Angel Workshops and Intensives

A new and fun way to work with the Angels in all  ways.  A new beginning ! Helpful insight from the Angel Realm to guide us in the right direction and help us to have fun and greater love in the process ! 


Archangels (2)Stepping Into Your Power – Angel Intensive Workshop    $25

45 Min. Download Channeled with St. Michael the Archangel ! What would you like to do beloved? Increase peaceful communication with those around you ? Perhaps find the right relationship? Manifest a business venture that would bring blessings to  you and those around you? Shift into greater harmony? Overcome anything that you feel is hindering your success ( in truth there is nothing hindering you but a thought!) Become an Angel Intuitive ? Help is here the angels say! Whatever your desire, your goal or your intention, the angels and Archangels can help you with a gentle “nudge” in fulfilling your dreams,  finding your purpose firmly rooted in a lifelong career , the right relationship or any and all of the above ! Enjoy ! 

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