Working with St. Michael- With a Loving Exercise of Peace with St. Michael and the Angels


Greetings all, I am here to offer all who are willing to receive it, a message of peace and of love for you today. This is St. Michael the Archangel and I am here with a many angels and Archangels who are here with me to help you this day. We would like to be with you throughout your day today and every day you ask of us, to help you in lifting your harmony, your vibration, your light body in frequency. This could mean releasing unwanted emotions for some; or lifting your heart in others. Still it simply mean to expand your light body. We are happy to help you dear one, in all matters. Today, we will help you by lifting away old emotions that you are unknowingly carrying or uplifting your heart where needed, or both. Allow us now to come close to you simply by asking us,

” St. Michael and the angels who will be assisting me today- will you please be with me and help me uplift to my highest awareness, my natural loving state of joy, love and peace.”

and we , St. Michael and countless angels, will be with you immediately and right now- each time it is said and we will help you uplift now and always. We lift you now. Ask for this also within your home. Ask for the loving angels , the guardian angels, St. Michael and peaceful protection angels to be with your home and help to lift the energies around you. In your home or office or both. Within your vehicle if this applies to you, or your new home you are moving into. Loving angels will be happy to help you dear one. I , St. Michael will be here with you daily sweet child. I will always help you when you ask of me. In fact, I will also be with your family also. Your loved ones are protected and safe and so are your children. Be willing to ask us to help you. For in doing so, you will be asking angels who serve God and Jesus into your lives and this my friend, will assist you in Heavenly ways- which are unlimited and aligned with God’s Will. We bless you and are happy to help you.

Uplift now, in breath. Breathe deeply and ask for me, St. Michael the Archangel to be with you and I will be the second you ask. Without hesitation. My presence is loving  and you may feel a shift in love when you call upon me. Do this often, and you will begin to notice the feeling of my energy body, which is always loving and peace filled. Do this now beloved, and notice the shift when I am with you. Thus, you will become acquainted with my energy body and angelic uplifting and you will begin to notice the vibrational shift when you do this exercise. I will shield you from further negativity and from lower emotions. My shield is fashioned with Wisdom and is surrounding you now, and your home. You will feel a slight uplifting with my shield too. For it too, is filled with love and peace. Shift your awareness now to your own energy and notice the peaceful feeling within and around you now. This is the high vibration of the angels and we are helping to lift your own energy , removing what was not serving you beloved, and helping you see that it is easy to feel your angels. We are with you 24/7 and we love you dearly. We are protecting you and helping you from Heaven and are always with you. We are helping you now, with what you are asking us. We are loving you for doing so beloved. We are helping you to become aware of our presence and we are happy you asked and are willing to participate in this loving exercise of peace and harmony. We love you and so it is, ask for us always and enjoy your blessings of love and harmony and peace this day. and so it is , amen, amen , amen. 

A channeled message of love from St. Michael with the angels

Fruit of the Lips – with a Channeled Message from the Angel Realm

Holy Spirit 2

From the fruit of their lips people are filled with good things, and the work of their hands brings them reward. PROVERBS 12:14

Through Him, therefore, let us at all times offer up to God a sacrifice of praise, which is the fruit of lips that thankfully acknowledge and confess and glorify His name. HEBREWS 13:15

Fruit of the lips is something spiritual that happens when we thank God, when we glorify His name, when we continually praise God, and when the praise of God are on our lips. That’s the Fruit of the Lips. This fruit is a spiritual fruit, much like our physical fruit which tastes sweet, these words provide a sweet smelling oblation before the Lord God Almighty. Who loves you wholeheartedly. It is through His Holy Spirit , that we confess God and Jesus Christ as Lord and the Most High. 

“Greetings, this is a wonderful subject to ask for – God loves those who seek Him constantly and is loving that you are wanting or asking of His Spiritual Fruit, which is a Gift from the Lord. Fruit is the reward of such praise upon your lips. It is true that that you are rewarded constantly for this type of praise. God loves those who praise Him and worships Him alone. Spiritual Fruit are all God-given and you are receiving a Heavenly reward when done so. A heavenly reward is the greatest reward there is. A great multitude of Heavenly awards and fruit awaits you dear one and you are blessed for your praise of God and also your spirit is also blessed by God and His Holy Spirit and Jesus who loves you. You have a spirit worth lifting dear one. Your heart is blessed by the Lord God Almighty now and always. Lift up your heart to the Lord, now and always dear one. Lift up your heart and praise Him, thanking Him every day for your blessings and knowing that God is wonderful, God is Mighty, God is Holy and Loving- Eternally Loving. Lift up all concerns and praise Him for His works – for His deeds are Mighty and Wise and Holy and Good.  Praising God and asking for His help, which helps everyone, is also rewarded for seeking God and thanking Him for His Goodness. The rewards are many, and may all who seek God honestly with an honest heart- rejoice in His Heavenly ways always. And so it is beloved, amen, amen, amen.” 

