Guided Angel Healing Meditations and Prayers

These are all angel guided and channeled healing meditations with the Angels and Archangels to assist in uplifting to our natural state of being. The angels are not limited by time and space, can be with everyone simultaneously and these can be repeated as often as needed.  Enjoy !

Every healing meditation with the angels breath will assist you in remaining focused on God and his Love for you as you read these channeled angel  healing message. Additionally it helps you to shift your awareness to God the Most High – and begin with prayer. Asking for God’s Blessing for yourself or all you are asking on behalf of.
Set an intention if you like, such as “I wish to seek Higher Understanding” or ‘I wish to spend time with the angels” or “I am seeking wisdom from the Angels” or ” I wish to seek healing for (______)” . You are never separate from God, Jesus the Holy Spirit , and the angels who are always with you and want to help you. You need only ask and intend to be with the angels. God is always with you and will never leave you. He does not want you to feel separate,  for that would be in err. He is always here for you . Try these meditations day and night if you like , or anytime you feel you would like to connect with the angels. 

images (1)Angel Prayer (to God):

God the Father of Heaven,
Creator of every spirit, have mercy on us.
God the son, Redeemer of the world, on who
the angels desire to gaze, have mercy on us.
God the Holy Spirit, Felicity of the blessed spirits, have mercy on us. Holy Trinity, one God, Glory of the
holy angels, have mercy on us. Christ Jesus, beatitude of the Angels, hear us, O Lord. Christ Jesus, glory of the heavenly spirits, hear us, O Lord. Christ Jesus, splendor of the celestial armies have mercy on us , O Lord God our Father, in your loving providence you send your holy angels to watch over us.
Hear our prayers, defend us always by their protection and let us share your life with them forever through your son Jesus Christ. Amen

Healing Exercise with the Healing Angels, St.Raphael,
and Jesus Christ Who Is With You
If you would like to ask for healing on behalf of yourself, or any other, or if you have a loved one who is healing, or is in a hospital, scheduled for surgery, or even hospice care; healing from grief, even mental thought or emotions; and the number of people you are asking on behalf of is no matter- you can ask for the angels
now be with you and any you are asking on behalf of
(The angels are already there! They can be with every one simultaneously)
Now ask for God to send the healing angels with St. Raphael -to not only heal, lift and protect you or your loved ones- or any that need healing- And ask for Jesus who is with you now, and is One in the Most High Trinity and is already with you!
“Asking now for Jesus, lift your heart to the Lord! We are here and we will remain with you and your loved one even after you leave this website or meditations below. We are with you now and we love you! Ask for Jesus to heal all involved with His Divine Love now and always! To Heal and Embrace all involved first, and ask for the Healing of God Himself and that of His Son Jesus to now heal you, or any that you are asking on behalf of. In faith beloved, lift all concern to God, and place all concern into the Hands of God, and as you do this, we are here with you, lifting you  from worry and cleansing you now from anything other than God’s Love and Peace! You are blessed beloved, and we love you! We are here and as you remain in God’s Love, spend time with God now and as often as you are able. We are lifting you, regardless of the circumstance f healing involved, for yourself or your loved ones, or even the world. As you ask on behalf of many, God is with you. God loves as you come to Him and in faith beloved and is with you in His Spirit! You are very blessed and we are here!” And so it is, amen, amen, amen.” 
“As you are lifting your concern to God, we are lifting your surroundings and lifting all involved as well. We are filling and infusing homes, rooms or nations, the place(s) where you or your loved ones reside and live, with Love and Heavenly Peace now.”
The Healing Angels with St. Raphael will lift every person first, and with St. Michael and the Peaceful Protection Angels, are infusing your surroundings now with Pure Healing Light from Heaven. You can ask to lift your home, an entire hospital if needed, a hospital room or wherever you or your loved ones may be healing from, (even good for surgery rooms – per the angels!)  with healing soothing light from heaven for your loved one – wherever they may be.
“Jesus is with you beloved, your loved ones and all whom you are asking on behalf of. Your loved ones are with Jesus and Mother Mary – and Jesus, who is the Most High, is with you now and he always will be. Spend time with Jesus as often as you are able. You are a healer for asking. As you ask Jesus Christ for His Healing, this is Divine Healing. God is with you, as Jesus is with you, and is with you in His Spirit in your own heart. You are very loved to all who read this! Jesus LOVES as you come to Him beloved, and we are always here. We are the Healing angels with St. Raphael the Archangel and we love you. We are always willing to assist all who ask in healing or for any matter you wish! We  love you and so it is! Amen, amen, amen.” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Golden Waterfall of Light with the St. Gabriel and the Angels  

