There is No Judgement 


A Channeled Message of Love with St. Michael and the Angel Realm 

Peaceful greetings beloved, I am with you as many times as you ask. Simply think of me, St. Michael and ask for me often. I am happy you did and I am always willing to be with you. I can hear you in your thoughts and intentions. We can always hear you and we are right beside you beloved. Shift your awareness beloved to the Angel Realm. Think to yourself,” Please be with me St. Michael, I am experiencing [and here name the situation].” You can call me for anything you wish. There is no judgement for why you call, in fact beloved, I would prefer you did call. Think of me when you are scared, feel anxiety, would like clarity, are making life choices, need guidance- I can remove anything fear based you may be feeling, even sadness, for there is nothing Heaven cannot remove and lift for you, when you ask us for assistance. You are always with us in Truth, there is nothing separating the angels from you beloved. We are here with you day and night, while you are sleeping and when you wake. Simply ask for the angels anytime you wish. Think of something now beloved that you would like for us to help with.

Ask for me beloved if you like specifically, as this is St. Michael – ask for any angel. We are helping you lift now beloved, as you read this you are being lifted by the angels who love you and the Archangels too! You will notice a gentle clearing if you will, as we gently remove anything heavy,  or emotion that has overcome your heart, and we are helping you heal your emotions as you read this also. You should feel the vibration of peace and love. Know that this feeling of peace can be felt anytime you ask St. Michael or any angel or Archangel- for we are all willing to help you. We lift you now beloved, with tender love and peace, we lift you into greater harmony and peace beloved. We are removing worry, guilt, sadness, even anger, for this can build up within your auric field and this does not help you or serve you. Yes, you are here with human emotions and we applaud you for signing up, for saying, “yes, I will come to Earth.” to God. However, these human emotions can be heavy upon carrying them beloved. We ask you this, why not experience joy while you are here beloved? All you need to do is ask us to help you in your endeavors, in your life choices. Ask us to help you find peace if you are not experiencing peace. Ask us to help you love again if this is needed. Ask us to help you heal, forgive, pray, beloved we will always help you pray. Ask us anything beloved. We are always here and there is no judgment when you ask us to help you. God so loves you and He wants you to know that He is helping you now. Spend time thanking God for all He has done for you and your family. Thank Him in silence if you wish or out loud. God can always see those who seek Him beloved. Enjoy your peaceful days and know that there are many more to come. God loves you beloved and so does The Holy Son, Jesus Christ, who is always here for you as well. We lift you beloved and we bless you and so it is, amen, amen, amen.

Ask the Angels To Help Increase Peace- with Archangel Chamuel and the Angel Realm

Archangel Chamuel

A channeled message with Archangel Chamuel and the Angel Realm on increasing peace: 

Greetings beloved, this is Archangel Chamuel. I am an Archangel beloved, of peace and love. All of us angels and Archangels are of love and peace. But I am here to help you find peace if you are currently seeking peace. I am here to help you beloved, lift your heart to love and peace if needed. If you have noticed your heart could use lifting, call upon me , and St. Michael the Archangel, and we will work in tandem, helping you restore peace to your heart once again. “Be willing” is all that is necessary for this to occur. Blessed one, this is your life, your path, your journey. Do not let troubles anguish your beloved heart. Lift up your concerns to God, pray always, and allow us to help you shift your situation into peace, into joy, into a brighter beginning, into a situation that is helped with Heaven. We are lifting you now as you read this. Beloved, you are loved so much, we honor and respect your feeling of course, but why would you wish to walk on your journey beloved, with an anguished heart? You do not need to carry burdens, for you are not alone. We will help you and we are willing to help you every time you ask. Be not ashamed for if your heart is willing, we will see this and we will help you. All you need to do is ask me, ask St. Michael, ask your Guardian Angels, for they are here and are willing also.  Ask us beloved, for your heart is loving, pure and holy-you are a gift to this world and we are here in great number beloved now and always to assist you and your family shift into greater harmony, a new beginning; for this you can ask us daily beloved. And as many times as you wish. We are here and we love you. Call upon me every time you wish to feel peace beloved- and I will help you. For there is no judgment when you ask for help from Heaven. None. There is no judgement with any question and we are happy that you asked.  Ask me to increase peace in any situation, ask me to help you shift a situation into peace. Ask me beloved, for I am an Archangel who brings peace and love to all- and so it is, amen, amen, amen. 

