contact Yvette quite often to get in touch with the Angels for guidance for myself as well as my children and grandchildren. There was an incident that happened not so long ago that was tearing me apart to my core I just couldn’t stop crying. My grandson was going to be sent away so I immediately walked out of the hospital and contacted Yvette she told me what the Angels were saying and I prayed. Well as as I was walking back in the hospital I meet up with my grandson walking out the door and he tells me grandma I don’t have to go the doctor, he said MY FATHER told them, “No they couldn’t send me away.” The things is, his (earth) dad was not even at the hospital at that time. We asked his dad if he talked to the doctor and he said I never talked to any doctor. “My Father” was the exact words the doctor used. Me and his other grandmother knew exactly who it was (God’s Divine Intervention). Yvette has always been here for me and my family always guiding us with her gifts of communication with God , Jesus , and Mother Mary and Angels I’m am so blessed and grateful for Yvette… Yvette is such a humble young woman always she makes it clear that all the Glory and Praise goes to God and I absolutely love that about her she’s so connected. Thank you Yvette for all that you do to help I appreciate you and have the highest respect. You are truly one of God’s Angels sending you Love & Light Blessings. ….Namaste JHB- N.M

Angels inHeaven

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