Channeling With the Angels – Online Radio Show With St. Gabriel and the Christmas Angels

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Channeling With the Angels – Online Radio Show With St. Gabriel and the Christmas Angels – Every Sat. at 11am MST on Blog Talk Radio

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Today,  St. Gabriel and the Christmas Angels brought us more Christmas Gifts !  Helping us by infusing our light bodies with the light of the angels, to sew more peace on Earth and to help us recognize our spiritual gifts and abilities, which are eternal. St. Gabriel also assisted us with a loving channeled angel message and an Angel Light Exercise- helping us to celebrate this Christmas Season and beyond ! 

Does everyone have angels? They sure do! Join Yvette as she channels messages from the angels, which helps to bring us to our natural state of joy, love and peace. The angels messages brings blessings to everyone involved. Learn more about the angel realm and participate in high vibrational Angel Light Exercises and angel meditations that are great for everyone!

Enjoy ! 

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Heaven is Here to Help in Any Circumstance


Heaven is Here to Help in Any Circumstance                       (A channeled angel message) 

Greetings beloved earth family all! We are here in great number surrounding you now in unison as you read this. We are with you and this is our message to you- to all who read this. We are the loving angels who are with you daily. In fact, we are here to help you with peace and love. You are assured great peace, and this is what we offer to you- is the recognition of Jesus’ help to you. When He said “and lo, I Am with you until the end of the age,” Jesus meant that for everyone who listens to His words. His Words go before him with great Strength and Wisdom. Jesus himself is here as well. Right beside you and is with you and has offered His Peace to all. “My Peace be with you” is the Divine Promise of the Son of God- of God Himself as these (Words) were God-Given. You can rest in God’s Arms at any time beloved. Rest in Him and His Peace Be with you. His yoke is Light beloved as was spoken from Jesus. Rest in Him always and know that He is with you and your loved ones now and always. We are with you beloved, and we are right beside you. Always. And so it is, amen, amen ,amen.