Channeled Angel Message For You!

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Here Is A Channeled Angel Message Just For You:
St. Michael the ArchangelHappy Easter
A Channeled Message From
St. Michael the Archangel and the Heavenly Host
“Peace and Angel Greetings! Greetings beloved, this St. Michael the the Archangel,  I am here and I love you! I am here beloved, to rejoice with you, in this Easter blessing from God the Most High! We are rejoicing this Easter and eternally so; for we do so in love of God’s Goodness that He shares with you and with all He has created! We are with you this Easter and as you are celebrating and rejoicing in spirit, we the Heavenly Host  are all rejoicing with you!
We are lifting you beloved this Easter, as we celebrate with you in Heaven. We are rejoicing and this is our first message for you beloved. We are with you! As you are with your loved ones in your own homes, lift all concern to God and give thanks to Him always. God is with you and this is our second message for you beloved. He has never left – and His Son, who is lifting you in His Peace, is also with you. I am right beside you as you read this. As you are reading this message, lift all concern into God’s Hands- and lift all family members into His Hands as well. God understands why you are lifting each family member beforehand. Ask for me, and St. Raphael the Healing Archangel; as well as the Healing Angels for any healing for yourself or another. Lift this also into Jesus’ Hands beloved. ‘I am with you’ is the Lord’s message for you, ‘and I will never leave you. Trust in me as you do the Heavenly father, for I am with you always’ – and give this to Him. Asking for Jesus is for everyone– and Jesus welcomes those who are reading this message , as well as any other who come to Him. This Easter celebration is being celebrated in Heaven, in Joy! Rejoice in Lord we say! Rejoice and give thanks- for He is with you now and always! I am here beloved, for you. Ask for me and St. Raphael and the Healing Angels and even the Heavenly Host as many times as you wish. I will always hear you and I love you. I am St. Michael the Archangel and we are with you! We love you and so it is! Amen, Amen, Amen!”

I thank God for every Blessing and for His Love and His Son, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit who is with us and will never leave us.
In every channeled message, I always invite Our Lord Jesus and Mother Mary, who are always with us. Mother Mary is the Queen of Heaven and of the Angels.
Yvette comes in the name of the Lord and is close to Jesus in her heart.  An angel message is always uplifting and bring blessings to everyone involved.

~For previous channeled angel messages, please visit the archives  on the Angel Blog Page.


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