Sit in a comfortable relaxed position, and just breathe deeply, allowing tension to leave your body or mind. Every muscle relaxing. If you feel tension in any area of your body, simply send breath to it and give it permission to “let go”.
Think to yourself ” I am now connected with the angel realm” and ask “Dear Angels, will you please surround me in this healing meditation?” St. Michael, St. Gabriel and the angels surround you and St. Michael will help you to clear of any negativity you may be holding onto, throughout this meditation. The angels surround you now and you ask, “Can I please be connected to the Highest Light Possible” ( which is brilliant golden light and comes from the Light of Christ)  Imagine this light , as a waterfall, and comes through the top of your head and surrounds you all the way through to your feet. If you wish you can even ask for the waterfall of light to flow into Gaia ( the Earth) underneath you, connecting you to her and allowing golden healing energy to flow into her as well. St. Gabriel is with you and asks for the golden light to fill every cell of your being with this bright golden light. This water fall of light does as St. Gabriel asks, flowing through every cell, clearing every cell of negativity or anything else your cells have absorbed. The waterfall of light cleanses and balances the chakra system , clears away aberrant cells , and is just healing. As you stay under the waterfall, the angels clear away any stress, fatigue , lower energy and you can just feel this washing away; helping you feel uplifted to your highest natural vibration of joy, love, and peace. Stay under the golden waterfall of light until you feel every cell is uplifted and when you are ready, thank the angels for this opportunity of healing and for this healing exercise. Ask St. Michael to help you with a shield of Light, that will shield in these high vibrations, helping you to uplift others around you. This is done in God’s Holy Presence, so remember to thank God for all healing this assists you. Do this daily or as often as needed , to help alleviate aberrant cells, or stress or fatigue. Thank you God, In Jesus Name. Amen

Inner Sanctuary- A Spiritual Renewal and Healing Meditation to Help Increase Inner Peace

I was asking this morning about a message for or about Inner Peace- The title and the message are all channeled through The Grace of God and the Angels.  The angels said ” this was not just (only)a meditation…” As always, sit in a comfortable and relaxed position and take a few nice deep relaxing breaths.

