An Angel Message on Positive Thinking


Think thoughts of peace. Peaceful intentions and  affirmations. Think again when you notice the thoughts in your holy mind are less than peaceful – toward others, toward family, toward abundance. Lift your thoughts to the angels daily. Listen for guidance when you do. The angels will guide your thoughts easily. Don’t wait until your thoughts are peaceful to lift your thoughts to the angels. St. Gabriel will help you in every instant you ask. As will the entire angel realm. St. Gabriel will help you send messages clearly to others that will bring peaceful blessings to everyone. St. Gabriel is the messenger of God. His name means “messenger” and is here to help. St. Gabriel will also help with authors, spiritual authors, public speakers, those wishing to become spiritual authors and public speakers, those wishing to become a messenger for the angels. This is needed- in this age and in the next. More people will look to Heaven for Heavenly guidance and we are here to help you understand our angel messages. St. Gabriel will help you clearly understand the messages from the angel realm. This is noticed every time you think to the angels ” I want to hear you more clearly. Help me to understand your messages angels” St. Gabriel, in fact a multitude of angels will help you when this is thought, spoken or written. St. Michael is always available also to help you uplift your thoughts, help with cleansing your field to hear the angels, help with realizing which are angels messages. I assure you this is helpful to others and yourself and your family too. Think positive thoughts daily. Positivity is helpful because the abundance you focus on , peace, uplifting energy, expanded consciousness, wisdom, love, joy- will increase as you focus on them.  Peace is all there is in spirit. This makes it Truth. Spiritual Truth is absolute. Peace is what you were created with from God the Father. Peace is what reigns with Christ His Son. The Earth is no different because God has created a peaceful Earth. The Earth , in spiritual Truth, is peace-filled. Every person in Earth is trying to increase peace. Ask Jesus to help you think peacefully if you are unable to. Ask Jesus to be with you daily. Ask the Angels to be with you daily. To surround you home, your family, their homes, the Earth. Where ever needed to increase peace. Countries can be surrounded (and are) daily. Think about what the world would look like if it were uplifted in consciousness- if it were surrounded with angels- if it were filled with peace. You will help lift the vibration of the Earth just by focusing on peace, on peaceful thoughts as you will be increasing peace just by intending and by increasing peaceful actions on Earth.  Earth could use your assistance in prayer and also peaceful uplifting thoughts and actions.  More peace will increase by doing so. And you will be seen and this will Glorify the Heavenly Father. May all live peacefully and within the peace of Heaven, which is what you were created with. The Peace that reigns is with you always. God’s Peace  is the Peace within all of you, within your hearts and within your mind.  For you are holy, you are loved and you are needed. Cleanse any thoughts from your mind – ask The angels to help you do this. Cleanse from the effects of negative or fearful thinking from your mind and body (and others) – for through negative thoughts , many have sent unknowingly, negativity to others. St. Michael will help you remove the effects of any fear based thinking, now.

Sit back in a relaxed and comfortable position, breathe , and ask St. Michael to help you remove the effects from any fear based, mis- aligned thoughts or negative thinking patterns (this will help clear physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually- even in the universe if needed) . This will include worrying, excessive  worry, anxiety, anger, pessimism- even melancholy. There is no judgement, but the angels are wanting to help you clear of this energy to help you with clear focus- positive thinking. This can even be done for your family members , although the angels will not interfere with Free Will, many are asking for Divine Guidance and this will help your family. St. Michael will help ask on a soul level if they wish him to clear this negativity from themselves. Encourage your loved ones to think positively. To open their hearts. You can encourage them to ask the angels to help them or you can ask on their behalf.  May love increase this Holiday Season. And so it is beloved , we love you and your family. Amen, Amen, Amen.

St. Michael, St. Gabriel and the Angel Team~

Peace Will Help Shift Any Situation

Archangel Chamuel

Do not let your heart be troubled. In any situation in which you feel troubled, please know that all are welcome and loved by Heaven. Peace is what is natural to humans. Everyone intends peace throughout their day. Know that every prayer is answered without hesitation and your faith is what heals. Your natural healing abilities help to shift every situation into a healthy circumstance. If you feel frightened over someone’s behavior – or worried as to how they will react- trust your instincts and turn away from the situation. No one is being asked to stand still when there is anger or violence. However when there is a situation that needs healing- you have the power to lift this up in prayer first, releasing it to God and knowing that Heaven is helping you shift this into a positive outcome. Heaven is understanding when it comes to anger of course. Understanding when it comes to human nature- for all have been angry at some time or another. This is not what we mean. But when two people or a family have been upset at each other for a length of time, know that you can assist this person or people (even co-workers) with prayer- asking for blessings for each person involved. Surround each person with love- you can envision what this may look like and just imagine them and yourself surrounded with angels, and Archangels, or with angel light, or with love – the brightest love possible. Know this has been seen in Heaven the second you intend it. The angels will know what you are thinking. They will help you also- all you have to do is ask and the angels and Archangels will happily intervene in any circumstance  you ask about or intend for healing. You can also ask Jesus, who understand all things as he has also once been human, yet was always Divine. He will always help when asked. He himself has said, “Do not let your heart be troubled” and this was spoken through Divine Insight and stands for all time. In this age and always. Lift up your family or friends always. They may need a prayer and you could be the one God uses for prayer. Shift your awareness to Heaven , to God, to Jesus Christ- ask for a blessings and a healing over (_________) (name a person or a situation or both) – release it to God , knowing that this is being healed and see it as already healed. Peace is always the outcome when God helps. Love is always the answer in every situation and know that Peace will always follow. In  Jesus’ Name. And so it is beloved- amen, amen amen.

