Today’s Channeled Angel Message

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Today’s Channeled Angel Message: 

St. Michael

A Channeled Message form St. Michael the Archangel with the Heavenly Host

“Greetings, beloved ! Peace of the Lord is with you! Peace is always yours beloved when you lift your heart to Jesus. We the angels and Archangels are with you and we celebrate your willingness! God who sees all things is also with you! And this is our message to you this Sunday and every day that this is read. We see you when you ask for us, and we are also with you. Peace is with you as you learn to trust in God and in His Son Jesus, who is with you now and always. All of Heaven is celebrating your heart, when it is lifted to God and to His Son Jesus. Rejoice this day we say! Rejoice and this is our message. For God loves when you lift your heart in prayer, in praise, in rejoicing, in love, in gratitude, in His Rest, in asking for healing or any situation you lift in your heart beloved. Lift your heart dear on, and listen to His Spirit. We are with you when you do this. All of Heaven is rejoicing even now. You are a blessing and you are very loved beloved. And so is your family and all that God has created. You are very blessed and so it is! Amen, Amen, Amen!” 



This work is Blessed by God, and I always invite Our Lord Jesus and Mother Mary, who are always with us. Mother Mary is the Queen of Heaven and of the Angels. Yvette comes in the name of the Lord and is close to Jesus in her heart.  An angel message is always uplifting and bring blessings to everyone involved.

~For previous channeled angel messages, please visit the archives  on the Angel Blog Page.


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