“Greetings , I am St. Michael, the Archangel.  I am here with a host of Heavenly Angels and Archangels who are here to help you feel the inner peace inside of you. This peace is God-given and is not like any other peace externally. Feel this peace now as St.Michael cuts the cords from the illusion of fear and disharmony , while St. Raphael cleanses the area where these cords were once at. Feel this peace shift to a higher frequency of peace. This is your natural state of being and is recognized by the angels when we see your heart. Know you are blessed dear beloved earth angel, dear disciple of the Lord, dear lightworker , for it matters  not what you call yourself, you are a beloved child of the Most High. Inner peace is knowing God , The Holy Spirit, and Jesus, resides in your heart. Envelop yourself in this peace now, by focusing on the light inside of you. inside your heart  center. Feel blessed and know that God blesses you with his Love , the Highest blessing possible is upon you and your loved ones. Know that the inner sanctuary is behind closed doors, where no one can enter. Rest in this peace now and always and let the Light of God , who resides in you now, shift your thinking, shift your awareness, shift your enlightenment journey, shift the awareness in his Gospels, in his Truth, in His Likeness . Be one with the Lord, allow your heart to be enveloped by his , now and forever. Be at peace dear one, and know you are blessed again and again. Feel this shift now as the angels lift any discord that was previously felt, for nothing is hidden, and allow this High Vibrational Light to open your heart. Know that the Pure Light of God resides within every cell. Repeat this every morning if you wish , know that God Himself will help you shift your awareness to His Truth, which is always Loving. Cleanse and remove any guilt , any shame, any vibration that is not of God’s Purest Love now. Allow this to be so and it is done ! For now you are in a different state of being than before. Know this is possible because of God’s Hands, His abundant ways and His Son, Jesus Christ, who loves you and is with you through this meditation. Give thanks to God for any healing and know this is His Will. For everyone to choose Him first and help others when needed. Love each other and yourself for there is nothing hidden. Let only Love remain. Go then, child of God , Child of the most High , believe in yourself, believe in Your Heavenly Father , believe in His Divine Son and know you  too, have abundant hands, an open heart, a loving, sharing, compassionate heart that is God Given to each one of you. For each one of you are blessed by the Most High. Feel the difference now and always and all eternity. For God’s love is eternal , and wants you to have peace on Earth, inner peace , and love always. In Jesus Name. Amen and So it is.”

Healing Meditation to Help You Heal and Receive Abundance
Begin with prayer, Heavenly Father, thank you for your abundant nature in all ways and for supplying for all my physical and spiritual needs. Thank you for every blessing, favor and helping me to understand that you are in charge of all ways . In your abundance help me to grow abundantly in all ways , in understand, wisdom, fruit, love, joy and peace. Thank you for using me as an instrument for others in this area.
First focus on the area of abundance you would like to increase or heal. This area of abundance is not lacking, for that would be contradictory to this exercise. Feel abundant in all areas and think of what you would like more of, that could be energy , time, love, patience, money to supply for all of yours and your family’s needs, peace, understanding, wisdom. You are fruitful dear one. Just take a moment to invite in the Angels Of Abundance, and the peaceful protection angels and St. Michael, to help you  cleanse from any worry that may be blocking your abundance. For no abundance is withheld! Sit in a comfortable and relaxed position, take a few relaxing breaths, and ask St. Michael to be with you to clear any fears of lack or selfishness, greed , covetousness or envy . For those are errs in thinking and hindering your abundance, robbing you of energy and freedom on the Spirit. The angels of abundance will be with you now, a great multitude of angels now surrounds you and helps you to lift from anything that was hindering your abundance. Be willing to forgive anyone who has argued with you over money, quarreled, or even sued if needed. Just let that tension leave you along with any bitterness. Let go of any criticism or anger, or worries (if any) you have around paying taxes, for even that will be supplied. If someone is unknowingly taking up your time, you can choose to set clear boundaries, there is nothing wrong with setting healthy limits! Ask God to help you clear your schedule if you want to spend more time with family. Enjoy the balance and feel how that would feel to you. Know that God is your source, whether time, energy , abundance , love, joy or peace, and that you are not lacking in this area. Your energy body may be cleansed for two days if needed, if this is your first time healing an old wound. The angels can work with you even after this exercise is complete if needed. If this is money, imagine what it would feel like to pay all of your bills , on time and still have money left for family needs. If this is time, allow yourself to visualize what more time would bring. If this is health, St. Raphael will help to heal any areas of tension you maybe feeling, or any areas or concerns you have regarding your health. Remember that with God , all things are possible- especially healing ! If this is love, feel surrounded in love now , feel the beauty already around you and to focus on God’s abundance, think of the stars in the sky, or the grains of sand on a beach, or all of the hairs on your head ( if you have hair), or all of the leaves on a tree. In fact if you wanted to create more of anything , ask the angels to help you shift and balance , and help by affirming ” I am abundant in all ways ” “God is abundant and is supplying for all of my spiritual and physical needs” or ” I am one with abundance.” or ‘ I am one with peace” or  “I am healthy, energized, and revitalized now and forever” Do this meditation often and remember to help by feeling what that would feel like if you had abundance now. The other thing that is helpful is to be ready to receive; listen, trust and follow any guidance you receive toward making your abundance and to feel grateful for everything you have now even if you are grateful for the same things everyday. For you have created an abundance of something already and I assure you – you are abundantly blessed now and forever.

