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yvetteinstagramYvette is an Angel Intuitive, An Angel Channel and loves to use her Spiritual Gifts including Spiritual Gifts in teaching and healing and insight, to work with an Angel Team in High Vibrational Healing and in delivering the angels’ messages for a Higher and Peaceful Outcome- and how we can obtain that Higher Outcome. Yvette has a love for healing and working with the Angels; as well as teaching others how they can also become An Angel Channel or Angel Intuitive-just by being willing!
“In my experience with working with the angels and Archangels, the angels do all of the work in my Angel Channel Classes. I simply use my gift of insight to assist others in channeling their angel’s messages; as well as offer Angel Insight to assist every student. The angels say that insight helps everyone. I was raised Catholic, and will assist any belief system (as will the angels -and asking for Jesus -no matter the belief system- is always recommended! God and Jesus LOVE everyone Divinely, Unconditionally, and Eternally) and I love, adore and praise the Goodness of God and that of His Son Jesus.” 

IMG_20141208_133617…..My Own Experience and Self- Awareness Journey

I have received my own personal clairvoyant visions  and Divine Healings and Divine Intervention my entire life, but didn’t realize I was receiving Divine Healings until my 30s when I had received a Divine Healing to help me to quit smoking. There was no doubt in my mind that I received help from Heaven. Like many smokers I tried everything, including hypnosis, the patch, tea tree toothpicks (please note~ I am not saying these methods do not normally work, I am saying that they just did not work for me at the time. I had smoked a pack a day for 16 years and I personally had a hard time quitting. I had quit three times (cold turkey) prior to this experience for my pregnancies, but only with the intention of starting back after pregnancy. This particular time to quit was the hardest for me. At least that was what my ego was telling me! 🙂 At the time, I worked as a bartender in a bar that allowed smoking. Quitting seemed more difficult because I was around smoke and smokers all of the time.) 

After a rhetorical cry out loud (not really speaking to anyone in particular) of “Please help me”, I noticed that immediately after that moment , my cravings went away immediately and from that moment forward and I never picked up another cigarette. Never craved one either. The habit and cravings were simply gone. I knew I received Heavenly help, but I still didn’t know what “it” was until later.

By this time, I was interested in attending massage school and wanted to experience Reiki and knew I was attracted to “Light Work” rather than  “Body Work”. I attended Massage School and became a Reiki Teacher and Massage Therapist. I enjoyed massage, and went on to also briefly study Polarity Therapy. In massage, even though you are treating the whole person, I still felt that in some cases, I  was helping people to heal from a physical standpoint. I noticed that with some clients, they would continue to work in and maintain stressful situations and come to me for relief. Of course, that is what I was there for, but I also wanted to empower people of how to reduce or eliminate stress, or how to heal from completely so that they didn’t feel like they “needed” a massage therapist.  I didn’t know , at the time, that I would eventually be assisting in Divine Healings with the angels. I loved long distance healings with light (and still do!). I loved that the client didn’t have to be right with me in order to receive healing. (There is nothing wrong with massage and I would still recommend massage as one way to nurture yourself and especially to all who have Gifts of Hands-on healing and wish to set up practice in this manner. Massage Therapy is a very rewarding career (and people are ALWAYS happy to see you!) )- I simply prefer working with the angels and with high vibrational light healing in a remote healing or over the phone.

I received my own first “guided” angel healing from my own Reiki Teacher and friend, Betsy-Morgan. I knew I was being helped by angels then, and this time, could feel them working on me a little more than before. Over time, my gift of clairsentience (clear feeling) developed and now I feel their presence regularly. I use my gifts of clairaudience (clear hearing), clairsentience (clear feeling), clairvoyance (clear seeing) , claircognizance (clear knowing), insight (higher understanding) and love with my healing sessions now.  I began to invite the angels in my healing practice more regularly and simply love their guidance. I am so grateful for their help and presence. All glory, of course, goes directly to God for any healing. I am just an instrument guided to serve in this way and for others and it is an honor to share and serve this way.

Love and Angel Blessings Always, Yvette

Yvette welcomes all loving email messages. To contact Yvette , please email her at angelloveblessings@gmail.com


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  1. Dear Yvette,
    Please add me to your list.
    I would love to schedule a reading with you. Thank you.

    With love,


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