Heavenly Message from St. Gabriel and The Angels on “Transitions to Heaven”

St. Gabriel 2

All are on a spiritual journey. These times, you can see the grief of some posted on social media, the newspaper, the news media. St. Gabriel is helping us to understand how we can ask for spiritual assistance when we have a loved one who has passed over to Heaven. 

“All are at peace I assure you. Blessed are they who transition to Heaven. I assure you all will be loved unconditionally now and always. For they always were and so are you now. Ask the angels to surround you, your loved one and your home. They can see your heart when you pray to the Heavenly Father. They help you when you are unaware. They can help in the Heavenly Realms with the angels. If you would like to communicate with them,  ask the angels to help you send a message if you like. I promise your loved one will receive it. You can write to them in a letter- they can see your intention. Sometimes it is best to understand that saying goodbye does hurt emotionally at times, but try to remember that we are all with you at all times. You are never alone and you never will be. God loves you very much and will always be there to help you. Your loved ones are in Heaven, without a body, but are very much alive with the Heavenly Father on a plane of existence just above you- with the angels. They are learning in Heaven now- still on a spiritual journey- but in this way, can learn at a peaceful existence. The spirit self is high vibrational. It is the spirit that is eternal and lives on eternally. They are well! And so- we are here to help you lift any sadness you may be experiencing from this physical incarnation you have spent with your loved one. Focus on your heart and remember the love that was shared. if even only a brief moment in time- if even only a glimpse- but I am sure there was many times you remember. Your loved one has kept all of the love with them and will bring that with them always. You and your loved one have lifted the planet with your love- with your laughter and there is more to come beloved. Just because they are in Heaven now does not mean you cannot live still and love and laugh while you are here. They will honor your wishes if you do not wish them close- for we know that a spirit can seem scary in your house. But if you are willing, your loved one will visit you in your dreams, in your life, and will be a guardian angel to you and your loved ones if guided to do so. The angels will help you heal your heart now and always for everything you ask. Even if to say goodbye to your loved one temporarily in the physical-which is not easy. Your loved one does still exist in the spiritual realms in Heaven and is praying for you  to be well. To feel peace, to feel love and laughter again. To share in many more memories to come. They will share your love still in Heaven and they will share their own. Each one will always wish you peace from Heaven. Every spirit and angel will always wish you peace from Heaven. We are with you and we love you . We the angels realm lift your heart to a higher state of love. A higher loving realm – this is Heavenly Help and we will help you in this way every time you ask us.  Ask the angels to guide you  if you feel lonely- you are never alone. Ask the angels to help you heal any circumstances if there were arguments. We understand human nature and so does your loved one who forgives you and themselves. Ask the angels to help you uplift your heart if needed. If things seem heavy or sad, know that we will help you each time it is asked of us.  God is sovereign and will always help you when things feel low, sad or heavy. You are not alone. You never were. For you were always loved and you always will be. Let the past go if needed and allow the  Archangels to help you heal from any past circumstances surrounding the passing of your loved one. Just ask St. Michael  and St. Raphael for assistance in healing your heart- in any circumstance. For you are blessed. Have faith and know your loved one is in Heaven, praising God in the Heavenly Realms. And so it is, beloved, we lift you now, uplifting your heart and helping you heal from your loved one’s passing, from saying goodbye-from saying ” I will be with you soon…” For the love remains now and always.

Ask St. Michael to help you with your life purpose. For this is why you came and this is important. Allow yourself time to grieve and when you are ready–(you will know when) ask St. Michael to assist you in your life purpose. This can be easy if you allow Heaven to help you- even if it seems like you are alone. I promise , you are loved now and always. St. Michael will wait for you and wrap his angel wings around you and waits for you to ask beloved. For you are blessed.”