Peaceful Uplifting  with St. Michael and the Peaceful Protection Angels( and Mother Mary will be helping on this one as she is Queen of the Angels)
Find a quiet space to relax, sit in a comfortable relaxed position, and just breathe deeply, allowing tension to leave your body or mind. Every muscle relaxing. If you feel tension in any area of your body, simply send breath to it and give it permission to “let go”. Invite in St. Michael, the Peaceful Protection Angels, your guardian angels and the angels who love you the most ( there are many! ), to be with you now. St. Michael will help you clear from any negativity around you, your home, your office space, your family to awaken the already peaceful inherent light we all have inside. Even if your loved ones are unwilling, they will still benefit from the High Vibration within your own field and the Pure Light of God St. Michael will be filling your body, your energy body, and home with. “St. Michael, please be with me now to clear any any old unwanted emotions I am now willing to release, any old patterns of negative thinking, habits,  anything fear based , anything unholy – such as psychic attack, entities, curses or otherwise- or anything I may have absorbed whether through my own thoughts or the thoughts/emotions from others. Help me to cleanse and balance in my chakras, and please fill me with the Pure Light of God , to help uplift me to my natural state of joy love and peace. St. Michael uses a sacred tube that resembles a vacuum tube to help lift away lower energy or emotions, and if needed, will additionally use his Sword of Light to sever any cords or attachments that are fear based. These include cords of depression, low emotions, codependency, guilt, discord, drama, or anything else that may be causing moodiness or fatigue. Cords of Love can never be severed~those are eternal, only those that are no longer serving the highest and best good. As he severs these cords if needed, he will heal you at the roots and fill you with his brilliant pure Light from God.  You will always feel uplifted and have more energy if a cord cutting is needed, but if this is your first cord cutting, you will definitely notice a difference in energy levels. Even though you will have more energy than you are used to having, sometimes St. Michael may guide you to leave a toxic situation, or relationship that is harmful, stay away from low energy situations and listen for any guidance- such as taking naps or changing an exercise routine to one of gentleness, or invest more time in your family if work is overloading your schedule. But St. Michael assures you , you will feel a lot better as these cords are often connected to another person, place, time period or thing that was draining your energy body, making you feel tired or moody, sad or depressed for no seeming reason on the physical plane. Thank you St. Michael for uplifting me to my natural state of joy , love and peace. And So it is. In Jesus Name

Healing Exercise with St. Raphael, St. Michael and The Healing Angels St. Raphael is the Healing Archangel, helping us all to heal in any circumstance. All healing is done with the Will of God- Give thanks God for any healing as in doing so, all Glory goes to God and His Son Jesus- as One in the Spirit. You can intend this healing light for anyone (this can be for a seeming  illness,  false beliefs, your feelings, your emotions, your endocrine system, your chakras, your family or a loved one (you can ask on behalf of your family or a loved one and as you ask on their behalf- God is with them and you.
St. Raphael can help them healing. If a person you are asking on behalf of believes they incarnated as of needing healing, this can also be healed in the Glory of God, asking God for Healing in this case.
Nothing is impossible for God, and it is important to remind people that with God, all things are possible as it is written in the Gospel of Matthew 19:26. And ask God for the healing for His Glory.
St. Raphael, the healing angels and St. Michael can help you or anyone  overcome worry or intercede on their behalf in prayer- and simultaneously assist with healing.
They are really unlimited in the ways they can still help~ you can help your loved one by visualizing them in perfect health of body. This is a visualization and meditation that will assist in healing. (this is not intended as a medical diagnosis)

