A Channeled Message from St. Gabriel the Archangel: 

St. Gabriel 2

Greetings this is Archangel St. Gabriel.  I am  a messenger of God and I’m here to deliver a loving message of peace from the angel realm for you today. The most loving, peaceful message I  could offer unto thee- for there are many- but what would most help would be this: Join me in celebrating with Heaven for the Glory of God,  abundance.

Abundance has come easy to this generation and will continue to do so. Abundance brings many blessings abundantly. It is through this abundance that you are receiving all that is God-Given and you are blessed and are in harmony with this abundance including: prosperity,  love,  time, peace, Heavenly assistance, gratitude, and a multitude of blessing unto thee. There is no limit, for abundance is unmeasured. Ye who are blessed- I come to thee now lifting any err in thinking, any belief in lack and this is being replaced with what is God-Given naturally: True Love,  True Divine Healing,  True Divine Peace. I’m with you here always,  and celebrate with you this abundance that is God-Given naturally unto you and to this generation and will continue to increase-  for there is nothing being withheld from your table. For you are one with all that is God-given for you are blessed enormously, tremendously, abundantly, immeasurably and this is God-Given. These blessings are here for you to receive just by opening your heart and believing,  “I am one with God-Given blessings and abundance which is God-Given. ” “I am willing to receive.”  “I am willing to help bless others with this abundance.” “I am willing to use this abundance to serve which is what it’s intended for. ”  I will wrap my wings as will St. Raphael and St. Michael around you,  to embrace you and lift you to the abundance that is God given. This is not being done in error- on the contrary! There is more abundance to come and more for everyone!  We are lifting you now, helping you lift any belief system that believed in lack,  the belief that you were being withheld.  This does include insight, time, peace, radiating love,  radiating peace-  all are God’s blessings. For there is many blessings for all of you in this day and age to share with others-  to serve God for his Glory- and you need only ask. For you are created abundant! May you share this abundant blessing with all that you meet.  We are lifting you now, cleansing you off, severing any cords of fear if needed from St. Michael and the Band of Mercy. Lifting any heaviness, sadness, errs in thinking- lifting all negativity. Just be willing to receive and what is being replaced is very high vibrational. For you are one with this blessing, with abundance, and prosperity,  with love,  with integrity with truth, with sincerity- and we ask you this, “Are you willing?” For indeed I say yes, believe that you are receiving these blessings ,believe this daily. For in every way God the Father loves to send his blessings to his children. We are helping you shift your thinking to positive blessings- abundant blessings from Heaven-  for you are worth lifting. You are a child of God and so is your family and we send to you many Angel blessings and so it is, we love you.  We love and we lift you ever so sweetly and gently to this light that is always available to you. You need but only focus your mind and your heart on receiving blessings and give thanks to the Heavenly Father who sends them. I, St. Gabriel will help you every time you ask simply think my name. Call upon me, “St. Gabriel,  please help me now.”  and I will be with you 24/7. Call upon my name, St.Gabriel anytime you wish- and this is needed for many – to know I am here always.

St. Gabriel with St.Michael and St. Raphael and the Angel Team 

Abundance is God-Given

Archangel_Ariel 2archangel_ariel

Shift your thinking to the blessings around you now. Lift up all thoughts that were in err, focusing on what was missing and continue focusing on Truth; that God himself is Abundant in all ways and He is the Source of all and everyone. Lifting up your concerns to God helps to increase blessings. His Peace, which is eternal, will help you shift your concern to faith, trusting in God with your concern. 

Fear of what you do not have comes from the ego mind, and is an illusion. But when you focus on illusion, illusion is what increases. Rather, remain focused on what is around you now, and all of the blessings you do have. Even if you have to continue to focus on what you see as blessings twice. Blessings are abundant. Nature itself, is God-created and nature is abundant naturally. Every tree has abundant leaves and produces abundant oxygen for all. Every leaf has tiny veins that are life giving to the tree and leaf, and help deliver nutrients to the tree for growth, These veins are tiny but supply abundantly for the tree and all of its inhabitants. 

Look at what is around you, the leaves on a tree, the blades of grass in a park, the tree on a mountain, and all of its inhabitants. Nature is quite abundant. In the same way, God has made you abundant, including the cells within your body and the abundance of Love within you. For it is what you were created with. 

