Channeled Angel Downloads

These angel downloads are very healing and created with love. They can be listened to as many times as you wish and are imprinted with loving angel energy. More on the way!  Angel blessings!



Angel Tea Party For  June 2017  $10                      1 Hour 40 min Channeled Download

Join Yvette as she channels a very loving message with Archangel Chamuel. In this powerfully uplifting and healing message of love, we enjoy an Angel Exercise of Light to increase inner peace. Archangel Chamuel offers guidance to commonly asked questions and situations. 

Click HERE To Purchase 


****CLICK HERE to be redirected to ALL previous Angel Tea Archives! Now all are available on the “Angel Tea Party Archives” Page****



FREE 28 Minute Channeling with St. Michael & the Angel Team

Here is a 28 minute uplifting  download you can listen to as many times as you wish! St. Michael and the angels help us with a vibrational uplifting healing which helps us to feel peace. 


FREE 35 minute Channeled Recording with St. Gabriel the Archangel –

St. Gabriel 2

Here is a very loving channeled message with St. Gabriel;  and includes St. Michael and St. Raphael working in tandem with you and an entire angel team in a Divine Healing and Clearing – Enjoy! Lots of Love and May God Bless ! 



Archangel Chamuel

A Channeled Message with Archangel Chamuel for Soul Mate and Twin Flame Relationships                                          36 minutes              $5

Here is a very loving channeled message of peace with Archangel Chamuel about Soul Mate and Twin Flame Relationships. Whether you are in one, wish to heal one, would like to attract one if you are single, or simply increase soul mate friendships- this is the download for YOU. With a loving angel exercise- working in tandem with St. Michael and St. Raphael. Click the link below to purchase.                                                               
Click HERE to Purchase 


St. MichaelAngel Light Exercise with St. Michael, St. Raphael,  the Healing Angels and the Light of Christ        ONLY $5 
This download is infused with Angel Light and has a high vibrational Angel Light Exercise with Jesus’ hands and the Light of Christ, St. Michael, St. Raphael, and the Healing Angels. Very Loving ! The angels encourage to listen as many times as you wish. They are always there for anyone who asks them!
Click HERE to Purchase


High Vibrational Clearing, Healing and Shielding with St. Michael, St. Raphael and the Angel Team                 $5

St. MichaelThis powerful, high vibrational download is 33 min. This features a channeling with St. Michael and the Angel Team, who help cut to sever cords of discord, clear and shielding. Additionally, St. Raphael provides a healing of old wounds from past relationships. This download is also great for those wishing to eliminate cravings from unhealthful food, beverages or chemically addictive substances.
Click HERE to Purchase


A Meditation with your Guardian Angels and the Guardian Angel Realm- Free – 12 min

archangel_arielYvette helps to connect with the guardian angel realm and offers a message from the guardian angels!



Uplifting Guided Healing Meditation with the Angels

18 min
angel holding light centerThe angels guided me to record an uplifting meditation. This is a channeled meditation and the angels said this can be listened to as many times as you wish and is uplifting every time it is played!


Uplifting Guided Healing Meditation for Teens, Preteens, Children and/or Healing Inner  Child -FREE

22 min
(this meditation is also great for uplifting for special needs children)
angels in HeavenThis download has been guided by the angels, special for teenagers. God loves you! This can also be great for pre-teens and children- or for adults healing inner child.  You can listen to this download as often as you like, as many times as you wish. The cost will always be free.


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