Sit back and relax in a comfortable and relaxed position, and take a nice deep relaxing breath. Allow your body to relax and ask for St. Raphael and the Healing angels to be with you. ” St. Raphael, will you and the healing angels be with me now ?”  You can immediately find yourself peacefully surrounded with healing angels. This feels uplifting and the healing angels ask you what you would like to receive?”  The angels do not want you to worry , so the first thing they are going to do is release you from worry. There is no need to increase suffering through worry they say. Just relax and allow St. Michael to now be with you if this is the case, and he will work in tandem with St. Raphael and the Healing Angels to release you from worry, fear, blame, anger, suppressed emotion or money fears associated with a diagnosis. Remember in faith that God will help you overcome!  St. Raphael the Archangel will now surround you with his healing, soothing bright emerald green light, you can feel this light absorbing into your cells, absorbing into the area of your body or mind that you are asking about. Visualize this bright green healing light entering every cell, healing from within and from the moment of origin forward. Listen for any guidance that comes to you – even in your dreams. St. Raphael knows what to do and wants you to call on him if you ever feel you need healing energy. He is happy to help all who ask of him, no matter the belief system. All healing comes from God and this is His Light He sends with St. Raphael who has authority to heal all illnesses. You are a perfect Holy Child of God and remember to visualize this healing energy surrounding you and ask for St. Raphael to be with you at night, he can surround you with his bright emerald green light while you sleep , and in the morning (anytime), to help you feel refreshed. Then visualize yourself in perfect health of body, mind , and emotion. Say out loud, “God is my source of Healing, I am perfectly healed in all directions of time and space, I am healthy, energized, revitalized now and forever, my light is bright and God and the angels are helping me now.” Repeat this affirmation and visualization as often as you like , every day. This will help in the process of healing. St. Raphael can work miracles so expect miracles and ask For Jesus to be with you, who is also the number one Divine Physician, Divine Healer and Son of God. Thank St. Raphael  for being with you, invite him to your home , to fill it full of healing energy for you , where you sleep, or filling your loved one’s home or the hospital or hospital room. ( if in a hospital). In Jesus Name 

Ask The Lord To Spend Time with You Healing Meditation
Sit back and relax and place your hands on your heart chakra or on your heart. Take a deep breath and relax. Drop into your heart by placing  your awareness into your heart, imagining that inside of your heart is a brilliant white light, as you step into this brilliant light in your heart, you can imagine walking into Heaven, into Paradise. This can look however you envision it to be, with lots of color and know the light around you is not only brilliant, it is eternally peaceful. Ask Jesus to be with you ” Dear Jesus, will you please spend time with me in my heart?” Jesus appears and His Light is a High Vibrational Brilliant Gold, and eternally peaceful. You can spend time with Jesus in your heart, talking to Him, asking for His assistance, or you can simply spend time in his embrace. He knows why you asked him to be with you and you need not say anything if you don’t want to. He loves you and is happy you asked Him to be with You. He wants you to call on Him anytime you need help or if you feel alone, tired, weary or even if you are happy and want to tell him about it, thank Him for answering your prayer, as he has authority from God to do so. “Ask and it will be given to you” He says, and “Peace be with you, for I am here with you always.” You can walk with him and talk with him for awhile. Listen for any guidance you receive. Jesus takes your hand as you walk together. Jesus tells you he doesn’t want your heart to feel burdened, and that he understands. He will remember you before God and to Trust him with everything. “As you would trust God, so trust me too.” He embraces you as long as you would like, and He tells you that he will stay with you always . He will never leave you and you need not be afraid. For he is always with you. Jesus takes your hand and tells you everything will be fine. When you are ready, thank the Lord for visiting you. ” Thank you Jesus” and know that he is in your heart. For he will never leave you. Repeat this often, because every moment spent with the Lord is a good moment spent indeed. Jesus is happy you came. In Jesus Name 