St. Michael, St. Gabriel and the Angel Team – 

Communicating With Your Angels- Turning Up the Volume of Your Ear Chakras


Your angels want you to hear them more than you do! Ask the angel to “turn up ” the volume when speaking to them. This means, that they will turn up the “spiritual volume” to your inner ears – which are located within everyone. Everyone has ear chakras, which are located directly adjacent to your eyebrows, a little lower than your forehead. They are the color of bright red violet. Within your ear chakras are these “inner ears.” The angels will be happy to turn up the volume when asked. This is something that is easy for the angels. If you are having trouble hearing your angels, this will help. Another method that assists in hearing your angels is to sit and breathe. Breath clears the passageway to Heaven’s Messages (and helps you be one with your highest self and the angel realm, when intended, with your breathing exercises. This also helps you shift your awareness from your ego mind- which is fear based – to that of your highest spiritual self- which is love, created from Divine Love)- although the angels are not limited by breath. Releasing fears that you are not able to hear you angels will also help in clearing the passageway to Heaven’s messages. St. Michael will help you remove anything that is seemingly blocking you- which is mainly your fears. The Truth is – there is nothing blocking you from hearing your angels messages. It is only your thoughts that mis-create the illusion that there is a “block” at all. St. Michael comes in and removes the “thought” that is in err- healing your consciousness and lifts away any debris in your field ( or aura or light body) that would be dense in vibration, helping you to communicate more clearly with the angels and hear their messages! Help is always available to you when you ask the angels to help you communicate with them. St. Michael can even help you when you are sleeping.

Ask now for the angels to help clear away any thing that is in err- helping to lift away any psychic debris in your field, and turning the volume up for you within your inner ears. This is not painful or intrusive. If there is a ringing noise, this is normal- but if the ringing is too loud, you can also ask the angels to turn the volume down as well. Just be honest with your angels in what you are experiencing. They will know what to do and will help facilitate your ears. Once opened, your ears will be sensitive to sound, loud noises and yelling or raised voices. They will also be sensitive to vibration and tones. You will have to listen to soft music and nurture your hearing with kind words, compliments ( that are sincere – the inner ears can pick up on insincerity!) and words that heal others. The words you speak are important to your inner ears . Insults will no longer be tolerated and neither will yelling. Bold is different than yelling. Bold is sincere. Yelling is aggression carried out in your voice. Be careful not to respond in anger, but walk away from a situation that seems unhealthy. Drama will no longer be tolerated or gossip. The inner ears are truly sensitive- you may say that you have the ears of an angel! To hear the angels voices, you almost do!~ We are here for you always and we celebrate your wanting to hear your angels messages more clearly, accurately and often. We love you – and so it is..amen , amen,  amen.

The Angel Team

In Honor of the Feast Day of the Guardian Angels (which was Oct 2!) Here is a loving message from the Guardian Angel Realm

Guardian angels

Greetings! this is the Guardian angel realm . We are here to celebrate this feast day with you, in joy , and in joyous celebration! We know how much humans love the word celebrate, and for this we celebrate you also. For you are like Earth angels , same as we, although your mission is on Earth as is ours, you are here in a physical body. It is important that you understand this. It is like you have an angel team and you are part of it! You are loved beloved and you angel voice and can help soothe people like St. Raphael’s soothing emerald green light that heals. Your voice can be measured by instruments on Earth, so can it be heard in the Heavens ! Lift up your voice this day for a blessing from God Almighty.

“Dear God, please bless my voice, as I use it to soothe others when in pain , when lonely, when hurt. Thank you for guiding my words with the Holy Spirit now and always – we give thanks for this as we ask for this blessing” In Jesus Name

It is through this physical incarnation that your spirit can help others. This can be done with your voice, your hands that heal , your words. Every time the Word is spoken, your voice is blessed and the Word is what heals others. This is needed here  on Earth now beloved. Lift up your voice to praise the Lord! Lift up your hearts to open to His love. Then you will see that there is a wellspring available to you always. This is healthy for you also. It is like being lifted into Heaven before you start your day. And you will bring Heaven on Earth in the physical sense. You are blessed , for we are great in number, and we surround you now, uplifting your heart and mind to the goodness of love. Love is what heals , in every instance. This has been foretold to you before, but it is important to understand that you have a special part in this loving existence and in God’s plan for you and for all. We lift you now , and love you every step of the way . You are blessed , you are one with the highest , and we celebrate your willingness to help use your physical body on Earth.

Holy is thou art we angels say to God , and so shall it be, on this day , may your angel voices be blessed. May the praises of God be in your mouth and on the ears of  others and May His Word be spoken. And so it is, Amen, Amen, Amen

The Guardian Angels with the Angel Team and St. Michael the Archangel

Spiritual Gifts

angel beauty

To you much has been given. You do not need to look outside yourself, for everything you need has been given unto you. Your spiritual gifts are precisely what have been given to help you in your life purpose, have a career firmly rooted in your life purpose, to serve in this lifetime. You need not be concerned with want or need, for everything has its place. If you are ready for abundance, simply state ” I am ready to receive my highest good now.” This will include spiritual gifts and abilities, peace love, miracles, blessings. The choice is yours to make. All you need to do is ask. Ask now without delay. There is no need for concern , for your are blessed already. You’re already chosen by the Most High and Jesus to create a life of service, a life of fortitude, a life of peace, a life of giving, a life of receiving, a life of love- for love is the highest blessing and you have already received this blessing and spiritual gift. Continue reading “Spiritual Gifts”