Abundance comes in all forms, peace, time, money, love- all of which are always available to you. Even gentleness and patience are abundant. Even creativity can come in abundance, as can ideas , thoughts and insight- which will help in manifesting forms of abundance on Earth. 

Focus on your blessings, lifting your thoughts to gratitude for all you have. Being grateful does help for what you already have naturally. Spiritual Gifts and abilities are also abundant. Shifting your awareness to gratitude will help shift your own awareness to abundance and gratitude, helping you to shift your awareness to a higher way of thinking, which naturally attracts more of the same. Peace is abundant in nature. Peaceful outcomes will automatically incur when you notice the peace already around you. Your shift in thinking will help you attract more of the same. 

The angels of Abundance are always here and available to help you shift your awareness to positivity. Abundance is natural and is God-given. Accepting that you have abundance flowing to you will also help. You are created with Abundance, surrounding you daily, nurturing your heart. Abundance of gratitude, positivity, peace, gentleness, kindness, time, insight will all help increase abundance. Gratitude is very important in increasing abundance. Gratitude helps to welcome the flow of abundance you already have and welcomes more to come. This is a blessing, this day, and so forth. Think of the sky and its beauty, the universe and its abundance of stars and planets , which are God-given, galaxies, and then think of a baby’s laughter. Think of children playing for their laughter is abundant and so is their gaiety. Think of everything around you. Are you surrounded with flowers? Are they not abundant? Think of your blessings and give thanks for all of them. For there are many we say! Thank God for these blessings, sincerely and know that God is abundant in nature, giving Him thanks and asking for His Love to help you focus on all that is Holy and Good. The angels of abundance are also happy to help you see the Good around you, increasing its flow naturally , helping you manifest more of what is good in your life. 

Be willing to forgive anyone who has ever borrowed from you, sued you over money, or even those you have ever lent to who have not paid you back. Forgive yourself for anytime you have been upset at your bank account or complained about a  paycheck. Be willing to forgive all. Peace will ensue. Your income you can imagine as steady and flowing and healthy in all ways. Your health can increase as positive also. Your health is abundantly blessed and is one with God at all times. Focus on the Oneness of God and the health that ensues. There is no suffering in the Light of God. Imagine yourself now being one with His love and Light. This helps to nourish your heart and cells and your physical , as well as your mental and emotional body. Being Close with God is important. God’s  Love is very healing. God is Willing to help you heal if this is what you are asking also. For abundance of Health is also necessary for your life purpose and is not asking too much. Lift up any prayers you may have if this applies about health. God is always willing to help you increase health through His Son and through His Will.

The Angels of Abundance will always help you in any area. Think of the area of abundance you would like to see increase and begin to notice the way it increases around you and within your own life.  Think of understanding and insight. Think of peace, time, money, health, ideas, creativity and so forth. The angels of abundance will help guide you in many ways to help you live naturally abundant in all ways. and so it is, we bless you in multitudes, for we love you and so it is , amen, amen, amen. 

The Angel Team with the Angels of Abundance

Jesus is the Living Bread


The angels asked me to post on the Gospel every Sunday. With Love and gratitude, here it is on the Gospel of John 6:41-51

The Jews murmured about Jesus because he had said,
“I am the Living Bread that comes down from Heaven,”
and they said,
“Is this not Jesus the Son of Joseph?
Do we not know his father and mother?
Then how can he say,
“I have come down from Heaven?”
Jesus answered and said to them,
“Stop murmuring among yourselves.
No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draw him
and I will raise him up on the last day.
It is written in the prophets:
They shall all be taught by God.
Everyone who listens to my Father and learns from Him comes to me.
Not that anyone has seen the Father.
Amen, amen I say to you
whoever believes has eternal life.
I am the bread of life.
Your ancestors ate manna in the desert, but they died;
this is the bread that comes down from Heaven
so that one may eat it and not die.
I am the Living Bread who comes down from Heaven;
whoever eats this bread will live forever;
and the bread that I give is my flesh for the life of the world. Continue reading “Jesus is the Living Bread”

Spiritual Gifts

angel beauty

To you much has been given. You do not need to look outside yourself, for everything you need has been given unto you. Your spiritual gifts are precisely what have been given to help you in your life purpose, have a career firmly rooted in your life purpose, to serve in this lifetime. You need not be concerned with want or need, for everything has its place. If you are ready for abundance, simply state ” I am ready to receive my highest good now.” This will include spiritual gifts and abilities, peace love, miracles, blessings. The choice is yours to make. All you need to do is ask. Ask now without delay. There is no need for concern , for your are blessed already. You’re already chosen by the Most High and Jesus to create a life of service, a life of fortitude, a life of peace, a life of giving, a life of receiving, a life of love- for love is the highest blessing and you have already received this blessing and spiritual gift. Continue reading “Spiritual Gifts”