Healing Meditation for Healing Relationships with Archangel Chamuel, St. Michael, St. Raphael, The Soul Mate Angels, The Guardian Angels and the Choir of Powers
Sit back and relax in a comfortable seated position and take a nice deep healing relaxing breath. Take a couple deep relaxing breaths and ask for Archangel Chamuel and the soul mate angels to be with you now. They surround you with their loving peaceful presence. “Archangel Chamuel, will you please help me heal my situation or relationship with (____________) ?” (This can even be with God if you ask, for he can help you find peace with God~the angels say with God, you are already forgiven! ~ and Archangel Chamuel is not limited by time and space  so he can be with your loved one (s) or more than one if a family. ) Imagine him surrounding the family or loved one and yourself with healing white and pale green light. If you need an emotional release, you can envision pink light also surrounding you and your loved ones. The angels surround you and your loved one (s) with healing light from the angels and assure you everything will be alright. The soul mate angels have been with you and your soul mate for many lifetimes and understand the underlying cause of this healing exercise. Your Guardian Angels and the Guardians Angels are also here for you and your loved ones who are mentioned in this healing . St. Raphael will help you or your loved one heal from any anger if there was an argument , and help soften the heart of your loved one (s) also, for this is no coincidence you are reading this now. Relax and ask the angels for guidance, and notice anything that is coming to you whether in thought ,feeling , inner knowing or pictures, or visions. Know that the angels surround each of you and know that they are healing on a Heavenly level and God can speak to the heart of your loved ones if you feel this is a difficult situation for you or your loved ones (s). Thank the angels and God for healing this situation , whether in the office , a coworker, or a loved one , a family member (s), a sister, brother, twin flame, soul mate, husband, wife, grandmother , grandfather, father ,mother, or any situation that needs healing. The angels  are happy to bring peace to each of you for when there is peace, everyone benefits. Please forgive yourself if you spoke in anger or haste or be willing to forgive the other one because they were probably in their ego. If abusive, the angels may  guide you to leave this situation (or seek counseling) as God never intended for abusive relationships and this is a message to you if so. Ask for healing in all directions of time and space and let the angels do the work. Call or speak to this person (s) when you feel guided to, relax and know you are worthy of healing and so is this person (s), even if you feel that you were the one at fault. Archangel Chamuel thanks you for asking him to help you and wants you to call on him anytime you feel you need healing from a soul mate relationship or any other. “There are plenty of angels who will help you heal from any situation. You need only ask. If needed, the Choir of Powers will clear you from any unwanted negative energy and St. Michael is also here to help you to sever any cords from any drama or discord, for that serves no one. Forgive yourself dear one  and let the angels help you heal this situation. Feel St. Michael’s presence as he cuts the cords from any drama or discord, and heals you with The Pure Light of God in its place. “Pray for your loved ones “, you angels say “for they too are children of God and are here for a holy purpose , even if they have forgotten” Thank God and the Angels for this healing and relax with the soothing uplifting light from St. Michael. If you want to, you can ask St. Michael and the Peaceful Protection Angels to help you clear your home of negativity or lower emotions. They will also fill your home with the Pure Light of God. He knows what to do,  you can simply think or ask out loud for St. Michael to please clear your home of any negativity. The angels are always happy to help you uplift and heal any situation. In Jesus Name

A Healing Meditation for Grieving the Passing of a Soul Mate or a Loved One who has Transitioned into Heaven with the Archangels and Angels

First, thank God for all things, especially the time you were able to spend with this Loved One and ask to be surrounded with Jesus, Mother Mary,  the Angel Realm , thank Jesus for Guiding you and Mother Mary is by his side. Whisper the words”Thank you for your help”.

