Angel Class Testimonials


Here are some lovely testimonials from previous participation in the angel classes:  


Hello Beautiful Soul’s
I took my first Angel Intuitive class today and had to share with you . It was amazing I received very loving messages. Here is what I felt, saw and heard though a very short profound 2 hours. Yvette started off with the most beautiful prayer which I Instantly felt the love surrounding me a calmness I’ve never experienced before I was at peace . I Heard in the most gentle way my name. At the beginning Yvette asked me to write down a question I needed guidance with which I did. I saw colors that brought me back to my childhood of drawings I used to draw birds flying in sky a beautiful purple which now I come to realize the message behind it Was in reality Angel Wings I Saw a beautiful Green. I felt tingling sanitation on my forehead. I am still Processing everything I experienced . I felt like I was floating so light it was an awe moment. It was Angelic. And I did receive guidance on my question I wrote before we started the class. I Am very Thankful and full of Gratitude . This are things that I wanted to share with all of your. I am so Thankful for this beautiful experience. Sending you Blessings May God continue to guide you in your spiritual growth.

Thank you Yvette much Love and Gratitude~ JB, New Mexico


I began my Angel Intuitive classes with Yvette for several reasons. One, I absolutely love her energy and her humbled, natural spirit.  I desired a greater connection to God and I Love Angels-and this the best thing I’ve done.  I am so happy that I did the classes are truly amazing I feel so honored and blessed that I was guided to do so. I now have more clarity more connected to God and Angels. I Am happier. My meditation practice with God and the angels are fantastic.  Yvette taught me the most wonderful chakra clearing I have ever experienced. I met my guardian angels. I can’t even put into words the feeling- I feel it’s indescribable. I now believe in myself. If you feel guided to take Yvette Angel Intuitive Classes, and you love angels, want a greater connection with God, want to be more Intuitive, learn how to meditate with your angels, or have a hard time believing in yourself . The class has a recorded mp3 which I absolutely love. I can hear it over and over and I have the workbook as a companion.

Thank you Yvette for your Love and support. I Am excited to start my advanced class .  JB, New Mexico

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