Trust In The Lord 


A Channeled Message with St. Michael and the Angel Team 

Peaceful greetings beloved! Lift your attention to God, beloved. Especially when you feel as if you are having a hard time: emotionally, physically or mentally. Trust in the Lord we say! Lift up ALL concerns to God who loves you. Knowing that God, is with you! Please understand that we are here for you always and know that God so loves His people, and everything He has created. God is with you dear one- we say it again! Beloved, you are blessed, your home is blessed, and you are one with God’s Goodness always. You are a holy child of God beloved. You are a holy child of the Lord. You have a heart worth lifting, and we love you. God is listening and is with you. Pour your heart to Him, ask Him for His help, know that God loves you beloved. Trust in the Lord with all of your heart, knowing that the Most High, God Almighty, and Jesus, who is with Him as One, are there for you with unlimited resources.  Ask God for His help now- this is a question worth asking! You are never alone, you are loved entirely and we bless you. And so it is, amen, amen, amen. 

Heaven IS Helping


Heaven Is Helping-

A Channeled Message with St. Michael, St. Gabriel, Archangel Chamuel and the Angel Team

“Greetings beloved, there are many angels with you , surrounding you each and every day beloved. Surrounding you in this moment, and in every moment you allow us to be with you, just by asking.  For when you ask God and Jesus to assist you even with something small, this is then orchestrated in an immediate fashion, for where we are, this is done without limits, without time as you know it. This instant immediate orchestrated event is done with God’s Wisdom and Love and knowing God helps all who ask beloved, just be willing to help your situation  and lift this situation God, who will help you immediately, without hesitation. Without a second as you know time to be. In a Godspeed moment beloved, this will be answered. We are revealing this to you now beloved , for the time has come to reveal all things , for nothing is hidden. God who loves you is working with you and has already answered your prayer. We the angels are with you beloved, in every moment and know that we understand why you are asking us to surround you. You can confide in us if you wish, and this is recommended beloved, although we do understand as we can see the intention of one’s heart. Beloved, we are happy to help you in every way. We will be happy to go before the Father in Heaven and simply intercede for you. We ask that you be willing to ask for our assistance and know that all prayers are answered beloved the moment they are heard by God and Jesus too. We offer you this information and know is your moment to lift any concerns to God and Jesus, right now if needed, or simply go to him and thank Him beloved for all He has done. God will bring you to the peace you are seeking- and these are prayers worth lifting. We love you beloved, we bless you and we lift you and any concern you have, we cleanse you if you have been experiencing worry, stress, or any other emotion or thought that is not serving you. We heal you of your concerns and we are helping you now beloved. As you have asked. and so it is, amen, amen, amen.”  

How to Recognize Messages From Your Angels 

Archangel Chamuel

Here is a channeled message from Archangel Chamuel and the Angels…

“Greetings beloved all, this is Archangel Chamuel and I am here with the Guardian angels as well as St. Michael, St. Raphael and many others. The angels and Archangel are here to help you understand how important it is to love yourself through this time of learning how to connect with the angels. First, imagine that you can speak to your angels. You can! Next, invite us to be with you. Ask us anything. Let us know what you would like to do, or what you are thinking – we can see your thoughts and know what you are saying. You can also write to us beloved within your text messages, notes, or on a piece of paper. Be willing to receive a message from the angels. Be willing to listen to your heart first. Notice the feeling, the thought or emotion that comes to you. Is it loving? Peaceful? Uplifting? Notice now any ideas, thoughts or emotions or inner knowing that come to you as a result. An angel’s message will always bring you peace, and bring blessings to everyone. Even in warning, the angel’s message will feel loving in nature. Never condescending , always uplifting. An angel’s message could be a physical message too. Such as a butterfly next to you if outside, or any peaceful shift in awareness. Also a hummingbird next to your window or flying close to you. (they will only fly close to those we ask!) Shift your awareness back to your heart and write down the messages that came to you. We are uplifting you now , and we will every time you ask us. Lifting you in love and peace. We are shifting your awareness now to the Angel Realm, the Realm in which you are seeking. Ask now again beloved. The angels are unlimited in the ways we can send messages to you. We are always happy you asked and it is recommended that you do ask us for help in your life. Be willing beloved, that’s all it takes. We will help you recognize our messages the more you ask. We are always loving and we love you very much. This is different than prayer beloved, for we are not wishing for anyone to pray to us, or praise an angel. We are simply wanting to bring you peace and you can ask us a question anytime you wish. We are always aligned with God’s Will and know that we will always be with you anytime you ask. We are happy to. I wish you peace and know that every time you ask us to be with you, we are happy you did. You are never bothering an angel by asking us questions and we will help you always. We are unlimited in the ways we can assist you and your family and any other. We are unlimited by time and space too. So asking us is not taking away from someone else. Notice the energy shift – we are here with you now beloved. As you read this, and will be with you as long as you like. Even 24/7. Notice the peaceful feeling around you and notice the love beloved. We are with you this day and always. Peace be with you and so it is. Amen, amen, amen. “