Sit in a comfortable relaxed position and just relax, take a few deep breaths and  drop into your heart (bring your awareness into your heart) and imagine your loved one and you playing together. Simply imagine you are playing together. What were you doing? Imagine now a scene with the angels surrounding you both. Whispering gently how much they they love to see your loved one and how they are helping you both . Now in your loved one’s arms repeat these words:

“I am here…I love you…, I am with you and I want you to stay with me for a moment. Will you spend some time with me now? Your loved one says “yes”  and they are now present with you and the angels. They wish you peace and love. You can feel their love , smell their perfume or cologne, “Sit right next to me beloved” , you say. “Sit with me and let’s remember all the things we used to do” . “Remember the time when we sat down and had coffee? Or when we went shopping ? Or when we spent  a lifetime of happiness?” Did you go to church together? Did you want to? Try to only remember the love and allow any emotions you feel to come to surface and allow the smile to grow bigger as you remember walking together, maybe even holding hands , or eating out , or eating pizza and cutting up . Listen to the sounds of your own voice as you say, “I love you  you and I miss you and I want to see you again, but I have to stay here now and I will see you soon. Dear soul mate, dear loved one , will I see you again? Will you come visit me? Will you send me prayers from Heaven while I  sleep tonight? Will you send me peaceful harmony when I wake? Will you tell my family in Heaven I will remember them too? I will love all of you while I am here on Earth.  Just rest with the angels until  you feel guided to come be with me in spirit. You are always welcome here if you want to come visit but do not be alarmed if God wants you to be with Him and help him . I will understand. Pray with me and help me heal from having to say goodbye to you , dear friend, dear mom, dear soul mate, dear son or daughter dear (_______). Thank you for visiting me. I will keep the love in my heart and know I will pray for you too.  I love you . I will miss you , but I will think of you often and in your memory I will offer prayers for the sick to receive health of body or that the arms of the angels heal them also, or I will ask for the angels to help the people in  the infirmaries or hospitals to heal with miracles…..

Just breathe now and try to relax knowing that your loved one, sends their love and they are not far, in fact they are right above you in Heaven’s embrace and they are holding you through the angel realm . They remember you when you were small, they remember you when you were a child, they remember you when you were 16 , they remember you when you were sick and you were helped with angels then. They remember your marriage or your graduation ceremony, they will remember the good times you shared, if siblings, they remember riding bikes together, they remember the intimate conversations, they remember the Christmas’ and how you loved to buy gifts and so did they. They will always remember the love and so will you. . Let the angels help you now , feel their love now as they help you heal the past memories of any mishaps or misbeliefs or anxieties of Heaven. “Heaven is really peaceful” they say. They remembered your promise of love (if married or a soul mate relationship) and ask you to not be afraid. For many angels are willing to help you heal and will offer prayer to the Lord for you to receive benefits from the government (if in the US) and also if you want to receive a wealthy income. or if you want to discover who you are . For you are a Holy child of God and you are loved deeply in this universe and in Heaven and on Earth. The earth needs you dear sweet Child of God. Feel the angels now as your loved ones go back to Heaven’s paradise and the angels now assist you in remembering they were with you the whole time and you need only ask if you want to remember your loved one again. Your loved ones are with you now , even in this state of being, but are different because they are now with the angel realm, where you came from before you came here. Allow the angel to help you uplift and feel better. They will help you heal from this and many past lifetimes where it was hard to say goodbye. You are loved dear blessed child of God. Jesus will help you in your life path and so will Archangel St. Michael and St. Raphael. Dont worry if you scolded them when they were young, you are forgiven. Dont worry if you had a spat ( or two!) they are helping you overcome your fears and anxieties for that is what started those arguments. You will be blessed beyond measure for your good deeds and only focus on that now. Release any guilt from the past now to St. Michael and St. Raphael who are here to help you release and feel better. Release any heavy emotions of guilt or fear and let the past refresh you with its love only . Keep only the love as you go forward. You are blessed and this could be a lesson for both of you. God loves you unconditionally and is here to help you overcome anything you ask for in prayer with a sincere heart. For when two or more are gathered in Jesus name, there he is among you! Don’t worry if you didn’t wish them a good afterlife if they made you angry, I assure you, they are in Heaven’s peace and will help you overcome anything you ask for in prayer, they will help you pray.