The Angels on Releasing Chemically Addictive Food, Beverages, and Substance

This is an important time to remain sober. We angels are not trying to take away your fun, in fact we want you to gain insight, higher understanding, something that can be done with a sober and fresh mind. Additionally they want to give you insights, revelations and guidance on your current situation. St. Michael says that alcohol consumption can hinder or block insight, can alter discernment and self control. This is not limited to drinking alcohol, but also abstaining from chemically addictive substances.The angels are willing to help you with this and have helped many over come their habits and helped to make healthy lifestyle changes, increased cravings for healthy food and beverages (such as water and decaf or herbal tea). This can include the caffeine found in soda, coffee, chocolate, nicotine, prescription drugs, or anything that would be considered habit forming. Even emotional or mental habits. The angels want you to know abuse of chemicals, such as alcohol, is a sign if self sabotage, which is really a deterrent from your life purpose. Caffeine does not block insight, but increases anxiety, especially for those sensitive to caffeine, and is low vibrational in nature. Anxiety makes it hard to hear your angelic guidance. The angels offer support for this as well. You need only ask. Continue reading “The Angels on Releasing Chemically Addictive Food, Beverages, and Substance”

Jesus and the Rejection at Nazareth


On Sundays, when I first began writing Daily Angel Messages, the angels encouraged me to write on the Gospel for that day. With love and gratitude, here is the gospel reading from today with a guided loving message behind it. Gospel of MARK 6:1-6

Jesus departed from there and came to his native place, accompanied by his disciples. When the Sabbath came he began to teach in the synagogue, and many who heard him were astonished.

They said, “Where did this man get all this? What kind of Wisdom has been given him? What mighty deeds are wrought by his hands! Is he not the carpenter, son of Mary, and the brother of James and Joses and Judas and Simon? And are not his sisters here with us?” And they took offense at him.

Jesus said to them, ” A prophet is not without honor except in his native place and among his own kin and in his own house”

So he was not able to perform any mighty deed there there, apart from curing a few sick people by laying his hands on them.

He was amazed at their lack of faith.


This was the beginning of Jesus’ Galilean ministry. Jesus came to bring the Good News to his native land, teaching in their synagogue. These were people Jesus loved, and they rejected him and his teaching (because they couldn’t believe that he was a prophet, or that he was the True Son of God.) The angels say this will be the reason many will ask for forgiveness. Additionally, in that time period, they used a word which through the The Greek translation from the Hebrew Bible also translates the word “brother” as cousin or or family or half brother or half sister. (See John 19:25 & MARK 15:40)

God did not put them to the test,  Jesus loved them and wanted to help bring spiritual awareness, but this is what they rejected. Jesus was amazed at their lack of faith because these were Jesus’ friends. God still showed them mercy and allowed Jesus to heal their sick. For God was still with them and showed He loved them, through his mercy and grace. Even though God or Jesus do not favor ridicule, God did not punish them.  Jesus wanted to help heal through compassion, for they knew not what they were saying. God and Jesus require faith when you come before them. Knowing that Jesus is the true Glorified Son of God, and that God rewards those who seek Him in faith. Miracles and wondrous deeds are the true nature of God, which are God’s Spiritual Truth revealed in the physical- the Earth Plane. For nothing is impossible for God. Ask God for a miracle if needed, ask for healing, ask for faith if needed. Ask in faith , believing His Son can help, believing that nothing is impossible for God and for Jesus His Son, who has authority still over God’s Kingdom, eternally.

In Jesus Name

The Angel Team

Guardian Angels and the Angel Realm

Guardian angel 2

Everyone has at least one guardian angel. Most people have two or three that will be with you at all times and have been with you throughout every incarnation, and if this is your first incarnation, they have been with you from the time you were born, and will help  lead you to Heaven when you make your transition to Heaven.  They are really beautiful and are your best witnesses before God and Jesus. They intercede for you before the Heavenly Father and Jesus. They are your spiritual family and love you unconditionally, like the Heavenly Father. The angels serve both God and Jesus Christ and only do the will of the Father.  You need not be worried to ask for something too big or too small, for nothing is impossible for God, who will see what you are asking, everything is done with God’s approval. The angels are like friends, spiritual family , whom you can ask for help anytime. You need only thank  them as they do not want to be praised or prayed to. Only Praise the Heavenly Father, the angels say, and Give thanks to God in all ways.  Continue reading “Guardian Angels and the Angel Realm”

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