The Angel Team

Keeping Your Thoughts Positive

Archangel Chamuel

There are quite a few insights and message from the angels on positive thinking this week. I wanted to ask the Archangels for a message on this because positive thoughts are super important for everyone. Positive thoughts are also mentioned in the Bible: in PHIL 4:8-9 Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.  Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me—put it into practice. And the God of peace will be with you. Also in PHIL 4:6 Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. 

A Channeled Message from Archangel Chamuel:

Blessings to all! Greetings! This is Archangel Chamuel. Yvette has asked for me to channel an angel message on behalf of everyone on positive thinking and positive thoughts and their effect on your outcome. We the angels think this is appropriate at this time, for even the Angel Card of the day for this website and that of others has to do with a message on positive thoughts and the effects of positive thinking for all. We the angels and Archangels wish to help you on this today- by noticing your thoughts, you can change the outcome of your job, career, relationships and so forth. We the Archangels and angels love to help on this subject. For if you choose positive and loving thoughts daily, you can change the outcome of your situation. For instance, yes, it is true that God will help you always. Especially those who ask, but in Truth, God does help everyone He pleases. And yes, God is always in control. However, when you choose to say, enter into a new career path for instance, and you hold positive thoughts about your outcome, the clients you will attract, your whole well being and the outcome will also depend on your thoughts of peace and of love. You could invite in a brighter future for example just by holding the intention of a loving and bright future- we say, the brightest! The bright future is yours for holding the intention, you will automatically attract to you the most loving a brightest future. If you are say , wanting to hold the intention of love in your life- such as loving friends or a soulmate relationship- then hold the intention of a loving one- a most loving and healthy relationship will ensue. Do not hold the intention of what you do not want – for you will unknowingly attract in more of what you do not want. We say this politely and respectfully to you this day as some are unknowingly creating what they do not want simply by thinking of what was unpleasant. We  the angels will hereby sever the cords of what was unpleasant in the past with the help of St. Michael’s sword, these past memories are only in the past dear one, and cannot come back unless you will it of course, which you do not! Instead, affirm this day ” I am one with God’s Love and He is with me”, “I am One with God’s Love”, ” God is With me”, ” I attract loving and thoughtful and pleasant people in my life now and always”, ” I notice that people love me”,” I am loveable”, I am well liked”,:” I am loved everywhere I go”,” People feel better when they are with me than before they arrived.” Your own auric field can help to create a peaceful and loving atmosphere. You will be healing with your field and loving everyone that you meet because you will be attracting more of what you like to spend time with. You need only say to yourself or out loud,” I am with the angels who love me”, “The angels surround me now and always”, ” The angels are surrounding this situation and everyone involved”, “The angels surround my family now and always”, ” I am always loved and protected”, ” I am happy and am one with the Lord!”,” I am here to serve using my spiritual gifts and abilities”,” I am one with Jesus Christ and God the Father”, ” I align with my highest nature of joy , love and peace now and always.”, ‘I attract a peaceful outcome”, ” I am one with peace” ,”I am one with Love”  and so forth. Affirm that you are successful dear one, and you will attract successful experiences in your life. Affirm you are pleasant and deserve and am worth pleasant loving relationships and Truth.” Affirm you are blessed- the Most High has blessed you indeed! Affirm this is a rejoicing day in your life simply because the Lord has made it!” Affirm frequently and always that you are loving and at peace- you are One with God and His Son , Jesus Christ  – and so is your family who loves you. You are here for love, you are here to love and you are here from Love- God’s Love. Affirm that you are loving daily- because you are. Affirm that you are at peace daily. Affirm that you are now one with Peace, even if the situation you are thinking of is not peaceful- affirm and ask for a peaceful resolve – and we , the angels will certainly assist in this manner now and always. We bless you dear earth angel of God, we bless you and so it is, Amen, Amen, Amen. 