This meditation was assisted with Archangel Azrael, as he sits with you now to comfort and will remain until you are ready. He says, “Let only Love remain and let the past go. For in this lifetime, many have healed from grief and worry and know that you are not alone. You are with countless Angels and Archangels who love you and will help you through this time”

St. Raphael and the healing angels will help you heal from grief, so will Archangel Azrael, Archangel Haniel will help you sleep at night and so will St. Michael the Archangel who helps lend courage when needed but also is wonderful at healing those who mourn. Archangel Raziel, Archangel Chamuel and the soul mate angels, for many of the reasons that it is hard to let go is because you have incarnated with your soul mate family. It is hard to say good bye , even for a little while with you soul mate family because you have incarnated several lifetimes together and know each other so well, that it is hard to learn to live life after they have passed…also if you need help with finances, ask God in sincerity for His help and He will help you, and so will Jesus. I assure you , you are being guided to read this. If you have a loved one who has passed, many have asked for you to be guided to use this meditation to help you connect again. They wanted to say “I love you and I will see you again”. 

A Guided Healing Exercise  (for anyone) Grieving the loss of their Spouse or Loved one, but was originally channeled For Military Wives, Husbands or Family Members on Memorial Day 

Dear Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ And Holy Spirit,

May You hold me in remembering my loved one. Thank you for all of the wonderful memories I had with my soul mate wife or husband ( father mother sister brother family member, grandparent, grandchild, child ). I am grateful to have spent time with my loved one (who served in the armed forces and is with you now). Thank you for your embracing both of us in your arms. I thank you everyday for the vows I made or the (_________)  (list all the wonderful memories if you like). Thank you for helping me remember that they are now praying for me as I read this and sending love everyday in heaven above, as you are. Thank you for providing for all my physical and spiritual needs and the needs of my family, and loving me and helping me to remember that you are always with me.  In Jesus Name

First , take a moment to relax and remember you are loved by the Most High very much. Ask the angels to surround you now and just wait until you feel their love and you will feel an uplifting as many are coming in to help. Now imagine a waterfall of Light coming form Heaven and coming in through the top of your head and filling your heart. over flowing through every cell of your body. This is done through the Father’s Love and He is wanting you to feel the heavenly waterfall of healing light from the angels. Just relax here and breathe deeply as it continues to pour from Heaven’s angel Realm. At the top of the waterfall of light, Is Jesus  and he comes closer to you and sits with you. He tells you your loved one is safe and he is always here for you. You can ask him to come visit you anytime you wish by saying : “Dear Jesus, will you spend time with me ?” He is always accompanied by lots of angels so you need not be worried . You can have a conversation with Jesus or just enjoy the silence as the Lord knows your heart and you do not have to say a thing . Just feel His presence and know He is right by your side and he invites you to come visit anytime you wish , anytime you need a helping hand, anytime you want to feel his embrace. He will be there for your children, or mother or father or family. Thank Him for coming and tell him you love him and that you would like to have him send a message to your loved one. Let them know that (__enter personal message_) and that they are loved and you will see them soon. When God and Jesus call you home and that you will remember all of the good times and fun times and memories. Thank Him for being there at your wedding, for being there at (___________) . Spend as much time as you wish with the Lord and when you are ready, you can thank The Most High for visiting you in your heart. Know that He is always with you and will never leave you. He will watch over you always and let you know when He is helping you. and loves you right now and always.The angels stay with you and wrap their wings around you and will offer to stay as long as you wish. Even then, you will still have guardian angels around you always as these are sent by the Father’s love to help you and protect you and pray with you. You can ask for angels as often as you wish to surround you in their love. You can repeat this mediation as often  as you like. They are with your loved ones now and are helping them in Heaven learn in a Heavenly school for Guardian angels. Your loved ones will learn how to be a Heavenly Guide and will remain there until you come home, when they come to visit, they will be an angel. They will always love you and pray for you and with you. For that is the Father’s will. They will sing in the choirs of Heaven for God and Jesus, as they are the Most High. They will sing with you in church, and at home when you praise the Lord. They love you and are not that far away. May God Bless you.

Guided by the Angels and The Most High

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