A Channeled Angel Message in Honor of All Saints Day and All Souls Day


A Channeled  Message for Global Peace 

Greetings beloved Peaceful greetings to all. Peace is with you beloved. for in this day even, peace is with you. Love one another today. Shift your awareness to the angels now, and ask for your angels to be with you. We are with you beloved now and always. This is the Angel Realm, in great multitude and we are happy to help you with every detail of what you are asking of us. Please do not hesitate to ask us for help with anything. Please know we are always with you and we love you. We repeat this as the more that you remember peace is with you, the more you will focus on its fruit. We are with you, daily. 

Shift your awareness to God, ask God to help you focus on His Peace throughout your day. Ask God to help you and your family beloved, shift their focus also. Make this a daily habit of asking. God , who sees everything will understand and help you personally and also with the many you are asking for, and more! God who understands all Wisdom, and Love, will understand how to help you and the world. Lift up your prayer and ask for God to help with all things, believing that all things are possible with God and Jesus- who love you. We are with you, and we lift you now and always and we are happy to help you do this as often as you wish. Bless those around you randomly and ask for prayers for all people now and always. Your prayers are heard beloved, and prayers can move mountains when prayed with faith and love. Shift now with the angel realm, ask for us always , and we will help you now and always. We always will. We love you beloved and so it is, amen amen amen. 

The Angel Realm with Jesus, Mary, and the Saints 

You Have a Heart Worth Lifting


A channeled message from St. Michael – with the Healing Angels, Guardian Angels and The Angel Team, and the Angels of Peaceful Protection

Greetings all ! I am St. Michael the Archangel. I am working with you now if you allow me to to help lift your heart a little this day. You are blessed beloved child of God. You are blessed and God is with you, each of you and your family and friends as well. You are blessed and we are here to help you understand that it is okay to ask for an uplifting when needed, or thought about for no reason. The mind of a human can focus on illusion if you let it. Be with the angels and Archangels who surround you now as we celebrate with you this day your love in your heart and  in your heart is the Holy Spirit of God, which we also celebrate with you this day. Allow the Angels and me, St. Michael to lift you now with our love and we do this in a very loving and Heavenly way. I, St. Michael will be with you every moment of the day if you ask me, I will also help uplift you now. Uplift your heart to the realm of the angels and of Heaven. Listen now dear beloved friend, I love you. I want to help you, I cannot be separated from God ever nor would I want to be separate from God. Neither are you. I say this to you because the human mind will tell you that I am separate or that you are and this is just not so. I am always available for you anytime you ask of me. Please do not hesitate to do so. I love to help all who ask of me and am happy you did. This is being repeated for some, but is worth repeating. You have a heart worth lifting, you have a mind worth clearing and you have a home worth protecting and shielding. Some have thought they were not worth this clearing and shielding from me and have not asked based on that thought. Please know , although you are worth clearing , and I will be happy to do so, I will also honor free will. You need only ask of me, and I am happy to help you and your family. In fact it is recommended that you do. You have a life worth living to its fullest. A light worth shining and there is no shame in asking the angels or me to help you do this. We are happy to help you. Always. 

Sit now in a comfortable and relaxed position, and ask for me , St. Michael to be with you now. Ask for your guardian angels who are here with you. Ask for a team of angels to help you uplift your mind and heart. We will be happy that you asked us to help and also happy to do so. You are not bothering Heaven when you ask us for help. In fact, it is seen as an act of Love for you and your family when you ask on behalf of another. Be willing to lift all concern to God at all times. Be willing to ask God to help you. There is nothing God cannot handle beloved and this is something that has troubled your heart if it is a concern is it not?  Be not troubled any longer, beloved, but ask us in helping you. We will act on your behalf in an unlimited fashion and will intercede for you also. Sit now and ask for us now, for as you read this countless angels are by your side who are all helping you now , lift away any concern , helping to lift any stress related emotions, for you are blessed and deserve to be lifted. We will help you to feel our peace, which is higher than human emotion. Help you to feel one with God’s Love. One with Peace, one with the angels. One with the Purest Love And Light and also help you to know you are loved unconditionally and your heart is a loving light in this world and deserves to be lifted now and always. So we lift you now, and love you . We open your heart to the awareness of God’s Love and help you now and always. And so it is beloved, we bless you , amen, amen amen. 


St. Michael with the Healing Angels, Guardian Angels and The Angel Team, and the Angels of Peaceful Protection


An Angel Clearing and Healing Exercise with St. Michael and the Angels

St. Michael

 Surrender Every day to God any concern. Surrender your fears, your desires, hopes and dreams. Pray about everything first. Lift up all you have , and give thanks for the many blessings that are God-Given. The angels want to help you at this time with lifting your energy body to the natural healthy joy filled state you really are.

Sit back and relax in a comfortable position, and take a nice deep relaxing breath. Call on St. Michael now, to be by you- ask him to sit with you and help you feel his presence. Ask him to lift your energy field to the highest possible vibration you have naturally. Then ask him to cleanse from you any negativity or fear based anything you may have absorbed from helping others. Lift up your intention to Heaven, to the angels and breathe slowly. Ask St. Michael for help in releasing any fears, any emotion you are no longer needing-that is not serving you in your heart if any. Ask St. Michael to then shield in this cleansing with his brilliant diamond white light. He can then place his loving shield around your auric field to eliminate absorbing negativity form your home or office or workplace if there is any. Ask the angels to surround you if there is negativity in your home or workplace or wherever there may be this type of behavior. Ask the angels to surround you and lift your heart, opening your heart to the Most High- clearing your heart and uplifting your energy. Envision your heart open and overflowing with love This will help the exercise. Then ask for God to place his love overflowing in your heart. Do this daily – asking God to help overflow in your heart is something God loves and does not mind to do. He prefers you to ask him but His love is omnipresent and always available to everyone who asks. God’s love is to be shared with everyone. We lift you and your family now and surround your home and office or wherever you spend time. Cleansing the house , uplifting the vibration of your home and loved ones also. This is being done within Free Will of others as they are asked by St. Michael on a soul level. Cleansing is natural, it is like a detox for the body in a spiritual way. A detox for the mind, the heart and every cell – including your auric field. Ask anytime and the angels will help you. They know what to do. And so it is, Amen,  Amen, amen.~

The Angel Team

 Angel Team