How to See God’s Favor Increase with St. Gabriel the Archangel- Prayer Included

St. Gabriel and the Holy Mother

Greetings, I am St. Gabriel, the Messenger of God. Blessings to all ! Shift your awareness to the Love of God now. This love is available to you constantly. Feel His love , for this is a gift unto you at this time. To know this Love is available to you always. God sends His favor for His children. the meek, the gentle, the honest, – all of these qualities you have inside your own heart. Know this is what God likes, love, faith, peace, gentleness and goodness. God sends His Blessings without measure and His Favor unlimited. Gentleness is happiness to others; compassion and fortitude when the situation calls for such, with others especially . Other people deserve compassion as you are seen with compassion also in Heaven. God loves you , do you know that? God loves you more than you understand for in this incarnation , you are subject to human nature, this is the ego, and it will think you unworthy of His Love, but the opposite is True. You are worthy of God’s love, you are worthy of unconditional love and this is what is being handed to you in your heart, even now as you read this message. Receive God’s love now, listen to your heart, remember you are a Holy Child of The Most High now and always. Nothing can hurt you inside in Truth. For inside your heart resides the Holy Spirit of God, in which you were blessed with when entering the world. God does not hate what he created , in fact He Loves His Creations and you were created with His favor, created with His love , created with His blessings, and thought of before the world was fashioned in His Heart. Know this Dear Sweet Child of the Beloved Heavenly Father, Know this and be understanding of His Will. For this will gain Favor from God. Believing His Promises written in the Bible and Words spoken by Jesus, His Holy Divine Son ,will gain Favor when acted upon and believed. I assure you, nothing is overlooked, no act of Love, no act of patience, no act of forgiveness, no act of gentleness, no act of kindness, no act of truth. Honesty, love, kindness~ are all worthy of your Holy Heart and Mind. Fill your mind and thoughts with goodness, and the heart will grow fonder of it still. For the heart is close to God, even in this state of being, in body, your heart is one with God and is never separate. Understand you have His Favor, you had it before you were fashioned, you had it before you entered and you will have it when you leave. For His Favor is irrevocable and His Truth shall remain in your heart throughout eternity.

Prayer to Dear Heavenly Father, Son, Holy Spirit,

Heavenly Father, you fashioned me before the foundation of the world. Than you for including me in your Holy Plan. Thank you for your Favor and for guiding my choices, and my thoughts, that I might serve you better in my life purpose. In Jesus Name Amen

St. Gabriel and the Angel Messengers of the Most High

The Goodness of God with a Meditation from the Angels of Abundance


God’s Goodness is not limited. God loves a cheerful heart, and He loves those who offer abundance, whether large or small. There is much to be shared~ for abundance is not withheld. Abundance can help multitudes! God knows what you need before you ask Him, he has supplied everyone abundantly and asks for us to be cheerful , be peaceful, be loving. For we all all heirs through Jesus. Jesus came so we can have life more abundantly. Abundance is not wrong, but is how God Creates. Love one another, and seek God with a sincere heart, in faith, knowing that God loves those who seek Him in Truth. In thanksgiving , offer thanks to God for all of His blessings, for He blesses abundantly, for generations, for family, for peace. Serve Him by using compassion, for those who use compassion will be rewarded, serve Him in gratitude, in alms giving and in love. Love is the highest gift, and unconditional love is what God loves. Forgiving one another as He forgives you. Loving one another as God loves you, for this is the way to serve and is blessed by the Most High. God loves honesty, sincerity, faith, love, peace, for He has created you in His Image, which is Love. Be bold in love, and serve Him in fortitude, for then you will create spiritual wealth, health of body,  clean bill of health, friends who are loving, spiritual family and favor from the Most High. Live as you would if there were Heaven on earth. As if it is so. Imagine yourself with Heaven on earth. With Peace surrounding you, eternal peace. Would we not all be praising? Praise the Highest , for He is Good and His Goodness is without measure. 

The Angel Team  Continue reading “The Goodness of God with a Meditation from the Angels of Abundance”

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