Today’s Channeled Angel Message

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Today’s channeled Angel Message: 

St. Gabriel 2

A Channeled Message with St. Gabriel the Archangel and the Heavenly Host 

“Greetings beloved, this is St. Gabriel the Archangel. I am here to stay by your side as often as you wish to ask for me to remain with you. This can be as often as you wish. I am here always, every time you ask. I am happy to remain with you even 24/7 as you are willing to ask for me. I am here with you now as you read this message. When you are ready, you will lift your intention that is in your heart and as you do this, I will assist you in a peaceful outcome, a higher outcome; one that is of God’s Will for you ad your family, or your business, or your endeavor , or your career position. Whatever you are asking, I assure you, I am listening always and can always be right by your side.  When you ask for healing, healing is eminent on every level of healing. I am here to express to you how much God Loves you now and always. You are always with God and God will never leave you. It is God’s Will for your healing; or for your love to grow. And as you ask for your career position, this can align with your heart’s intention, which is connected with you through the Holy Spirit. It is the Holy Spirit who is guiding you to align with your spiritual gifts and spiritual abilities and also spiritual interests. This can easily be a part of your soul’s plan and also a career choice. When you are asking for love- love will increase; within you and also as you sow love, the love that is shared is multiplied on dimensions and eternally, and on Earth in the physical. It is spiritually sown and when this occurs, more love is expanded and you will  grow spiritually as a result. Sowing love is easy for your spirit. And this comes from God Himself who loves you. Allow yourself to remain focused on God’s Love for His people. And how pleasing it is to God when He sees how much you are willing to sow love. You become the spiritual beacon for His Glory. And this is good. Be at peace and lift your heart’s intention now and always to God- or you can ask for me. I will intercede before the Throne with you as you do. I am St. Gabriel the Archangel and I love you and so it is. Amen. Amen. Amen.”


This work is Blessed by God, and I always invite Our Lord Jesus and Mother Mary, who are always with us. Mother Mary is the Queen of Heaven and of the Angels. Yvette comes in the name of the Lord and is close to Jesus in her heart.  An angel message is always uplifting and bring blessings to everyone involved.

~For previous channeled angel messages, please visit the archives  on the Angel Blog Page.


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