The Angel Team with Archangels Chamuel and St. Gabriel

Heavenly Message from St. Gabriel and The Angels on “Transitions to Heaven”

St. Gabriel 2

All are on a spiritual journey. These times, you can see the grief of some posted on social media, the newspaper, the news media. St. Gabriel is helping us to understand how we can ask for spiritual assistance when we have a loved one who has passed over to Heaven. 

“All are at peace I assure you. Blessed are they who transition to Heaven. I assure you all will be loved unconditionally now and always. For they always were and so are you now. Ask the angels to surround you, your loved one and your home. They can see your heart when you pray to the Heavenly Father. They help you when you are unaware. They can help in the Heavenly Realms with the angels. If you would like to communicate with them,  ask the angels to help you send a message if you like. I promise your loved one will receive it. You can write to them in a letter- they can see your intention. Sometimes it is best to understand that saying goodbye does hurt emotionally at times, but try to remember that we are all with you at all times. You are never alone and you never will be. God loves you very much and will always be there to help you. Your loved ones are in Heaven, without a body, but are very much alive with the Heavenly Father on a plane of existence just above you- with the angels. They are learning in Heaven now- still on a spiritual journey- but in this way, can learn at a peaceful existence. The spirit self is high vibrational. It is the spirit that is eternal and lives on eternally. They are well! And so- we are here to help you lift any sadness you may be experiencing from this physical incarnation you have spent with your loved one. Focus on your heart and remember the love that was shared. if even only a brief moment in time- if even only a glimpse- but I am sure there was many times you remember. Your loved one has kept all of the love with them and will bring that with them always. You and your loved one have lifted the planet with your love- with your laughter and there is more to come beloved. Just because they are in Heaven now does not mean you cannot live still and love and laugh while you are here. They will honor your wishes if you do not wish them close- for we know that a spirit can seem scary in your house. But if you are willing, your loved one will visit you in your dreams, in your life, and will be a guardian angel to you and your loved ones if guided to do so. The angels will help you heal your heart now and always for everything you ask. Even if to say goodbye to your loved one temporarily in the physical-which is not easy. Your loved one does still exist in the spiritual realms in Heaven and is praying for you  to be well. To feel peace, to feel love and laughter again. To share in many more memories to come. They will share your love still in Heaven and they will share their own. Each one will always wish you peace from Heaven. Every spirit and angel will always wish you peace from Heaven. We are with you and we love you . We the angels realm lift your heart to a higher state of love. A higher loving realm – this is Heavenly Help and we will help you in this way every time you ask us.  Ask the angels to guide you  if you feel lonely- you are never alone. Ask the angels to help you heal any circumstances if there were arguments. We understand human nature and so does your loved one who forgives you and themselves. Ask the angels to help you uplift your heart if needed. If things seem heavy or sad, know that we will help you each time it is asked of us.  God is sovereign and will always help you when things feel low, sad or heavy. You are not alone. You never were. For you were always loved and you always will be. Let the past go if needed and allow the  Archangels to help you heal from any past circumstances surrounding the passing of your loved one. Just ask St. Michael  and St. Raphael for assistance in healing your heart- in any circumstance. For you are blessed. Have faith and know your loved one is in Heaven, praising God in the Heavenly Realms. And so it is, beloved, we lift you now, uplifting your heart and helping you heal from your loved one’s passing, from saying goodbye-from saying ” I will be with you soon…” For the love remains now and always.

Ask St. Michael to help you with your life purpose. For this is why you came and this is important. Allow yourself time to grieve and when you are ready–(you will know when) ask St. Michael to assist you in your life purpose. This can be easy if you allow Heaven to help you- even if it seems like you are alone. I promise , you are loved now and always. St. Michael will wait for you and wrap his angel wings around you and waits for you to ask beloved. For you are blessed.”

St. Michael, St. Gabriel and the Angel Team – 

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