A Channeled Message to Help You Uplift with St. Michael and the Angel Team 


Greetings Beloved all! Peaceful protection beloved is here for you and your family. God does not want you to worry about anything but instead lift everything up in prayer to God, asking Him for His help, and thanking Him for His continued and eternal goodness. 

Lifting your prayer to God is important. God loves you very much and wants for you to be happy beloved. This is important to repeat for this is God’s Will- that you know how much He loves you. You are blessed beloved child of God and God wants to help you now and always. Shift your focus to the Love of God- ask for God’s Love and imagine your heart opening to the Love that is God. This is important and is being repeated for some. It is worth repeating. The Love of God is everything beloved, it is how you were created, this universe and this Earth. It is how the Heavens formed, and God is not withholding His Love from anyone. He invites you now to lift up your prayers and concerns if any to Him, and know that He is with you beloved. Now and always. Shift your awareness to the Love of God within your heart. Ask for God to send His Love here, and ask for God , who loves you, to be with you. Here, ask God anything, confide in God and know that God answers all prayers when prayed with faith and with a sincere heart. God loves humility and faith both. Love is what gets God’s attention.  Being loving is easy beloved and if you need help with this, this is a question worth asking. The help of Heaven is always available to you and everyone who asks. We the angels and Archangels who love you wish for you to be happy and know that we are always here to help. We lift you now beloved and ask that you be willing. Lifting you in joy, lifting you in peace, lifting you in love, we lift away anything that was heavy, or any emotion you may have noticed that is not of love, we lift this away now, blessing you dear one and we cleanse you of this feeling or emotion or thought that was in err, now and always. We are lifting you now and cleansing you off beloved- and we thank you for asking. We are gently rinsing you clean with golden light and angel light. Infusing your light body with this golden light and angel light. We are happy to help you beloved and we bless you. Everyone has angels and we are here for you always. And so it is, amen, amen, amen. 

A Loving Channeled Message from the Angel Team


Greetings beloved family! We the Archangels and Angels of God are here with you today as Yvette has asked, and we welcome you to the Love that is always present. Be ye willing beloved to open your heart to Wisdom, be willing beloved for Love- the Love that is always with you and never separate. Be willing to open your heart now beloved to the Truth of God’s Goodness, to the wholeness of God’s Peace and the fullness of HIs eternal Love He has for you. ORION is a star guide, who is here believed with the angels and wants you to know how much your heart is loved, how much you are treasured, how much God loves you. Some of you are witnessing change beloved and this is natural. Some of you are feeling as if this is a trial and we are here to say that change is natural. If you are experiencing a trial, be willing to ask God for His Help . God is always willing to help you and the trial will dissolve with the help of God. Prayer for others will also help when there are trials within the life of another. Prayer is powerful – prayer will help another. Prayer can help the world beloved.  Shift your awareness now to your heart. Here, invite in your angels that love you. We the angels are protecting you, we are here with you while you sleep beloved. We are here for you when you call. Inviting us in your heart, allow you heart to open to the Love of God. We the angels will help you lift your awareness now to the Love of God who loves you, is never separate and is always with you. Lift up your heart to God, asking God to help you with HIs understanding. Explain to God all that you wish, lifting up any concern , any unforgiveness, and pray for the one you feel unforgiveness towards. Feel the Love of God within your heart, God is happy to send His Love to you. God is happy to help you beloved and wants to help you. Prayer to God can only help. In fact , will bring the highest blessing, the highest possible outcome, the most peaceful and God loves to help those who believe, those who have faith in Him, who lift up prayers in sincerity and truth. Lift this day beloved, anything to God who loves you. God who cares, God who is with you beloved, and sees why you are coming. Shift your awareness to God and ask for His Love now and always. and so it is beloved, amen, amen, amen. 

The Angel Team 

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