A Channeled Message with Archangel Chamuel 

Archangel Chamuel

Greetings beloved dear child of God! As always, we are here and in great multitude.  I, Archangel Chamuel the peaceful Archangel, am here to deliver a message of Peace as you have asked of me and of the Angel realm. We are here, dear child of God, to deliver this message of peace and of love as we lift you in your heart. Your heart chakra is opening to the Divine Love and the Peace that surrounds you. We are filling your home with cleansing light as you read this message and for all who read this message. We are filling your home with angel light and we are helping you with our love and our Heavenly ways. Dear beloved child of God we say to you this: we feel you are an angel-  for you are of the Angel Realm. We’re here to help you in many ways and always-  and in all matters. Throughout your interviews, and your jobs, careers, soulmates, your love interests, or even if you just need someone to talk to you. Your heavenly assistance awaits you just by asking the Angels who are here with you always.  Ask us to surround you, to be with you to help you with any situation.  I, Archangel Chamuel am sending my love and peace to you.

Just breathe and relax take a moment to sit in a comfortable and relaxed position and just close your eyes and think to yourself, “Archangel Chamuel will you please be with me now?” and beloved child of God, I will be with you 24/7.  Your heart is worth lifting beloved child of God- and we lift you now and always. We open your heart now to the Divine love of God and the Peace of Christ which is within your heart and is always available to you- and this is a question worth asking.  Archangel Chamuel is working in tandem with St. Michael and St. Raphael. I will work in tandem with these Angel exercises and assist you in opening your heart chakra and assist you now and recognizing The Light Within, the inner Truth, the Love inside, the Holy Spirit that guides you.  I, Archangel Chamuel love you dearly and am your friend in heaven.  You can ask for me or St. Gabriel or St. Raphael or St. Michael, or your guardian angels- for there are many who are here to wish to help you to open your heart anytime you ask. Sit down quietly in a comfortable position and just breathe and focus on The Light Within your heart feel this Light expand into your aura- expanding your aura to the light of the Angel Realm as if you were one with the Angel Realm;  which you are never separate from. Ask for us by name or in great multitude. We are always here for you 24/7. We are blessing you now and we are loving you dear beloved child of God- this day and every day! And so it is beloved, amen, amen, amen.

A Channeled Message from St. Gabriel the Archangel: 

St. Gabriel 2

Greetings this is Archangel St. Gabriel.  I am  a messenger of God and I’m here to deliver a loving message of peace from the angel realm for you today. The most loving, peaceful message I  could offer unto thee- for there are many- but what would most help would be this: Join me in celebrating with Heaven for the Glory of God,  abundance.

Abundance has come easy to this generation and will continue to do so. Abundance brings many blessings abundantly. It is through this abundance that you are receiving all that is God-Given and you are blessed and are in harmony with this abundance including: prosperity,  love,  time, peace, Heavenly assistance, gratitude, and a multitude of blessing unto thee. There is no limit, for abundance is unmeasured. Ye who are blessed- I come to thee now lifting any err in thinking, any belief in lack and this is being replaced with what is God-Given naturally: True Love,  True Divine Healing,  True Divine Peace. I’m with you here always,  and celebrate with you this abundance that is God-Given naturally unto you and to this generation and will continue to increase-  for there is nothing being withheld from your table. For you are one with all that is God-given for you are blessed enormously, tremendously, abundantly, immeasurably and this is God-Given. These blessings are here for you to receive just by opening your heart and believing,  “I am one with God-Given blessings and abundance which is God-Given. ” “I am willing to receive.”  “I am willing to help bless others with this abundance.” “I am willing to use this abundance to serve which is what it’s intended for. ”  I will wrap my wings as will St. Raphael and St. Michael around you,  to embrace you and lift you to the abundance that is God given. This is not being done in error- on the contrary! There is more abundance to come and more for everyone!  We are lifting you now, helping you lift any belief system that believed in lack,  the belief that you were being withheld.  This does include insight, time, peace, radiating love,  radiating peace-  all are God’s blessings. For there is many blessings for all of you in this day and age to share with others-  to serve God for his Glory- and you need only ask. For you are created abundant! May you share this abundant blessing with all that you meet.  We are lifting you now, cleansing you off, severing any cords of fear if needed from St. Michael and the Band of Mercy. Lifting any heaviness, sadness, errs in thinking- lifting all negativity. Just be willing to receive and what is being replaced is very high vibrational. For you are one with this blessing, with abundance, and prosperity,  with love,  with integrity with truth, with sincerity- and we ask you this, “Are you willing?” For indeed I say yes, believe that you are receiving these blessings ,believe this daily. For in every way God the Father loves to send his blessings to his children. We are helping you shift your thinking to positive blessings- abundant blessings from Heaven-  for you are worth lifting. You are a child of God and so is your family and we send to you many Angel blessings and so it is, we love you.  We love and we lift you ever so sweetly and gently to this light that is always available to you. You need but only focus your mind and your heart on receiving blessings and give thanks to the Heavenly Father who sends them. I, St. Gabriel will help you every time you ask simply think my name. Call upon me, “St. Gabriel,  please help me now.”  and I will be with you 24/7. Call upon my name, St.Gabriel anytime you wish- and this is needed for many – to know I am here always.

St. Gabriel with St.Michael and St. Raphael and the Angel Team 

Healing with St. Raphael the Archangel


Ask St. Raphael to surround you with his healing emerald Green light anytime you wish to ask for it by saying, 

“St. Raphael, please surround me with your soothing and healing green emerald light.” 

You will notice a shift in frequency, an uplifting shift in peace. For his light is very soothing indeed. St. Raphael will help many at a  time, so you needn’t worry about burdening him. St. Raphael is happy to help all who call on him, anytime you call on him. St. Raphael is a healing Archangel, one who is very gifted at healing. He can heal from the physical, mental or emotional level and St. Raphael says all you need to do is ask. 

Asking in St. Raphael is heard the moment you intend it. All you need to do is think of this Archangel’s name and he can hear you. This can include healing angry feelings of resentment, or if something has become physical, like an emotion which has triggered a physical occurrence, or soothing that has manifested itself into the physical. There are no judgments. St. Raphael can be with everyone  who asks, and knows why you are asking. If there is sadness, or if you know someone who is in need of healing, send them love, ask in prayer for their healing and also ask St. Raphael if he will ask them on a soul level for a Divine healing. This can even include old emotional scars of the past and lift this up to this Archangel for healing. The moment you ask is the moment healing has begun. St. Raphael will work  with you day and night as long as needed- 24/7 even if you like. Healing is what St. Raphael does best, but is not limited to healing. St. Raphael can also help you and your family overcome trials, he heals animals and pets, and even from other lifetimes.

St. Raphael says that every healing is like a revealing of God’s Truth within you and knows why you are asking. Love is what heals in all cases. Loving words, thoughts towards yourself and others will help. Other times St. Raphael will guide you to take action, such as seeing a physician or any other action step that St. Raphael sees would help. Trusting in your Heavenly Guidance will help any situation from a Heavenly level and with the assistance of the Archangels and angels who love you and want to give you a helping hand. St. Raphael is always happy you asked.

Ask now if you wish, and notice the uplifting feeling of peace just by inviting this Archangel to sped time with you. This feeling of peace will be in your heart chakra and St. Raphael will help you lift now in his healing light. Just by intending, St. Raphael will be lifting you now as you read this and will stay with you as long as you wish or is needed. Thank this Archangel when complete, and know that all things can be healed. “For with God, All things are possible.” Healing is God’s Will. Lift all up in prayer, and release any worry to God about healing. God is happy to help in all healing. For you are blessed indeed and this is a question worth asking! Healing is what Heaven would like to assist with, so you need not worry about not being worthy or feeling guilty for asking. All healing comes from God. 

And so it is, beloved, amen, amen amen. 

A Channeled Message with St. Raphael and the Healing Angels and the Angel Team 

A Loving Exercise of Love with the Angeles


Greetings! This is the Angeles and we are here to help you bring in the Light and Love you are asking for. The Earth is loving you right now, asking for your assistance in bringing in the Light and Love of Heaven and the Heavenly Realms , to help shift into greater peace. The angels will assist you in bringing in greater love and harmony in this day and every day that you ask. Sit now in c comfortable and relaxed position, close your beautiful eyes, and simply think to yourself,

” I now invite  Angels and Archangels to assist me. I ask for the Light of Love and Peace to flow through me, cleansing away any thought or emotion that is in err, rinsing me clean of any aberrations, emotions or thoughts, that are in err, and illuminating every cell within my light field and my physical body with gentleness, lifting my body and light body with the help of St. Michael and the Angels, illuminating every thought, emotion and cleansing away any disharmony, debris, or energy not serving my highest and best good. Cleansing now, rinsing clean.”

Now imagine this light cleansing everywhere. Ask the angels to come into your home, cleansing every room of your home, cleansing away and lifting any energy not serving your family, asking St. Michael to cleanse the periphery of your home, illuminating every room with the Light of His Sword; asking him to please continue cleansing your family members who give permission on a soul level, clearing the atmosphere, the city, your community, your country and even the world. Cleansing now, lifting now into greater harmony and peace.

Love is what is needed this day. Light is love and love is Light; may greater harmony and peace increase with the Light of St. Michael’s sword , and the Pure Loving Light of God, rinsing through , increasing peace and love and light within all areas of the world. May the love within you celebrate God’s Holy Goodness and this cleansing exercise done with love and compassion for all people. When this is complete, simply thank St. Michael, and the angels who assisted, and God who loves you. And so it is, amen, amen, amen. 

The Angeles

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